Another Fred Weasley Love Story

Another Fred Weasley Love Story

hey guys this is my first story and i hope you like it

your in your first year to start and the rest you will be in your fifth your in the same year as Fred and George.also im gonna write like its your P.O.V.

have fun!!! and plz plz plz comment i would really appreciate it thnx!!! i need at least 5 for each chapter!

Chapter 3

4th year

I have been at Hogwarts for three years now and I'm about to start my fourth. Me Fred and George have become extremely close and George is my best friend, but over the years I have developed a little crush on Fred and it wont go away. Ever since about half way through first year I have felt like this and every time I see him it gets worse. George already knows about this and even though he jokes about it I know I can trust him to not tell Fred.

~on the train~

I was sitting in a compartment on the train waiting for the twins to find me when suddenly the door burst open and Ron falls in "oh hi Ron" I say and he looks up at me "hi _" he said. I helped him up and then Fred and George walked in and they both hugged me. "ohh I've missed you two so much" I told them "we missed you too" they said simultaneously and I laughed. We talked all the way to Hogwarts and we didn't stop laughing. Fred made Ron's rat Scabbers turn yellow and George made Ron turn green which made us all burst out laughing including Ron.

~After the feast~

"so _ you excited about your fourth year?" Fred asked me in the common room. "it depends on what happens" I answer with an evil smile on my face. He just looked at me and laughed. We were talking all night until finally I said I was going to bed and then Fred did something he had never done before "g'nite _" (no not that) then he kissed my cheek and went up to his dorm. I blushed and ran up stairs to find Angelina ( my best girl friend ) to tell her. When I got up to the dorm I was nearly shouting "wow carm down _! what happened?" she asked looking at me weirdly "Fred kissed my cheek when he said goodnight!" I told her smiling from ear to ear. "OMG!" she screached then I suddenly remembered something "I'll be right back" I told her as I ran down to the common room. "GEORGE!" I shouted as I reached the bottom of the staircase. "yes?" said a voice from the corner. I walked over to him and he smiled. "what did you do?" I asked "I have no idea what you are talking about" he said smiling even wider. "Fred just kissed me on the cheek when he said goodnight so I know you did something." I said "goodnight __" he said then walked away. So I went back up stairs and went to sleep.

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