Another Fred Weasley Love Story

Another Fred Weasley Love Story

hey guys this is my first story and i hope you like it

your in your first year to start and the rest you will be in your fifth your in the same year as Fred and George.also im gonna write like its your P.O.V.

have fun!!! and plz plz plz comment i would really appreciate it thnx!!! i need at least 5 for each chapter!

Chapter 2

the two red-headed boys!!

authors note: sorry it's short it would have been longer but I wrote it then forgot to save it so I had to retype it.

I waked into the compartment and put my trunk in its little hole type thing and sat down. After a while two red-headed boys walked in and smiled "is it ok if we sit here?" one of them asked "yeah sure" I answered. they both sat down opposite me. "so ....... umm I'm Fred and this is George!!" said the one on the right. "I'm _ __" i said with a smile.
"so which house do you think you'll be in?" George asked " umm I don't know I'm hoping to be in Gryffindor but any one of them really except Slytherin." iI said they laughed and said "same!!" they said simultaneously. after that we talked all the way there and we became like best friends.

~sorting ceremony~

first Fred and George were sorted into Gryffindor along with a couple of others and then it was my turn. "_ __"
I went up to the stool and put the hat on my head and he started taking " you've got the brains there's no doubt about that (I saw Fred and George look at each other as if to say how can someone that funny and pranky be smart?) but you've also got the courage and adventurous nature so this is very difficult but I have made my decision and I'm putting you in GRYFFINDOR!!!! I was so shocked and so happy so I ran over to Fred and George and they both hugged me. I sat down and their brothers Percy and Charlie introduced themselves and we spent the whole of the feast laughing and me,Fred and George were planning our pranks on Percy. also the twins couldn't get it into their heads that you could be funny, good at pranks and still be smart.

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