Another Fred Weasley Love Story

Another Fred Weasley Love Story

hey guys this is my first story and i hope you like it

your in your first year to start and the rest you will be in your fifth your in the same year as Fred and George.also im gonna write like its your P.O.V.

have fun!!! and plz plz plz comment i would really appreciate it thnx!!! i need at least 5 for each chapter!

Chapter 15

is that..........?

As the realization hit me I turned to look out of the window. From this window in Dumbledore's office you could see the gates to the school grounds. I saw a coach pull up just outside the gates and when the door opened I saw a mass of red hair. "is that....?" I said quietly unable to finish. I rushed out of the office and onto the school grounds. I ran as fast as I could down to where I had seen him and there he was. He looked up and smiled when he saw me. I squealed as I ran towards him and then I took out my wand. "you complete arse Fred Weasley!!! I called after you!! asking, no begging for you to come back!!" as I shouted at him I was sending different spells at him. "I'm sorry!!! I real am but I couldn't come back once I had left!!! OW!! I was ambushed outside the common room!!" he shouted back. George, Harry and Dumbledore had come out after me and seemed incredibly amused by the scene. "as much fun as it is to see Fred get beat up by his girlfriend!!! don't you think we should take this inside?" said George with a look as if to say he was trying to hold back a laugh. I nodded and we all walked back to Dumbledore's office. Fred told us everything that had happened after he left Hogwarts with the death eaters and when he was done we all looked at him weirdly. "well, thats..............bizarre!!" I said and they all nodded. "does this change anything between you and your father?" Dumbledore asked. I looked at him stunned. "what?!? do you really think he can just act like he cares and I'll go running? no this doesn't change anything!! he still needs to be distroyed even if he is a good actor!!!" I said and they all smiled at me.

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