Speak now - love story (Read the introduction! girls only please, unless boys are curious.)

You are a girl of the age 16 in the middle ages in the country parts of England. Your father always puts himself before you, and your mother died giving birth to you. You have no intrest in love -- at first.
Other info; name: Sara
Eyes: green
Hair: medium length, wavy light brown
Works/lives on farm with her father
Usually doesn't wear dresses!

Chapter 1

The man in the road

Have you ever cared for someone so much, that in order to keep them safe you would do anything? Before, I would have immediately answered no. But that was before I met him.
but, by now I bet you're wondering where I'm going with this. Well, in order to explain, I should start from the beginning...

It was a pretty average autumn day. I was walking down a well worn dirt path, to take our stock into town. The sweet country air filled my lungs, and made my hair wave softly.
A bit farther down the path, I spied a man laying in the road next to a ransacked carriage, and a horse stuck by the reins to a tree limb. "Oh no, not again!" i thought, dropping our stock and rushing over to the man. burglars did this often, usually they left only the empty carriage, and no one alive.
I bent over the man, i realized he was only a little older than I. he had sandy blonde hair, and light skin. I checked his pulse.
"Thank goodness, he's only unconscious." I whispered to myself, hearing his slow but steady heartbeat. I stood up, and wiped off my hands. I felt wetness on them, and looked down at them. they were covered in blood. I noticed that his shirt was drenched in the red stuff. I gasped, realizing that he needed some serious medical attention.
I quickly took the sash I was wearing and wrapped it around his waist tightly, trying to slow the flow.
I tried to pull him up on my shoulders, but he was too heavy. Remembering the horse, I dragged him over to it. The horse was very excited by this point, and was bucking uncontrollably.
"shh, don't worry girl," I coaxed her. "I'm here to help." after a while she began to calm. I hoisted to man onto the mare's back, as carefully as I could. Taking my seat behind his unconscious body, I patted her neck encouragingly. Grabbing the reins, we took off. Flying back to my home, but leaving our stock behind.
"father is not going to be pleased when he hears about this," I thought as we reached the house. Father was away right now, but he would surely be back soon. I took the man into my house, and laid him down on my cot. Hesitantly taking off the sash, and his stained shirt, I could see how bad the wound really was. I grabbed some linen cloths and began to wrap them around and around until I had a secure bandage.
Just as I was finishing, he began to stir. His eyes fluttered open, blue as the sky. He looked at me and gasped. then tried to sit up a bit too fast, making him wince. I pushed him back down softly.
"you need to rest, the bandits that attacked you banged you up pretty badly," I said. he just continued to stare at me, as though I was a goddess.
"so, what's your name?" I asked in a n effort to break the awkward silence. This seemed to snap him out of the trance. "William," he said confusedly.
"well, William, I'm glad to make your acquaintance. I'm Sara," I said putting out my hand for a shake.
He took it, looking amazed at me. Just then I heard father come through the door.
"uh oh," I said, and rushed out to greet him.

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