My BFF's Demi Lovato (5)

My BFF's Demi Lovato (5)

hey, yeah... um.. only 9 people read the last part.. and no one commented... um kinda disappointed there... was Logan and Demi too much? Sheesh...
Anyway, sorry I haven't posted. High school. Ugh. It's the last week of the semester this week amd I'll be busy studying for exams.
Like the pics? haha

Chapter 1

Chapter 5: See You Make Your Way Through The Crowd To Say Hello

It was Friday, December 3rd when on of the best things happened to me.
Things started off how it usually did, and Demi and I were getting ready for another party with the guys.
"I can't wait for this one," I said as I put on my converse high high-tops. "They said that Jennifer Love Hewitt might be there."
"I know!" Demi agreed. "But, do you have to dress like that?"
"What? It's a party, not church!"
"That's... a good point, but don't you wanna look good? You know... for Keeeeendallll." She smiled teasingly.
My cheeks turned red. "What are you talking about?" I asked. I couldn't help but giggle a little.
"You like him. I know you do! And I'm pretty sure he likes you too."
"What makes you think that?"
"You two text each other constantly, you walk with each other to every class, and you talk about him in your sleep. I would know!"
I was left speechless. "Well... umm... hey! We have a party to get to! Let's go!"

~~~Kendall~~~ (3rd person POV)
"So," James said. "How long has it been?"
"Since what?" Kendall asked.
"You and Vanessa!"
"We're not dating... or anything..."
"But you like her," Carlos said.
"Well, yeah..." he said shyly. "I think she likes me too."
"You say that about every girl!" Logan told him.
"I'm serious this time!" Kendall argued.
"You say that too!" Carlos added.
"Wait!" Logan said. "I think he's right. Demi tells me how he and Vanessa text each other all the time, and I think we all noticed that they have so much to talk about during school."
"We have a lot in common!" Kendall said, blushing.
"I thought you were looking for someone with a 'K'," James told him.
"And I thought you wanted me to admit that I like Vanessa," Kendall said, slightly annoyed.
"So you admit you like her?"
"Umm... we have a party to get to! Let's go!"

~~~Vanessa~~~ (1st person POV)
Demi and I spotted the guys out in the driveway. We went outside and joined them in the limo.
I felt a tiny smidge of awkward when I saw Kendall and all the things Demi told me came into my head. I stayed quiet on the way to the hotel where the party was at. No one seemed to notice. They know me so well, that I'm practically invisible. Oh, well.
When we got there, I excused myself to the bathroom. Demi followed me out of suspicion.
"What's going on?" she asked me.
"Everything you said!" I told her. "I feel all awkward now!"
"Sorry! I didn't thnik you'd take it seriously!"
"If you think that, then you don't know me at all!"
"What are you gonna do?"
"I don't know!"
"Talk to him!"
"About what?"
"I don't know! What do you two talk about in school?"
"School stuff. Like how bad we hate the theater teacher!"
"Right... well... think of something!"
We left the bathroom and followed the guys to the ballroom. The place looked more like a nightclub. It was darkened with blacklights and color lights and stuff.
"Is this a party or a rave?" I asked the guys.
"It's a party," James replied. "Don't worry, you can be here."
"You sure? I feel a little underage."
"You'll be fine," he said. "Just don't go to the bar area."
"Actually," Kendall spoke up, "I think this is an 18 and over thing. Maybe she should stay with a responsible adult. Like... me...?"
"Dude, you're repeating high school," I said, jokingly.
"But, I'm 20 and you're 14. I win!"
"Oh whatever."
I stayed by Kendall's side the entire night. We danced together a few times and then it got slightly awkward when "Worldwide" started playing. At first, we just stood there, silent. But then Kendall asked: "Should we dance?"
"Umm," I replied awkwardly, "Okay..."
Awkwardly (I'm gonna using this word a lot aren't I? Haha.), I put my hands on his shoulders and he put his hands on my waist.
"So," he said, trying to fill the awkward moment, "here we are."
"Yeah," I said, "yup. We are."
"So... did you do the design project for theater?"
"No. It's really stupid."
"Yeah, same here."
"But, I did do Mrs. Avallone Hall's project. That's the only project I've ever been excited for ever. In my life."
Kendall smiled. I smiled at his dimples.
I'm sorry, he has adorable dimples! We can all agree on that, right?
"Vanessa," he said, now stroking my hair, "there's something about you..."
I had to catch my breath when his fingers brushed across my cheek.
"You alright?" he asked.
"Yeah, yeah," I said, "it's just..."
"Uh... I've... um..."
Next thing I knew, Kendall pressed his lips to mine.

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