Son of a Witch (A Draco Malfoy love story) part one

This is my second story, but because my first one was....interesting... This feels more like my first.... Hope ya like it!!!!!
Backround info:
Name: Elizabeth Evans (Lizzy)
Age: 15 (fifth year at hogwarts)
Siblings: brother named John

Chapter 1

To the Malfoy's

My name is Elizabeth Evans, I have blonde hair that goes to my knees (that my dad wants me to cut), and piercing bright green eyes, which I have heard are very intimidating. My mother died giving birth to me.
"Lizzy, come on! You know how the Malfoys are about puncuality..." My dad trailed off. I knew perfectly well how the Malfoys are about everything. I have stayed at their house every summer since I was three. Each of those summers were full of Lucius and Narcissa complaining about " the increasing rate of mudbloods" and how "The dark lord will rise again!".... It gets rather annoying, trust me.
This summer, something was going to be different. Draco, their son who was 15 ( same age as me) would be staying home with his family and me. I had seen him at school, and although we had never spoken, I could tell he was a jerk.
"Elizabeth! Get down here this instant we need to LEAVE!!" my dad was growing increasingly impatient with age.
I hurried down the stairs, lugging my bags behind me. My father looked me up and down appraisingly. I had my looooong hair in an intricate braid, the way I always did my hair when my father wanted me to impress someone. I was wearing (very) short Jean shorts that showed of my long legs, and an off the shoulder bright green T-shirt that made my eyes look even greener. I wore a little green bow that pinned my bangs back, and black ( nice) sneakers.
"sneakers??" my father said imploringly. " yes. See you later daddy." I said giving him a quick peck on the cheek, grabbing Snaps(my pet fox) and leaping into the chimney yelling "Malfoy Manor!"
I coughed, opening my eyes and seeing the Malfoys. " hello Elizabeth" mrs Malfoy said stifly " hello" I replied. Draco will show you to your room. She said
shortly and left the room with her husband leaving me and Draco alone...
TBC as soon as I get som readers/comments
---Emma :D


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