Love Lost In A Forbidden Valley (A Draco Malfoy Story) part 3

yay part 3 ....
okay so i've decided that if i do parts in Draco's POV then its only going to be in 3rd person and in flashbacks.
anyways please comment and rate

Chapter 1

Diagon Alley

by: kinewnew
Third person POV in Draco’s eyes
He watched as she walked out of room. He wanted to go after her, pull her into his arms. He wanted to plead with her to stay. Though he knew that even if he did that, she wouldn’t listen. He didn’t blame her. For what he did was very wrong and not easily forgivable. Though he thought he did it with good intensions. Even if he told her that he didn’t actually do the deed. That he wanted to stop his aunt from hurting her. That he wanted to wrap his arms around her, when he saw that she was hurt. That he wanted to rush back to her and apologize when it was all over. Though he knew he couldn’t do those things. He knew that he had to get over her. So he pulled out his quill and parchment, and started writing a letter someone that he knew would give him whatever he wanted when he wanted it.

I woke up to Scorpius jumping up and down on the bed, “Mommy, wake up. You said we were going to Diagon Alley. Mommy, come on.” Scorpius said pulling my arm. I sighed and sat up, I made that promise to him a week ago, what a memory this boy has. Scorpius stopped jumping and ran back into his room. I went in the bathroom and got myself clean, then went to put some clothes on. I walked into Scorpius’s room and he was struggling to get his shirt over his head. I stood in the doorway laughing silently. He was starting to get frustrated, so I went to go help him. “Mommy are you ready?”Scorpius asked as he finished brushing his teeth. I smiled and nodded. “Good morning Mrs. Weasley,” I said, as I took a piece of toast. “Good morning dear, what are you two up to for today.” She asked. “I promised Scorpius that I would take him to Diagon Alley,” I told her. “Well that’s nice; say hi Fred, George, and Ginny.” She told me, and returned to cleaning the dishes. I took Scorpius’s hand and we went into the chimney, even though Apparating is quicker, floo powder is safer. “Diagon Alley,” we said in unison. We spun on the spot and I squeezed Scorpius’s hand tighter. “Mommy can we go into the magical menagerie?” Scorpius asked, even though he was pulling me towards there anyways. I laughed, after Fred and George’s shop; this one had to be his favorite. He loved to look at the creatures that were in there. We walked into the store, and Scorpius let go of my hand to go look at a three headed serpent. “I see you guys are back again,” Barty, the manager, said as I walked towards him. “Yea, Scorpius loves this store,” I told him, watching a two firecrabs fight. He laughed and headed towards the back. I walked back over to Scorpius, who was still looking at the snake. “Mommy can I have this?” he asked. “I don’t know Scorp, Grandma Weasley wouldn’t be too thrilled to see a three headed snake slithering around.” I told him. He looked up at me, with those big brown eyes, “Please,” he begged. It was so hard to say no to him, “Well your birthday is in three weeks, we’ll see what you get.” I told him. He took my hand with a satisfied smile. I shook my head, highly amused and we walked towards Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. As I walked in the door, I bumped into a red headed girl. “Aunt Ginny,” Scorpius said, wrapping his arms around her legs. She quickly turned around gave a little shriek of excitement. “Adriana!” she exclaimed. I smiled and went into her opened arms. “Its, so good to see you too, Fred and George are upstairs, I could go and get them…” she said heading towards the stairs. “No, I want to surprise them,” I told her, she nodded and walked away. I walked up the stairs, and took a deep breath before walking into the room, that held to red headed twins. I looked at Scorpius and put my finger to my lip. He nodded, so took his hand again and we quietly walked in. “I think we should buy Gambol and Japes, it is how we got our start,” Fred said. I walked up behind him, “Yea that would make since,” I said. They both jumped up violently and threw their arms around me. “Guys, I can’t breathe,” I managed to get out in a cough. They quickly released me and went to attack Scorpius. “How’s my favorite little kid,” George asked him, ruffling his hair. Scorpius let out a loud giggle. I smiled, watching them. “So what brings you two here,” Fred asked. “I promised Scorp that I would take him to Diagon Alley.” I told them. They nodded, “Has Hermione visited recently?” Fred asked. “Yeah, she came a couple of days ago.” I told them. “What did she say? We want to hear everything, don’t leave a thing out.” they said in unison. I looked towards Scorpius, who was on the other side of the room playing with a few things from Fred and George’s merchandise. “Well she said that Harry and Ron are doing well. And that they are currently working on a plan to go visit Luna’s father, so they could ask him about the symbol that was on his chest. Then we started talking about Scorpius.” I told them. “What were you guys talking about Scorp for?” Fred asked. “Um…. Well…” I started to stutter. “C’mon Adriana, spit it out,” They said together. I turned away from them, “Well… she asked me, if I ever feel sorrow when I look at Scorpius, because he looks so much like his father. But I told her that I try not to look at his face but more at his eyes.” I said, and when I turned to look back at them, they were both shaking with anger. “As far as we are concerned Scorpius has no father,” Fred said through his teeth. I sighed, it’s been five years and they still felt hostile towards him. Even though I didn’t blame them. “Adriana, we have to get back to our store, it was good seeing our two favorite people again,” George told me. I smiled, “and it was good seeing my two favorite people,” I said back. “Scorpius, come say bye to Uncle Fred and Uncle George.” I said. Scorpius got up and ran over to us to give them both a hug. “We’ll see you soon Scorp,” George said. I smiled and waved at them, then took Scorpius’s hand and we walked out of the store. “How about we go get some ice cream.” I asked Scorpius. He nodded his head and led me to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. Even though Mr. Fortescue was murdered five years ago, they decided to reopen the shop. I have no clue why, the war was stronger than ever. We sat down outside and a man, whom I thought was the waiter, walked up to us. “Um… hi, I would like a 1 large banana split,” I told him, still looking at the menu. “Adriana?” the man’s voice questioned……….


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