You Will Always Be Mine (Jacob Black Story sequel)

KK Soooo here was the first xhapter to this. read and comment plz evn if uv already read it. This is one thst Tayziie helped me out with.:)

Chapter 2

Meeting the Pack Again prt.2.......

"shut up!"jacob laughs.
"Princess has fast reactions"paul laughs.
i smack him hard on da bak uf his head wen i pass.
"Betch!"he yells rubbin da back uf his head.i jus laugh n sit bak on da counter.emily luks @ me n smiles.
"told ya"she laugh.
"yeah i guess"i sigh.paul jumpz up."stop hitting me!"he growls.
"sure wen u stop actin lika jackazz"i smile.
he wuz about 2 hit me wen i catch his fist n twist his arm. make him fall 2 da ground n i put mii foot on his head.paul wigglez n wigglez but he culdnt get up./finally he breakz dwn.
watta whimp. "now r u gunna leave me da hell alone n stop makin stupid azz remarkz about me?"i ask.
"yes"he cries.i smile n letem up he glares @ me but when i buk @ him he flinches.i laughi n sit dwn nxt 2 emily.shes still laughin @ how i had paul.aftr dat thingz quiet dwn n i jus play w/mii food zonenin in n out uf conversations w/emily.but i wuzmostly starin @ jacob.hed luk up n smile @ me @ nepoint wen he had.durrin sum point uf a conversation i wuz having w/emily jacob walks up 2 me.
"ready 2go?"he asks.
"yea i guess.i'll c u l8r emily.i'll giv u dat recipe 4 mii mom's favorite cookiez tmorrow if i can come"i smile pikin up mii plate 2 carry w/me.
"ok c u l8r karen"emily says walkin up 2 sam.they both start 2 make n most uf da guyz start 2 act lik were gaggin.
"getta room!"jacob hollas out as we walk out da front door.
i laugh."emilys kinda nice"i say walkin off da front step.
"yep.u c?not so bad"jacob says kissin me on da cheek.
"yea i guess"i mumble.
"so"jacob startz off.
"soo wat?"i ask.
"soo there's this bonfire goin on tnite and-"
"no jacob no!"
"u dnt evn no wat i wuz gunna ask."
" not goin 2 at bonfire n u cnt make me."
"ok well u still gotta go 2 da beach cuz we l;eft ur car there"jacob says matter uf factly.dammit.he had me there.
"i dnt care.i'll leave it there till tomorrow."
"ok y dnt chu wanna go?"jacob asks.
"cuz ive heard does legendz so many time dat i culd say it in mii sleep.n bsides i dnt wanna go around a fire goin 'hey ya hey ya hey ya hey ya' "i say doin steriotype indian motions.jacob luks up @ me if he wanted 2 laugh but held it bak."wat?ok maybe ive been around mii friend mii-mii a lil bit too long."
"yah think?"jacob laughs."cmon itz not dat bad."
"no i dnt wanna go"i say crossin da street.then outa nowhere a car comes n it about 2 hit me wen jacob moves me outta da way n taklez me n2 da odda side uf da st.i take a sec 2 regain mii breath.damn la push n forks r dangerous!
"u ok?"jacob asks.
"yea im fine"i say brushiung sum fallin spagetti outa mii hair.
"u c?i savd ur life so u owe me 2 go 2 da bonfire"jacob jokez.
"uh how about no"i say getting up.jacob getz up 2.he walks up 2 me n kisses me.
"plz?"he says giving me puppy dog eyes.
"no." he kisses me again."plz?" "no."
kisses me again."plz?" "no."
we kept at it lik dis n by evry rerejection da kiss became longer n more pasionate.sumhow i ended up against a tree sumwhere deep in da forest .w/mii legs wrapped around jacob.he pins mii arms above mii head n starts 2 kiss mii neck.
"plz?"he begs. "no"i moan.
"plz?"he says going lower. "no"i say clenching mii teeth.damn.hoiw longz hes gunna keep askin?he moves dwn twds mii hotspot n i start 2 moan loudly.
"ok!"i surrender tryna keep dwn anothr moan."i'll go i'll go jus stop!"jacob laughs but stops nbaks away."thank u"he says lettin go uf mii arms. "yeah yeah wateva"i say unwrapping mii feet around jacob n pushing him off uf me. "i luv u"he laughs.
"yeah i luv u too."i say but i start 2 smile 2 miiself."but now u must b punished."
he lukz me confused."wat do u-?"4 he culd finishi had him pinned dwn againt a tree by his shoulderz w/mii body all maybe 2 close 2 him.he kinda givez me a scared luk n i jus smile wider.i kiss him feircely on his lips.jacob,at first a lil bit too shocked 2 move,instanly meltz n2 da kiss.i parthis lips n let his beath mix w/mine.i hear jacob moan n he movez his hands dwn 2 da small uf mii back as i drum mii fingerz up n dwn his abz under his shirt.
we make out 4 idk how long but i do no dat wen we finally parted 4 air it wuz nitefall.damn.xactly how long had we been making out???me n jake luk @ each othr confused but bust out n2 laughter.
"cmon"he says takin me by da hand n guidin me out da foset.
we walk dwn da street 2 da beach 2 c a fire w/ppl siting around it.dammit!i 4got about dis!!!!!!!

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