You Will Always Be Mine (Jacob Black Story sequel)

KK Soooo here was the first xhapter to this. read and comment plz evn if uv already read it. This is one thst Tayziie helped me out with.:)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Meeting The Pack Again....

"I love your eyes." "I love ur hair." "I love your smile." "I love your abs"i laugh.
"Well I love your curves"Jacob chuckles.I giggle as he run his index finger dwn da side off mii body causing me to shiver a little.We were on da living room couch watchin wat i think was High School Musical 2.Im still in mii cheelreading outfit and i had mii head on jacob's lap n we were jus starin in each others eyes tellin each othr wat we luv about each other.
Yea I no.we're pathetic little love bunnies.Wat?I cant think of another word gosh.
"I love your laugh." "I luv ur dimples." "I love the color of your fur." Jacob looks at me a little confused."Wat?I ran outta things 2 say n besides u took all the good ones"I fake pout.Jacob starts to laugh. "well I love your lips." "Well I love your lips being on my lips." Jacob smiles @ me and leans down and gives me a long kiss.He pulls bak up n his grin jus getz bigger.i laugh.
"I love u"jacob whispers. "i luv u too"i say n i giv him a quik peck on his lips.
"alrite alrite we get it!Yall 2 r in luv now can we move on!"Melly says walkin through da door with seth rite bhind her. "Dnt h8 appreciate"i mumble rollin mii eye. "watchu say?" I get up so she can c mii face."I said dnt hate,appreciate."
"mm hmm wateva"melly mumblez."u think jus bcuz u gotta boyfriend u can be all smiley now n do wat hmm.wateva."
i stik mii tung out. "uh huh datz all u can do is stik out dat tung."
i held off my instinct 2 slap her cuz i really didnt feel lik gettin instead i jus say da 1st thing 2 come outta mi mouth."shut up melly!go suk off ur boyfriend!"i growl.she luks @ me w/her mouth open.i felt lik laughin @ her expression n i new she wantd 2 laugh 2 bcuz da sides uf her mouth wuz startin 2 twich up.seth's n jacob's expressions were da same:they felt lik laughin too.
"yep ur rite melly"i say."thatz how u hav ur mouth open evrynite asif ur sayin 'plz inserthere'." n thatz wen seth n jacob lost it.they both burst out laughin.
"o no she didnt!"melly says finally defrosting 4rm her state uf shocknezz."nawl boo-boo datz u!cuz i dnt lay mii head dwn on my boyfriendz lap lik dat!"
"uh-huh,wateva.but den yd it take u 4eva n a day 2 say sumthan bak?"
"man wateva,cmonseth"melly says tryna hide hu smile n she grabs seths hand-who wuz still laughin-n runs up da stairs. "dnt hurt ya self tryna go up dem stairz.seth can wait!"i yell."shut up karen!"melly yells bak n istart 2 laugh wen ihear her slamher room door.
"u r mean!"jacob says as he finishes laughin.
"no i aint.i jus hava certain way uf dealin w/pplzn shenoi wuz jus kiddin"i smile. "yea a special wayuf dealin w/ppl"jacob says sarcasticly.i giv him a kiss n lay bak dwn on his lap.i hear da door open again n i jus luk up above mii head to c danny rushing in da house. "hey daddy"i say flatly. Danny luks up @ me and jake.
"Hey Karen.Jacob!Hey I havent seen u ina while.How long has it been 4 dayz?" "um itz been 3 monthz dad"i say a lil annoyed. "O really?wow i hadnt realy noticed itz been dat long.but itz gud cing u again jacob.i actually thought dat u guys werent friendz anymore"danny laughs."well i'll c u guys l8r i hav 2 go take a shower." n w/dat danny went upstairs 2 da hallway mii dad dat clueless?
"i wondr if i slappd him wuld dat b assualt"i mumble 2 miiself.jacob laughs."wat?im serious.i think dannys clueless about mii life." "no he's not.." "yeah.he is.he barely pays attention to me.if sum1 asks him about da triplets he can give them da life story but 4 me he mite jus say'oh karen?she's fine.'i mean ud think dat danny wuld no so much about me-imean cuz jus luk us.WERE SO MUCH ALIKE!-but he doesnt.he nos wen im mad cuz he nvr has any food n da house wen i am or my favorite color but datz jus about all he nos."
"but he luvs yall all equally"jacob says.i laugh w/out humor."ud think dat huh?he luvs them more though." "no he doesnt." "oh really?then how come he hasa whole menu dedicated 2 them?matter uf fact he evn hasa special dat still goes on thatz calld da Triple Deckr Thursday.watevr pizza u lik it has 3 different cheeses on it.and mii ma has 1 too.da Octavia Eight.eight toppings on watevr pizza u lik."
"well wat do he hav 4 u?"jacob asks.i narrow mii eyes a lil n luk up @ him."da karmel candy maker.itz a small station where u can covr anything in carmel datz so special"i say sarcasticly. "well he probably made it cuz ur so sweet." "or bcuz he 4got about me n had 2 make up sumthing quik.i mean evn mii half brother hasa bigger station than i do." jacob givs me a confused luk."u gotta brother?"
"yea well my brother's older dan me.we hav da same dad but different ma's.rite now he's in Iraq in war.danny got drunk @ dis new yrs. party n dis odda lady dat workd w/him wuz drunk 2 n da lady-Gresilla's her name-got nockd up." "o really?" "yepz but anyway bak 2 me." "he may b jus swampd w/work or sumthan sweetie.itz probably nuttin"jacob says comforting me.i give him a half confused/half smile face."wat?"
"did u jus call me sweetie?"i giggle." u lik ur nikname"jacob says ina small kiddie child-like voice.i giggle a lil bit more n reach up n kiss his nose. "i luv it"i smile.i lay bak dwn n realize dat Sonny w/a Chance wuz on.i really dnt pay attention 2 it since ive seen dis episode a hundred times so i jus gaze up n2 jacob's eyes.he wuz starin @ me too his eyes full uf compelllment n happiness.i luk @ his body n notice sumthan. "jacob,can u put on a damn shirt!"iyell.he laughs."y do mii half nakedness bother u?" "yea it kinda does"i say n qwe both bust out laughin."fine"he sighs n hes out da door.a sec l8r he comes bak w/a white shirt on."happy?"he asks sittin bak dwn on da couch.
"much"i smile cuddling up him.we start stare bak n2 eachotherz eyes.i probably had da same luk on mii face.we probably stare @ each othr 4 an hr b4 mii stomach interruptz da moment."Hey im hungry u wnt sumthan outta da kitchen?"i ask getting up."yeah"Jacob says hopping up w/me.
"ya no wen i askd did u want sumthan i wuz gunna bring it bak 2 u.u culdve stayd sitting"i say going n2 da kitchen. "yea but 4 sum reason i cnt stay away 4rm u"jacob smiles.i open da regridgerator n take out a cheesecake. I get out a knife and cut the thing in half and then take one half uf it out of the pan n put da other bak in da fridge.the half i tuk out i cut it in half n giv part uf it 2 Jacob.
"y u cut it so big?"jacob asks stiking a fork in his slice.
"Cuz,i no how u eat n im pretty sure dat parts not evn gunna hold u off for at least 5 minutes"i joke stuffing a piece in mii mouth.jacob narrows his eyes @ me n stiks out his tung.i laugh.
"hey y dnt u come w/me bak 2 da beach?i want da pak 2 meet chu....again"jacob says aftr pausing. "again?jacob they've already seen enouf uf me u really think they need to c me again?"i ask. "Well dat wuz b4 u new n wen u were ina bad mood.n plus dat wuznt da whole pak.there's more uf us n i wantchu 2 meet them too"jacob smiles.
"i dunno.they mite think im psycho.well pycho-er."
"not really."
"no jacob.i really dnt wanna go."jacob walkd up nhind me n put his arms around mii waist.he nuzzled his head n2 mii neck."plz?"he pleas kissing mii neck.i let out a small moan."try 2 regain control karen.try 2 regain control."/ "no jacob now stop"i say tryna keep mii voice to a minimum.he starts 2 nibble on mii neck.
"not untill u say yes"he mumbled.
I started to pretend to impatiently tap my foot like i didn't like it knowing got damn well i did [hahahaha]. "Jake, quit. NOW." i growled from between my teeth. I wanted to laugh so bad i might of blew my head, but i kept my face composed. Then i got a lil smarta n basically dug my nailsz into his skin and finally- and sadly enough-it worked and he let go of me. I fake rolled my eyesz n shoved past him. "Karen.." he pleaded to me and then grabbed my hand "I'm sorry." he said and then kissed me. "I didn't mean to" he cooed to me.
"It's okay. I'll go, jst let me get ready." i felt back at square one, but let me quit trippin cuz aint diz wht i been wantin? For Jacob to hold me in his arms and tell me he lovesz me? For me to actually go all the way through with the gooey love crap and not wake the hell up at the end... damn that was the most annoying bullscrap i've eva been through... that and then the twins! Alwaysz talking at the same time, what the hell was that about?! And then i calmed myself down from the negitive and focused as much as i could of Jacob, he alwaysz knows what to do. I sighed as i walked out of my room all dressed in a red tank top,sum red n black buffalo plaid shortz,n sum black plaid sandalz.{}I brush mii hair bak n put it ina tighter ponytail.once i'm dun i leave out mii room.Jake smiled and met me halfway up the stairsz to take my hand. "Okay, so some of them might say some stupid thingsz but-" he started to say to 'warn' me but i already know what he gon say so i cut him short and said "But they are jst playing around so chill.. yeah, i know." i mumbled looking down at the ground.
I sighed as i locked the door... do i usually do that?? and then i jst walked to the car and sat in the passenger seat and looked lovingly in Jake'z eyes "I love you." i said and he took my face in between his handsz and said "I love you so much more than you could ever imagine, i don't know what i would do without you Karen, promise to never leave me?"
where did THAT come 4rm????i wonder y wuld he ask me a question lik dat?I mean,it seemed so needy.It seemd as if that wuz da kind uf thing dat I'D say.I wonder y wuz he asking me dis? "aww jake,u no how much i care for you.i luv u so much dat i wuldnt no wat id do w/out u either.probably die.i'll only leave if mii heart stopz beating eternally"i say sencerely.
jacob makes the hugest grin n gives me the most heart-felt kiss imaginenable.i culdve sworn i heard fireworkz goin on in da bak uf mii head.jacob pulld away slowly n smilez @ me.i luk @ jacob in hiz eyes n smile bak.ummmm iz it normal 2 feel dizzy???i shake mii head a lil n jacob lukz @ me confused.
"u alrite?"he asks me. "um yea.jus a lil bit dizzy"i say blinkin twice.
jacob makez a small smile. "sorry.i didnt no i did dat 2 ppl"jacob jokes.
i roll mii eyes n push his shoulder. "ura pain u no dat?"i laugh.
jacob laughs w/me n then he pulls out daq driveway.evn doe it wuz only a small ride 2 da beach i culdnt help but notice how jacobs eyes wuld glitter twds me nearly evry sec or how he wuz holing mii hand n i wuznt suprisingly felt gud.i felt wanted 4 a 1st in mii life.Idk how jacob wuz doing dis but he wuz making me feel lik i wuz the lukiest girl in da world n no udda betch can top mii style.wat?jus bcuz im inluv rite now doesnt mean dat i cnt acta lil ghetto w/it.lolz!or maybe itz cuz uf dis whole imprinting thing dat gotz me choppd n screwd rite now but i really dnt care.
ok i do-ish.wen we arrive @ da beach jacob opens mii door 4 nme.
okayyy.i give him an awkward smile and get out da car.ok i kinda luv dat hes being sweet n actin lika gentleman n all but i can open mii own door.i guess im kind uf kept to.sigh.i guess imma hav 2 get used 2 it.
"yeah,i guess u will"jacob says as if he's reading mii mind.
i giv him a confused luk."ur jus lik bella.all uf ur thoughtz r written lik a buk on ur face."i roll mii eyes but smile as jacob closes da door.ok maybe i hav been spending a lil bit to much time w/bella. "yes yes u hav"jacob smiles. "sto-op!"i laugh pushing jacob lightly on on da shoulder.he chuckles a lil n then his face getz a lil but serious.he pushd me up against da car door and pushd his body up a against mines.jacob luks me deep in2 mii eyes which made me a lil bit nervous n a lil hot.n no i dnt mean hot as in im gettin a sunburn kinda hot.well maybe a lil bit uf dat but still.jacob movs his head slowly twds me kissing me softly.whoa baby.i instantly startd 2 kiss bak.jacob parts mii lips n i nhald most of his breath.control urself karen!control urself!/i pull away only 2 inchez resting mii forehead on his. "yd u stop it?"jacob breathed. "bcuz"i huff."either uf us hav enouf self control 2 stop l8r wen u hav me on da hood uf dis car half naked with only mii bra n possably mii pantiez on!"
"and watz so bad about dat?"jacob jokez. "ur friendz?" "oh yeah i kind uf forgot about them..." i laugh @ jacobs forgetfulnezz n shake mii head. "cmon"i say takin his hand and leading him twds da sand. "u wanna race dwn there?"jacob asks."y?so u can get beat nfront uf ur friendz again?sure y not." jacob narrowz his eyez @ me
."u cheated datz y u won"he mumblez.
"oh really?cuz last time u said u let meh win so which one iz it??"i laugh crossing mii arms. "man r we gunna race or not?" "fine.ready,set,go!"i yell taking off. "hey!u cheated!"jacob calls out bhind me. "no i didnt ur jus a l8 bloomer!"i an instant jacob wuz rite on mii tail and passing me up.i dida cartwheel jus to make an advantage.
"u c!CHEATIN!"Jacob laughs.
"Don't h8 da player h8 da game sweetheart!" we was almost to his friendz-n i was winning too.i had an advantage of about 3 stepsz!-jacob pikz me up by mii waist.i yelp as he setz me dwn bhind him. "Yay I won!"jacob says breathless walking up 2 his friendz. "Nu-uh!u cheater!u pikd mme up so datz an artifical disqualification"i say crossing mii armz n walkin up 2 him. "aww u jus h8 losin."
"damn skippy i do!but u still cheated!"i half yell/half breathe.
jacob laughs n wraps his arm around me hugging me n kissing mii sweaty hair.i luk up n see jus about evry1 jacob introduced me to-including crappy paulie.Okay so y did jacob drag me bak dwn here to c da same ppl?i giv jacob a confused n duhh kinda luk as if i wuz sayn 'watta hell boy?yo heffa azz dragged meh all da way 2 da beach to c da same got damn ppl!?!??!?!?!?!?!i culd be eatin a bowl uf cereal n watchn Zac and Cody makea fool uf themselves ova a girl while ona boat!"
jacob luks @ me n notices mii xpression. "wat?i said meet them,not terrorize them lik u did earlier!"jacob jokes.i glare @ him but laugh @ da same uf them-i think his name wuz collin-extends his hand n i shake it."hey i'm collin"he smiles.Oh.well. "im brady"says da 1 bhind him waving @ me."n i jus wanna say ur prettier in person than out ur window."
"um thx...i think"i say a lil confused then i turn twds jacob who wuz motioning 'cut it out'with his hands movin across his neck.he stoppd wen he saw me n actd lik he wuz rubbin his head n smiled @ me.stupidazz 4realz.
"jake"i say slowly ina adult kind uf voice."jus out of curiosity how many timez hav u watchd me 4rm out mii window?"umm countin yestrday?"he askd ina stupidly kind uf voice.he pretendz to think."well um lets c.i started on ur 1st day uf cheerleadin practice and i've been out there everyday since dat day so um itz nota leap yr and i guess evry month has about 30 days in them..."jacob's been watchn me dat long?watta hell?!?!?!dnt dis boy got anything else to do?i mean didnt he hav 2 patrol or sumthan?jacob told me all about how he goez on patrol n all dat crap.he also told me about how they can hear each othrz thoughtz.o crap!i change n mii room!n he told me dat i wuz on his mind all da time wen we were away.dammit!
i culd feel mii face get a lil bit red."stalker!"i yell out pointin @ him. "i am not a stalker"jacob answers. "yes u r.ur obsessed w/me!"i laugh.he shrugs his sholders."u point?"i roll mii eyes n push his shoulder.he pulls me n2 him."stop it"i whine playfully. "ugh yes plz stop it!"paul groans.
ugh.well he iz one uf jacob's best friendz so i guess imma hav 2 b friendz w/em.he seem pretty cool though.n by dat i mean i pretty cool 2 beat up evry once ina while. "o ur paul rite?" now y wuld i say dat?uf course dis block head's paul.but since i am being nice..."im sorry 4 earlier.i wuz kinda ina rut.i didnt break ur nose did i?" they all laugh. "no princess u didnt.u c wolves heal fast so wat evr damage u culd do to a human it will jus heal fast on us"paul answers. "o really?dat awesome!"i say."n by da way dnt call me princess."
"watevr"he mumblez."jus so u no if u evr hit me again i'll break ur neck."
"yea sure watevr.but if u evr cal me out lik u did earlier 2day i'll b forced 2 slap u n2 nxt week.understood?" "u cnt touch hav u dwn b4 u can evn say ur sorry." "wanna bet?"i say w/a smirk.paul does a small chukle n launches his fist twds me so fast dat i culdnt evn blink.but sumhow not fast enouf cuz i catch his hand n a moment 2 spare rite b4 he wuz an inch 4rm punchin me n da face n i bend his fist bak squeezing it n mii palm.paul goes dwn n2 da sand n pain.
"ow!fluck!"he cuss. "still think i wuldnt b able 2 kik ur azz?"
"let..go"paul breathes n i pushem bak n let his hand go.he tumbled bak n calld me a betch. "Yep.i no ima beautiful individual dat createz h8rz"i laugh.
paul getz up n growlz @ me. "watch it paul"jacob says sort uf pushing me onto his side n almost bhind him.
"aww luk.she cnt defend herslef,cuz she gotta hav her boyfriend defend her lik da whiney fragile princess she iz"paul says w/a smirk.mii blood wuz boilin a lil bit cuz he keepz calln me a princess.i culd tell mii eyez were sumwat redish.i growl a lil n push past jacob-maybe a lil bit too hard cuz he kinda stumbled.oopzie!lolz."u think im scared uf u?"i half yell @ him.ugh.mii emotionz r startin 2 get na rut.maybe ima boutz 2 start mii period or sumthan.
"oh i no u r princess."
jus keep playn w/me paul n imma bak-slap yo azz."call me princess 1 mo time"i warn. "prince-"b4 he culd finish i stuk him 1 in da jaw.evry1 oohed."u no u shuldnt hit me."paul growls through his teeth. "y watchu gunna-" b4 i culd finish paul slappd me.not hard or nuttin jus playfully 2 piss me off.i gav him an 'awed" luk n i glared @ him.n wat do u no?
he takez off dwn da beach.only too bad 4 him cuz if i can keep up w/jacob i can showl keep up w/his azz 4 shoi takld him 2 da ground wen we were to da ocean's edge.i sat on his bak n I kinda hadem ina choke hold but i kept his head into da sand and held bak his arms so he wuz completely disabled @ dis moment. "get off!"paul yellz. "apologize!"i yell bak. "no!" i force his head dwn as the ocean water current came in.i rose his head up b4 he inhald too much water.he stard 2 cugh a lil bit.
"apologize!"i repeat. "never!" just then i felt sum1 tryna tugg me off of paul."karen let go!"i hear jacob yell."no!"
"ur gunna kill him!"
"i dnt care!"i say ina exodus kinda voice.finally jacob pulls me off n we fall bak w/a large thud.i wuz about 2 get up n murder paul wen jacjacob tightenz his grip around mii waist.
"jacob let go!"i snarl through mii teeth.
"stop being so mean"jacob wisperz in mii ear.
"lemme jus slap him.thatz all i want."
"cmon.let da boy live 4 anothr day as much as id luv 2 c him die"jacob jokes
.i sigh."fine.but if u want me 2 kill him 1 day u no where 2 find me."
jacob laughs and-cautiously-lets me go.i get up n walk up 2 paul.
i extend mii hand out. "we cool?"
he luks @ me weirdly but takes mii hand n squeezes it.annoyed,i squeeze his hand bak harder n he goez bak dwn on da ground lik b4.
"luk,im tryna b nice here but ur kinda wreckin it"i say w/a sigh."so wen i letchu go,u'll stop messin w/me?" wen he doesnt say anything i squeeze his hand more.
"ahhh!fluck!fine!ok i wnt mess w/chu no more!!!!damn jus let mii hand go b4 i loose all feeling in it!"paul whinez
.i giggle n let him go so he can swivle up in pain.jacob turns me around 2 face him.he lukz me in mii eyes.
"are u okay?"he asks me.
i giv him a confused luk."Yeah y?"i ask.
"cuz ur actin mood swingy."
i shrug."maybe i am."
"cmon lets go to emily's"sam says n then they all start to walk bak up da beach.
jacob pikz me up bridal style n startz 2 carry me. "umm u no i can walk rite?"i say smiling.
"yea.but it doesnt hurt b b takin care uf"jacob says.
"i h8 2 b takin care uf"i groan.
"oh well jus get used 2 it"jacob smilez.i roll mii eyes n smile.they walk 4 a few mins in silence n i jus wonder along in mii thoughtz.if jacobs a wolf i wonder can he die 4rm a silver bullet?
"no.u watch too many movies"jacob laughs.i luk @ him confused.
"lik i said,uve been hangin around bella too we dnt die ufa silver bullet.were almost indestructable unless bitin by a bloodsucker.the venom in thier bitez lik poision to us"Jacob answers.
"Yea as if a bloodsuckers gunna get dat close to us"brady snortz n evrybody agrees.ugh
.i wonder how theyd wuld feel if they new i wuz besties w/vampires?or do dey already no???we end up infront uf a house n jacob putz me dwn on da floor n jus holds mii hand.
we go through da front door n i see a beautiful yung lady @ a stove making wat smelld lik spagetti ina pot dat made me think she wuz boilin crawfish.
"dnt say anything about emily ok?"jacob whispers in mii ear.
i luk up @ himconfused but he says nuttin.y weuld i say sumthing about this beautiful lady cept dat im jealous uf her.
"hey emily"sam says kissing her on da cheek.
"hey hunni"she says smiling.
"jacob brought his imprint"quil yellz siting dwn @ da tiny table in da kitchen.
"oh really?"she says turning twds me n then i c.she had 3 big azz strikez across her hell happened 2 her?lemme stop.i kept mii face composed.
"nada word"jacob whisperz.
"i wuznt-"i start 2 say but jacob givez me a luk.i roll mii eyes @ him.emily walkz up 2 me n shakes mii hand.
"hi im emily.u must b karen.ive heard da pak tell me so much about u.ur so georous than their descriptions"she said w/a smile.
"aww thanks but alluf em talk about me?"i snort.
"yeah.they make fun uf jacob all time about u.n im jus happy hes not moppin around here lik he used 2 4 da past 3 months."
"ok!i think she getz it emily"jacob snapz.emily n i giggle.
"well da foodz ready if yall r hungry"she says n lik flies da whole pak flies up da stove including jacob.
"wow do they alwayz do dat"i laugh
."yea.itz kinda sad"emily jokez. jacob comez bak w/2 platez filled w/spagetti."here he says giving me one.
"um im nota football player so i dnt need dis much"i joke."bsidez im not hungry."
"yes u r."
":no im not."
"yes u r."
"no im not."
"yes u r."
i eyeball da plate n take it n stik mii fork in it.jacob laughs @ me n goes sit at da small table w/da rest uf da pak.i dnt c how dey all fit but dey n emily sat on da counter and ate.
"so jacob really luvs u huh?"emily says stiking a meatball in her mouth.
"eh,i guess"i say lukin dwn @ mii plaste which i had already wen half way aten nstill hungry 4 it.hows dat possable?idk but then again i do no how to it.lolz.
"no guessin girl.he really luvs u alot.evry luk he gives u itz lik he dnt no wat hed do w/out u.he luvz u lik crazy n i dnt think theres a time wen he doesnt think about u or wanna touch me.datz how sam iz."
"wow dat wuz deep.did u get dat off a fortune cookie or sumthan?"i ask.
she gigglez n shakez her head no."but i thinkm jacob wantz u"she says pointin in his direction.
i luk n jacobs motionin me 2 ncome ovr n sit on his lap.
i shake mii head no n motion 4 him cut it out.he kept motionin me n i kept sayin no.i luk bak dwn @ mii pl8 n i hear him sigh.
"guess we gotta do dis da hard way"he says under his breath.i luk up but b4 i culd ask hes already pikin me up n carrying me bnak 2 his chaior.he sat me in his lap n i glare @ him."i h8 u"mumble. "i luv u too"he says kising mii cheek.i stik mii tung out @ him n he laughs. "ugh will u plz cut oput all dat lovey doveycrap?"paul groans."sum uf us r tryna eat." "paul we dnt say anything wen ur w/raven so y u trippin?"embry asks."shut up"paul says throwin a piece uf bread @ him.dang ey act lik lil churrin(children)."n i dnt do all dat lovey crap dat jacobs doin rite now. "well @ least he nos how 2 treata girl"i say a lil bit offended 4 no appearent reason. "i no how 2 treatem betta"paul gloatz.i roll mii eyes."n princess wen u wanna real man come c me."i glare @ him.since mii legz were under da table n since paul wuz rite infront uf me-n leanin his chair bak a lil bit-i thought id help him out.i lift mii foot out slightly n tip his chair bak 2 make him fall bak.he hitz da floor.hard.n evry1 startz laughin.paul getz up n glares @ me.i smile n wave. "u got 1 more time princess." "o shut up paulie n eat ur dang food!"i yell.he glarez @ me,sitz his chair bak up,n sitz in it n startz bak 2 eat.i lay mii head on jacobs chest n he hugz me. "yea im goin bak ova derr w/emily"i say gettin up.i grab mii plate n start 2 walk off wen i geta weird feelin.i turn around swiftly."dnt chu dare!"i say catchin jacob in da act u. uf about 2 slap mii azz n actin lik he wuz rubbin his head.i roll mii eyes.jack azz 4realz.embry n quil start 2 snicker.

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