A Neville Longbottom Love Story (Short Story)

Before you read the story theres somethings you should know:
_ is your name, so you can feel like your in the story.
in the comments give me ideas on ways to improve :) special thanks to mukend aka Mrs_longbottom for giving me the plot of this story :)

Chapter 1

Hogwarts School For WitchCraft And Wizardry

I was finally back on the hogwarts express for my 3rd year at hogwarts school for witch craft and wizardry! While I was trying to find an empty compartment, I accidently hit something, I look up to see one of my best friend, Harry Potter. Ive known Harry all my life and he was like an older brother "Harry!" you said while giving him a huge hug. " Hey _, want to sit with me and my friends?" hes asks kind of in a rush. "Sure." Harry picks up your trunk and carries it to the last compartment. You both sit down and Harry introduces you to the other people in the compartment. "This is Ron" Harry says pointing to a boy with wild red hair. "And this is Neville." he says pointing to a brown hair'd boy with beaming blue eyes. "Hi, my name is __." You looked over to him and see him look at you for a couple of seconds then look away and you both blush bright red. The four of you talk for hours until the train comes to a sudden stop, causing you you fall and land on Nevilles lap. "Sorry!" you say nervously. "Its alright." Neville says blushing a deep shade of red. You get up and sit back down in your seat. "We cant be there yet" Ron says in a worried tone. Suddenly, the lights go out and it get very cold, followed by a very depressing feeling. You notice out of the corner of your eye you campartment door slowly opening. The four of you stare in awe as a hooded figure enters the compartment. The figure faces Harry and looks like its obsorbing something from Harry. While I was staring at Harry moaning in pain, someone stood outside the compartment door, pulled out his wand, and suddenly a bright light filled the whole compartment. The hooded figure glides away and Harry passes out. "What was that thing?" I asked the stranger. "That was a dementor, it was searching the train for Serious Black. Sorry im professor Lupin, im the new defence against the dark arts teacher at Hogwarts. Now, I need to have a little word with the driver." And with that he walks out of the compartment. You position yourself more comfortably and lay Harry's head on your lap, waiting for him to wake up. You look down and see Harry waking up. "Are you alright" you
ask him very worried. "I heard a voice. A women. Screaming." Harry says with a depressed look on his face. "No one was screaming." Neville said worried. Everyone sat in silence until we arrived at Hogwarts. The four of us got off
the train and got into a carriage. Harry was about to sit beside me when Neville whispered something in Harry's ear. Then Harry sat beside Ron and I sat beside Neville. Every once and a while I would catch Neville staring at me,
I would look over and he would look away and blush a light red. When we arrived at the great hall we all sat down. I sat next to Harry, and Ron and Neville sat across from us. After the sorting, the feast began. I look over at Harry
and see thats hes shoveing tons of food in his mouth. "Harry, you do know the food is for everyone, right?" and we all break out laughing. After the feast we all walked up to the common room and talk about our summers. soon after,
one by one people would start going up to there dorms. "I think ill head up to bed" Ron said yawning. "Me too." Neville said also yawing. Soon everyone was in bed except for you and Harry. "_ I think Neville likes you." Harry
said with a smile on his face. "No he doesnt." I exclaimed. "I see the way he looks at you, its so obvious!" "Maybe." I said with a small grin. After a small silence I stood up. "I should be off to bed" you said looking at Harry.
"Me too." Harry says standing up. "Good night Harry." "Good night _
" Harry said. You enter your dorm and change into your pj's, all you could think about was, "Does Neville really like me? Do I like him?" These questions spun in
your head. you go to sleep that night, dreaming about Neville.

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