This is A Nightmare (Sequal) Part 6

Hey people:) I know I haven't made one of this months. But I'm getting back on track again. Cause I'm excited to contiune this series. Ok so comment rate whatever you have to do but don't forget to Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Part 1

So Josh(plz tell me in comments if I have the wrong name cause last time I wrote John) ok so he tried to have you taste his blood which can possibliy kill you. Until Cole came and stopped him now their about to fight to the death of you.

(Your P.O.V)
Cole pushed you back on to the wall. You screamed out but nothing came out. As they began to claw and rip at each other. Your heart began to beat faster and faster so much that it was all you could hear. As the room began to spin you began to fall. As you watched the fight from the floor. Your breathing grew weaker. And as you seen Josh drive the stake through Coles heart. Your screams were just as loud as his. With one quick glance at your chest. Your shirt began to get soaked with blood. As your head hit the floor your breathing grew raspy as blood began filling your mouth. Josh ran over to you and as he seen you take your last breath. His eyes were full of remose and pain. And as your eyes closed and you heart stopped beating.

Ok so don't forget to comment and tell me how it was.


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