naruto: the girl who has the 10 tails in her and she like someone but....

naruto: the girl who has the 10 tails in her and she like someone but....

their is a person who killed people,if the hokage asked that person to kill someone it would be done.that person was a girl name Eve.she have been alone all her life and does not let people in because she is scared they will hurt her.but when she see a boy out of her window she falls in love at first sight.but she know because of who she is she wont be able to talk or less meet him.but she will aways look forward to seeing him out of her window every day as long as she she thinks.

Chapter 1

love in the rain

by: Lesy
i dont own naruto or any songs i put in here
i do own Eve

i was at the training building and it was time for me to leave and i was at the door.i looked outside, it was raining hard and i didn't have umbrella.but i had to go home so i walk out side and the rain hit me softly.i look up and the rain sided on my face and in to my ruby eyes, i looked down at the ground and saw the water hit the ground and then jump off the ground.i ran a hand throw my short yellow hair and look up and start to walk home in the rain.
Half way home i hear a loud meow and i look to the right and saw a white and black cat that looked scared of the water.i went over to it and sat down.The cat look at me scared, i put my hand out and smiled at it which i rarely do so the cat was lucky to see it.The cat walked over to me and rubbed its head on my hand, so i pull off my sweeter and warped the cat in it and pull it to up to me.
i heard someone behind me so when i turned around i was surprised i saw two boy that look about 4 years old like me. one of the boys had brown hair and was chubby.The other one surprised me the most he was the boy i saw a day age,when i was looking outside through my window,and some people would call it love at first sight i know i did.He had black hair and was skinner then the chubby one."its raining you know, why dont you have a umbrella with you" said the black haired one," i don't have umbrella at all, but i needed to get home so im walking in the rain" i said."well you can have this one i don't need it and you do need it,and im shikamaru and this is chouji just so you know" shikamaru said."t-thank you but i can't just take it that would be rude"i said, "do you have any chips you can give us for it then?" chouji asked." chouji you have had 89 bag of chips today and you pulled them out of nowhere" shikamaru said," n-no i don't have any chips sorry and im Eve" i said looking up at the two boys who were looking at me, they cannot see it but i was really happy because i was talking to shikamaru and i know his name, i was so happy i could die and still be happy but i knew that this was the only time i was going to be able to talk to them." take as a gift from shikamaru to you, plus i think you need it or your going to get a cold ."said chouji.
"ya, its a gift from me to you Eve just take it, it would be rude not to" shikamaru said, "ok thank you i have never got a gift before, so this is my first gift" i said happy and smiled my rare again for 2 time today and i think i saw chouji and shikamaru blush but im not sure.shikamaru handed me the yellow umbrella and i opened it, " why haven't you got a gift before" asked chouji. " sigh well i don't have any parents and i don't even know who they are or were so i live alone, well i got to go so bye" i said as i run off in the rood still having the cat in with me.

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