A harry potter/ draco malfoy LUV story

hey hey hey this is my 1st story tell me how u like it :) sry 4 all the spelling errors
Tell me if i shud write another 1!

Chapter 1

The beginning

Im Roselyn L. im 15 yrs old and this is im FIRST time on the hogwarts express. i went 2 a different wizarding school b4 so i kno my stuff stil. My parents both got jobs at the ministry so i was forced 2 move :(( I loved all of my old friends and i miss them soooo much! but ANYWAYS tht wuz just an update here is where my journey begins:
I was at platform 9 3/4 and had just ran through the pillar (tht was reeely weird.. and cool!) and i saw a HOT blonde dude. He smiled at me so i smiled back. He motioned for me 2 come over but then i was time 2 board the train. The train was already packed!! but luckily i found a spot with these people named HArry, Ron, and Hermione. Harry was also verrry hot like the guy i had seen previously but ron... was.. ok i guess... hermione was so awwesome we became bffs in our first 5 min of meeting! We soon all got 2 be very good friends. Just then the guy who i had seen earlier at the station came by "Get out of here draco!" Harry snarled "jeez i wuz just looking 4.. oh there u r!" Draco said as he saw me "would you like 2 come and join us slytheryns to sit?" He asked hopfully "She would most certainly NOT like 2 sit wit u guys!... Right?" Hermione said. "yeahh... i guess" i replied. inside i wanted to go soo badly 2 got 2 know draco! draco left looking sad.
** b4 the sorting**
"i HOPE u get into gryffyndor!" Harry said. "yeah.." i said haf heartedly. "wats wrong rosie?" he asked as he put his arm around my shoulder. "nothing.." i replied as i pushed his arm off. "this wear we hav a new 5th yr plz welcom Roselyn!" Professor Mcgonogal announced. i nervously walked up the great hall and sat on the stool. She grabbed a funny liiking old hat and plopped it down onto my head. "hmmm... brave and coureagus like a gryffyndor but... sly like a slytherin.. ur a tough1 u kno tht? " the hat said... wait the hat TALKED! i guess i had 2 get used to some of the different things here. THen suddenly the hat shouted...


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