The Beginning of the End

Vulpe has always been a daydreamer. Mostly about the legends of the old days, when all foxes were protected by the Sword. But now, more and more kits are inexplicably kidnapped, and prey is scarce. It may be time for every fox to go on his own.

Ok, most of the stuff I put in here is true about foxes, but some stuff I made up for the benefit or the story.
-The Dudete

Chapter 1

The First Page

by: Dudete
"A noble group of guardians, the Sword, fought predators and ensured that no one would ever feel hunger again. Then there came a day when Yuer rose up, a rebel fox with more power than anyone though was possible. The legend continues, saying that the spirit of the Sword was killed. But they will return when a single soul with their spirit shall find them. Then they will know the world is ready for their presence again. And they will-"
" Rescue us from these dark days, blah blah blah," Loh padded into the den under the roots of a oak tree. His voice interrupted Vulpe's story. She glared at him. All the tiny kits that had been listening intently to her story whimpered at the interruption.
" Loh," she sighed, her tail unwrapping from around her body as she stood.
" Your father told me to get you," he barked, then left the den.
" But Vulpe!!!!" a kit whined.
" Sorry Lady, gotta go," Vulpe gave her a look.
" Promise to be here tomorrow!! I might open my eyes then!!" Lady jumped up.
Vulpe laughed. " You're only seven sun-cycles old, Lady, you know you have to wait another three!"
" Bye Vulpe!!" the kits called.
Vulpe bounded out of the den and into the wet grass outside of it. Her father was standing near Leader Tree, discussing something with Ameck, our pack chief. When he saw her heading toward him, he turned and walked to her.
" Vulpe!" he barked sternly. " Where have you been!? I didn't see you on the last hunting trip-"
" Father, I was telling the kits the legends of the Sword-" she tried to defend herself.
" Those silly stories again!!" be father exploded. " Vulpe, get your head in the present! Stories don't feed foxes, rabbits do. Mice do! Squrrels do!! Have you contributed to the pack with any of those! No!! But, oh, you told your legends to the new generation! The Sun forbid they grow up as you or the pack will disappear!!"
Vulpe whimpered quietly as she took a step back, her bushy tail between her legs. " I'm sorry."
" Sorry won't do anything, now get out there and get us dinner or the pack might have to exile you!" Father turned around and went back to talk to the chief.
She stared at them in shock. They would exile her? But that only happened to mads, or useless foxes. She wasn't useless she'd prove them that.
Suddenly, Loh was beside her. " Sooo... How'd it go?" he asked, his tone amused.
Vulpe glared at him, then turned around, letting her tail hit his face. She trotted away. Away from him, away from Father, away from the camp.
She would prove that she wasn't useless. She would find enough food to feed everyone. By herself. Then they'd now she was not useless.

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