Special (Draco Malfoy love story)

Sofia Wilde has had one he11 of a life and she's only 16. When she is enrolled at Hogwarts by the headmaster she isn't too thrilled. She doesn't think she needs to learn anything because she already knows it all. After all she's been tutored by the wizarding world's elite for most of her life after her parents died. But between school, the nightmares and constant threats to her life, Sofia never thought she would fall in love...

Chapter 1

First Impressions

by: Mikiluvsu
My mother always said to make a good first impression. A good first impression is a necessity. You must enter a room shoulders high, head back and eyes ahead. You must walk with a purpose and stop traffic. Those who do not care for first impressions will never amount to anything because your first impression sets the benchmark for the rest of your life.


Albus and I walked slowly through the corridors of Hogwarts in dead silence. I didn't look around. I kept my eyes firmly on the cold grey stone floor in front of me. Albus' pace slowed as we reached two large wooden doors with elaborate carvings, mine quickly followed suit. I looked up and stared at the door. My gaze bore through the door as I listened to what was happening on the other side. The noise was a faint hum. The students were obviously whispering amongst themselves about all sorts of things i didn't care about.
A booming female voice silenced them, "Settle down all of you. Prof. Dumbledore will be arriving shortly with another new student." The low hum of whispers begun again. I sighed. That was me. The new student. I was the seventh student in Hogwarts history to be accepted into Hogwarts after first year. I was going into the sixth year.
"There is NO way i am even going to consider going in there," I said, gesturing to the double wooden doors. I knew all I needed to know and I didn't want to hang around for another two years with random witches and wizards who i'd never met. I haven't hung out with kids my own age since I was 8. I had always been with my tutors since then and their high profile wizarding friends and associates.
"Don't be that way, Sofia. There is now way that you are you backing out of this. You promised you'd try it," rebutted Albus.
"No, I don't care what I said, I'm leaving and going back to Jeremy," Jeremy was my last tutor. He was really nice to me and i was sure he could find me some place to stay.
"You only liked him because he brought anything you wanted and gave you complete freedom." His argument made no sense. I could not see any negatives to what he was saying. Albus obviously realised the weakness of his argument as he tried to correct it.
"Sofia, you have to go -" I cut him off.
"No, no, NO!" I said, my voice getting slightly louder.
"Sofia, I am your legal guardian and when I say you have to go to Hogwarts, you have to go, no exceptions."
"I haven't had a proper guardian since my parents died." My voice was just below a yell.
"Nonsense! I am your proper guardian. I care for you." Albus was yelling. The noise from behind the door grew quieter as students tried to hear what was going on outside. I tried to ignore it and focus on what Albus had just said. I knew he cared for me. I also knew that my last argument was completely false. But that still didn't change the fact that I wasn't going into the Great Hall.
"No," i said, crossing my arms and adjusting my posture.
"This is what you parents would have wanted." Albus told me, matter-of-factly. This completely pushed me over the edge. The subject of my parents was a touchy one.
"My parents want nothing, Albus! They're DEAD!" I yelled. The hum of students behind the door was completely gone. The words stung him as they also stung me when I said them. I tried stop the tears forming in my eyes but it wasn't working. The conversation was becoming too personal. I quickly moved towards the double doors and cracked them open. I slipped inside. All eyes were on me. Most of them had no idea who I was. Most of them anyway. Some of the teachers and some of the pure-bloods knew who I was instantly. I turned my back to them and held out my black onyx wand at the door.
"Collorwauling" I muttered under my breath. It was a spell my fourth tutor had taught me. It basically makes the wall, door or divider sound proof so that no one could eavesdrop on my conversation with Albus. I lowered my wand and walked back out the door towards Albus.
"Very Nice," Albus said rather sarcastically.
"I'll take it down later, once I've convinced you that I am not going to attend this school."
"Please don't make me force you. You may be more powerful than others your age and some adults but you and I both know that you cannot take me." I hated to admit it, but what he said was true, I couldn't take him, not yet anyway. He continued, "I will keep an eye on you. You will be in the same house as your parents and you might even make some friends." I snorted in response to the last comment. We both knew it would be a miracle if I made friends.
"Fine, lets go before I change my mind." There was no point fighting him anymore. Besides I was rather hungry. Albus opened both the doors wide and strode in. I followed but stopped once I was inside and drew out my wand. Albus turned back to me, impatiently. I gave him a look and said,
"Do you want me to remove the spell or not?" He sighed and I turned my attention to the door. I tapped my wand on it and muttered, "Finite Incantatum." There, the spell was gone. I turned back just as Albus started walking down the middle of the room.
I looked around and saw the four houses. As I looked closer to one side I saw children of some wizarding families I knew; Diggory, the Weasley's, Flint, Maurt, and Harry Potter, interesting. I then moved my gaze across the two lavish tables to the other two tables on the other side of the room. There I saw more descendants I knew; Prang, Reekes, Wimborne, Dunbar and... Malfoy. Sitting at the Slytherin table, surrounded by people and eyeing my skeptically was Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy. Our parents were friends in school, at Hogwarts and at work in the Ministry. I smiled to myself, maybe he recognised me.
My observations were interrupted when I reached the front of the Great Hall. There stood a plain wooden stool with one of my old tutors sitting on it, the sorting hat and a old female teacher who had a light smile on her face.
My smile grew as I approached him. I kept my distance as part of curtsy so i stood about 2 meters in front of him.
"Why, hello Sofia. It is very nice to see you again." he said to me his voice soft.
"It is also very nice to see you again too," i replied as i walked towards the stool. The teacher lifted the hat. i sat down on the stool and the teacher put the hat on my dark brown curls.
"Well Sofia, i do hope you have been well, it has been such a long time, what 2 almost 3 years."
"Yes, too long. I see you have a new job." I whispered back. He chuckled but I don't think anyone besides me heard.
"Yes, rather a nice one actually." I laughed softly as well. I missed him a lot. The Sorting Hat was one of my favourite tutors, he taught me a great amount of what I know now and was always full of wisdom. I was difficult to part with him but I knew it was for the better. The longer I stayed somewhere the more in danger everyone around me became. Thats one of the main reasons why I hadn't wanted to come to Hogwarts, I was putting the whole student body and the teachers in danger. Albus wouldn't admit it but we both knew it.
A loud noise broke me from my thoughts. Some one clearing their throat. I turned my head to see that it was Albus.
"Right, Sorry." said the Sorting Hat. "So, now, smart, very. brave, intensely. wise, quite. good... hmmm, yes, Sofia you are pure at heart. I know just where to put you. Gryffindor!"
Prof. Snape, Albus and I all jump up simultaneously, all outraged by the news. I look around and see all the students looking rather confused.
"I was suposed to be in Slytherin. BOTH my parents were." I told the Sorting Hat which was still sitting on my head despite being jerked around when I stood up hastily.
"You will be in Gryffindor, my decision is final. I am sorry if you are disappointed but that is what I have chosen."
"I thought you were my friend," I muttered, sounding like a moaning child who hadn't got heir way, which was what I was.
"Now now, Sofia. No need to whine. And I am your friend." He muttered back to me. I looked to Snape and Albus hoping, praying that they knew what to do. Albus shock his head slightly. My hopes were shattered. Snape just mouthed "later". I nodded. The teacher standing beside the stool took the hat off my head and took it away. I moved towards my seat on the Gryffindor table. All the eyes in the room were following me. I sighed at sat down next to the Weasley's and opposite Harry Potter. The teacher who took away the hat came back in and started to address the students. She said her name was Prof. McGonagall. I stopped listening after that and just looked down and studied the wood of the table in front of me. The girl next Harry Potter stuck out her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Hermione Granger." I smiled at her.
"Hey, I'm Sofia Wilde." I told her. She smiled. The red haired boy next to me, most likely a Weasley, looked at me and gawped. I looked at him slightly confused.
"Um... can i help you with something?" I asked him.
"Errr... no, sorry.. umm... my name is Ron, Ron -"
"Weasley," I said finishing his sentence. He looked confused at me. I just smiled again. "It's not too hard to identify a Weasley, you all have the same vibrant orange hair." I said looking down the table at the other Weasley's sitting there.
"I'm Harry Potter." said the boy with dark hair and round glasses sitting opposite me. I looked up to meet his eyes.
"Yes, I noticed," I said still smiling. Ron looked at me, rather like a complicated Maths problem.
"So, you're Sofia Wilde, THE Sofia Wilde?" he asked. I sighed.
"What do you mean, Ron?" Harry asked.
"Maybe I'll tell go sometime." I said to Harry. Before He could reply, Prof. Dumbledore began the feast and food appeared on the table. The conversation changed and we began talking about weird things like our favourite wizard shops, books and lollies. Once those topics grew old they began telling me about Hogwarts and the people and teachers. The even mentioned to avoid the notorious Draco Malfoy. I smiled at that and they gave me a weird look but I told them to continue.
Soon the feast was over and we got up to go to the Common Rooms.

I'm not sure what type of first impression I made but I'm sure it was a memorable one.

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