I'm A Country Girl & He's A City Guy

this is inspired by my own life and dreams :)

Chapter 1

An Old Friend Becomes A New Friend

My mother's friend was coming to stay with us since her husband died. I wasn't very happy about it because we lived in the country and the last thing I needed was some city slicker coming to be a smart mouth about how we live. I would probably drown him in the hog slop. My mother's friend had a son. A son that is my age. A son that was raised in the city. A son that I would drown in hog slop before it was over with. My mother hadn't seen her friend in twenty years but they talked a lot on the phone.
"Jenny, you'll love Jessie and Patty." My mother, Sarah said. Jessie was the womans son. Patty was my mothers friend. "I doubt it. He's a city slicker, momma. He probably has his nails cleaned and stuff at the salon or something. We're probably going to hate each other." I said. She sighed. Then we heard a car horn. My mother got up excited and ran out to the front porch. "Patty!" She yelled with her arms extended out when she got outside. The woman had blonde hair and she was slinder. Then I seen a boy. He was tall and skinny and had sandy blonde hair and chocolate colored eyes. I walked out to him. "Hi, I'm Jessie." He smiled. "Hey. I'm Jenny." I said with a slight smile. "Pat, this is my daughter Jenny. Jenny, this is Patty." My mother introduced us. "Looks like you've met my son, Jessie...?" She said. It almost sounded like a question. "Yeah." I said. My mother lead Patty in the house and they were talking and giggling. "Ok. Let's get this straight, if your gonna live here, you gotta work. So I'm gonna teach you everything today and tomorrow, you'll know what to do." I explained. He laughed. "Ok, boss." He said sarcastically. I narrowed my eyes at him. If he wanted to butt heads, we'd butt heads. I snorted and started walking. "Alright, since your new to the country, I won't make you get on the horses but there are horses to be broke so you'll help me. But first we need to check on the hogs." I said. I grinned. I had an evil plan.
We got to the hog pen. I stood on the wooden fence and he climbed up by me. The hogs kept their pen muddy. "You see that?" I asked pointing to the mud. "No. What?" He asked leaning over. "That! Right there!" I lied pointing to the mud. He leaned over the fence more. He made the mistake of holding one leg out behind him. I grabbed his ankle and pushed him over in the mud. "What was that for!?" He demanded. I was too busy laughing to answer. He got a handful of mud and threw it at me. I didn't realize what he was doing to move. The mud splattered on my face and I fell off the fence and hit the ground. I got up and looked at him. He was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. I tried to look mad but I couldn't help but laugh then. I jumped into the pen and pushed him back in the mud. The pigs were on the other end. He shoved me back in the mud. We looked like little kids playing in the mud laughing.
After a while of playing in the mud my father pulled up. "What are you youngin's doin?" He asked getting out of his truck. "Nothing, pop!" I yelled. He laughed and walked in the house. "Come on. We can't go in the house with mud all over us. We need to wash off." I said climbing over the fence. "How are we going to do that?" Jessie asked. "Easy. Come on and I'll show you." I said. I walked around the barn and got the water hose. "Stand still." I said. "Its the hose we wash the horses with, you'll be ok." I said. I turned the water on and watched as the mud washed away. He shook his head like a dog. Then I heard a dog barking. I knew it was Sabrina. My little fiest dog. She was little but she'd probably eat his ankle off. She came around the edge of the barn and seen Jessie. She tried to bite him. "Sabrina!" I scolded. She looked at me and wagged her tail. I cut the water off. "Now your as clean as a horse." I said. He smiled. "Your turn!" He said. I handed him the hose and stood still while he sprayed me with the water. It was cold but felt good to get the mud washed off of me. "Supper!" My momma yelled. "Come on! I'll race you!" I said and started running. "Hey! No fair!" He said and started running. We ran until we got to the front porch where my mother and Pat was standing. "Good Lord what happened to y'all?" My mother asked. "She pushed me in the hog pen!" Jessie said pointing to me. I looked at him. He was smiling. "Because you deserved it." I said. "Did not!" He defended. "Did too!" I exclaimed. "Alright you two, come on and get dry and let's eat. Its getting cold." My mother said.
~That Night~
Jessie was staying in my room with me. My mother had put another bed up so neither of us would have to sleep on the floor. "Jessie, can I ask you something?" I asked. "Your asking me now." He smiled. "I mean, you know what I mean." I said. He laughed. "Sure." He said. "Feel free to tell me its none of my bussiness but, how did your daddy die? Do you miss him?" I asked. "It was a gang in the city. That's why my mom moved out here. She wanted me away from all that stuff. She didn't think it was healthy from the start. She never liked living in the city but she lived there for my dad." He explained. "Do you miss him?" I asked. "More than anything in the world. Most days I forget he's gone. Somedays I have to remind myself he's not coming back." He said. I felt bad for him. I couldn't imagine living without either of my parents. He his eyes were watery lookin' like he wanted to cry. "I'll see you in the morning. I'm pretty beat from the flight today." He said and got up. He walked over to his bed and laid down. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." I said. "You didn't. You have questions just like everyone else." He replied. I felt bad.
Later that night, I couldn't sleep and Jessie's snore didn't do the sleep problem any justice either. I eased out of my bed and to the door. I heard my mother and Pat talking down stairs. "I knew I needed to get Jessie out of there. I figured with Jenny being his age, he would go back to normal. I felt like an awful mother watching him just go down hill after that. His father was his idol and when he died, it took a horrible toll on Jess. I think it made it worse since him and his father had a fight the day before and they were still kind of mad at each other. I never thought Jessie's attitude would take that turn. His health took a bad turn, too." Pat explained. I eased my way down the stairs just enough so I could hear clearly but they couldn't see me. I could tell Pat had been crying. "I know what you mean. Me and Jenny's father had an awful fallout before that happened. After it all happened, I found out I was pregnant with her. She still thinks Chris is her father. I never told her because I didn't want her to act different to him or damage their relationship. She's always thought he was her daddy and he treated her like she was his." My mother explained. I clapped my hand over my mouth so she couldn't hear my breathing. It felt like I had been hit in the back with a baseball bat. I couldn't breathe. "She doesn't know? Will you ever tell her?" Pat asked. "I don't know. I just don't want her to look or act different towards Chris because he's not her real daddy." My mother answered. I got up and quietly rushed back to my room. I couldn't believe what I had just heard.
~The Next Morning~
I was down at the barn. Jessie was still alsleep when I got up and I didn't want to bother him.
"How do I look?" He asked from behind me. I turned around. "Like a dork." I laughed. He had on overralls. He frowned. "People only dress like that in the movies." I said. "Crap. I try to fit in and I look like a dork." He said. I laughed and grabbed his hand. "Come on." I said and pulled him towards the house.
I got a pair of jeans (yes, there guy jeans. Their his) and a t-shirt of his and a pair of boots. "Put this on." I said handing him the clothes. I stepped out of the room while he changed.
He walked out. He was pretty hot in those clothes. "Well?" He asked. "Perfect! Wait!" I said. I walked in my room and got an old ball cap. I walked back out and put it on his head backwards. "PERFECT!" I said very loudly. "Jen? Is everything ok?" My mother yelled up the stairs in concern. "Yeah, momma!" I yelled back. "Come on." I said and pulled him down the stairs. We walked down the stairs where my mother and Pat was. "The new and improved Jessie!" I said and held my hands out towards him. He struck a pose being silly. "Lord, have mercy." Pat said with a smile pinching the bridge of her nose. "You should've seen how he was dressed when he came to the barn!" I said. He turned bright red. "I know. You were just trying to fit in." I said pinching his cheek. He looked at me. "Ok. We've got horses to train." I said.
We walked back out to the barn. I was rambling on and I noticed Jessie got quiet. I turned around. He was way back behind me walking slowly. Then I noticed why. Shadow, my gray colored gelding was following him. He looked at me. "Why's he following me?" He asked pointing at Shadow. "Because he likes you idiot." I laughed. "I- OW!!" Jessie yelled and jumped around. "What's wrong with you?" I laughed. "He just bit me!" Jessie answered. "Because you ignored him. He doesn't take well to rejection." I said and walked towards them. "Pet 'im." I said. He reached his hand out and scratched between Shadows ears. Jessie turned to face me. "You didn't tell me there was a rabid horse running around the barn." He said. "You didn't ask." I said. Then Shadow put his head on Jessie's shoulder. Jessie looked at Shadow and Shadow's blue eyes looked at Jessie. "I think he thinks your pretty." I joked. "I'll pretty him upside the head if he bites me again." Jessie replied. Shadow reminded me of a human. It was like he understood everything you said. Shadow nudged Jess on the cheek. "He says he's sorry, Jess." I said. "Jen! Jen, where are you!?" I heard Lexi, my friend call. "In the barn Lexi!" I yelled. "Who's Lexi?" Jessie asked. "Hang on and you'll find out." I said. Lexi walked in the barn. She had a boy with her. He was tall and slinder. His hair was sandy brown with natural blond streaks and his eyes were a green color. His eyes caught my attention. I was sorta speechless for a moment. "Who's your friend?" Lexi asked pointing to Jessie. "Oh, Lexi, this is Jessie, Jessie, this is Lexi." I said. "Hey." They said to each other. "Jen, this is my cousin Scott. Scott, this is my friend Jenny and, as you heard, her friend Jessie." Lexi said. "Hi." He said with a warm smile. His eyes just made me catch my breath. "Did you hear about the trail ride in two weeks? Its gonna be down by the old Stross's place. Are you going?" Lexi asked. "You know I am!" I said. "Does Jessie know how to ride a horse?" She asked. We looked at him. "Uhm, no. I came from the city so I'm new to all of this." He answered. "We'll get y'all riding." Lexi smiled. "What about you, Scott? Do you ride horses?" I asked. "I'd rather ride the wagons." He stated. "Well your not any fun." I said. He laughed. "Sometimes I'd rather ride the wagon myself. The horses get excited sometimes." I said. I spun around on my heel. "Jess, if you want, you can ride Shadow or ride a wagon." I said. "The wagon sounds safer." He replied.
~2 Weeks Later/ The Trail Ride~
We stood around at the Stross's barn talking and listening to music. "Jenny!" I heard Lexi call. I looked up. Her and Scott was coming. "Lex!" I waved. They walked over. Scott hugged me (he's a ''touchy-feely'' person). Him and Jess shook hands. "I came up with an awesome idea!" Lexi said. We looked at her. "We're trading friends tonight. I get Jessie and you get Scott." She said. ''I like this idea''. I thought to myself. "Ok." I agreed. She grabbed Jesse's hand and pulled him off. "Well, I guess their gone." I joked as she pulled Jesse to a group of people. Scott laughed. "Come on." He said and started walking. He walked towards the entrance gate. There was no people or lights outside of the gate but we could hear the music and people hollaring. "WOO!!" I heard my cousin yell. I laughed. He was crazy.
Help me hold on by Travis Trint was playing. Me and Scott was sitting on like a little bridge thing. I stood up. "Stand up." I said holding my hand towards him. "What? No." He said with a smile. "Stand up or I'm kicking you azz off this bridge thing." I joked. He stood up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. "Awwwwhh." He smiled. We danced for a moment but against my will, we stopped.
After a while, we were laying in the grass. A star shot by. "Quick! Make a wish!" I exclaimed. We thought our wishes. "What did you wish for?" He asked. "Can't tell you. Its bad luck." I smiled. "Come on! I'll tell you mine." He said.
He guessed for a while. He had it right a million times over but he didn't realize it. I only denied one: a kiss.
He stuck his tongue out and tried to lick me like a dog and I fell backwards on the cold ground laughing. Then he kissed me on the cheek. He was leaning over me propped on his hands. He kissed me softly on the lips quickly. It was dark and I couldn't see his face but a smile spread across my face. I grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him back for more. His kiss made my head spin. I felt like I was as light as a feather. Then he stuck his tongue in my mouth. It shocked me at first since it was my first kiss. I couldn't breathe. Literally. He pulled away and I caught my breath. We sat up and he kissed me again. ''I like this French lesson.'' I thought to myself. I made the mistake of moving and when I did, I bit his tongue. I quickly backed away from him. He laughed. "Its ok. It was your first time. Everyone does it." He said. "Oh my God I bit your tongue!" I exclaimed. I felt the blood rush to my face. "Its ok. Here, we'll try again." He said. We leaned in and just kissed normally (I knew my French lesson was over).

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