my poems

Chapter 1

years go by

After a while the tears begin to burn as they run down the cheeks of the broken hearted…their only mask is a smile, their closest friend is the dark corner, the time between tears begin to elaps and soon they can not stop crying, if you have ever broken a heart soon they will seek revenge and if they are anything like the boy I love they will break your heart back…I can no-longer look at the things he gave me without crying…my most prized possession I can no longer wear…a beautiful watch he gave me last summer…the flowers that have survived are turning black and dying…the smile is getting harder to wear…parents will soon be repeatedly asking questions…friends will drift away…I am only 14 and my heart’s been broken…I have constant thoughts of suicide…even though he is killing me I will always love him…weather I want to or not…he is no longer speaking to me and he refuses to look at me…I broke his heart in 2009…when he was my age…he is now 16 years old…I have known him for 10 years…and I will die for him </3

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