The Last Words

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Chapter 1

The Last Words

The day moves slowly,
I know what to do,
It has all been a blur,
I've hated my life,
It has been like that forever,
I need to do what it is needed for me to be happy,
I slowly count down,
Three, two, one.
And say a prayer,
To my family and friends and hope to see them again,
I slowly pull back the trigger,
And scream,
They were too late to stop me,
They tried to convince me not to,
They love me so dear,
And they rush to my room,
And drop to their knees,
And see the blood flowing out,
And cry,
They see my death note,
Right next to me,
They turn back to me,
And see my eyes slowly close,
"I love you."
And then they closed forever.

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