Kiss Me Im Irish ::A Seamus Finnigan Love Story::

Okay so im going to make my quizzes into a story...U know the deal...

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Dean and Neville looked at eachother and laughed.Your eyes went from looking to your lap to giving a death glare to Dean.Him and Neville both stoped laughing instantly.Neville in the middle of all the akwardness changed the subject.
"So what do you guys think about the whole Sirius Black situation?" Your heart skipped a beat when you heard the name.Since you had been living with your Godfather since your parents were killed long ago,you knew all about Sirius Black.He had been your one of your Godfather's best friends.And what you knew was what you were not supposed to know.You tried to shut it out.But the images from when you were little kept coming back.Then you remembered your friends were around you.When you came back to reality Seamus,Dean, and Neville were staring at you.
"Uh Sorcha?"You looked at Seamus
"Are you okay?Your face kinda went pale."
"No Im totally fine,Im just bored"
"Oh okay wanna go do something else?"
"Ya sure!"
"Dean,Neville?You wanna come too?"
"Nah,me and Neville have gotsome other things to do."
"Oh okay.Comon Seamus!" You jumped up and Seamus Followed.You both said bye to Dean and Neville.Seamus then proceded on teling you all the things you could do.But you were not paying attention to that,instead you were fixated upon all the people staring at you and Seamus.You had a feeling that someone was not just looking at you normaly,but looking at you with hate and disgust,and it wasent coming from the slytherin tables,but from directly behind you.You peeked over your shoulder to see Lavender Brown following you down to the door.You started feeling sick just thinking about her watching you.
"Where do you want to go?"
"Uhh how about the quiddich pitch?"
"Ya okay can we get our brooms?"
"Of course." You and Seamus got your brooms and went to the quiddich pitch.On your way you passed by Harry.
"Hey Sorcha...and Seamus."
"Harry!" You ran over and hugged him. You had known Harry for a while.[Your cousins,who were also wizards,live on the same street as him.You saw him every summer when you went to visit them.So you and Harry had actually been friends since you were at least 7.]
"What are you two doing?"
"Oh we were just,uh hanging out,Whatwere you doing?"
"I was just going to see Hermione and Ron."
"Oh cool"
"Do you want to come?"
Seamus finally spoke "Uh no its fine,right Sorcha?"
"Uh ya,its fine Harry" Harry kinda looked sad when you had said no.
"Oh okay then bye Sorcha" You and Seamus continued on your way to the quiddich pitch.
"What was that about Seamus?"
"He was flirting with you."
"Okay one,I don't think so and two,Why would that have been a problem?"
"Its not a problem.Its just that nothing lets just drop it okay?"
'Ya okay..." Seamus and you got to the quiddich pitch and started racing eachother.You won every time.
"You know Sorcha you could have just let me win."
"Ya,but theres no fun in that.'
"Okay,fine.I bet i can beat you."
"Oh really?I bet you can't.'
"Fine.Lets race,If i win you have to ride my broomstick, and if you win, I'll carry your books around form a week.Deal'
Finally chapter 5 sorry it took so long im going into highschool and i have had so much to do.So The Harry potter seiris came to an end...Its so sad.But it will live in our hearts forever....I really must give thanks to my stories fans...without you there would be no chapter 5.Peace and Love

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