Kiss Me Im Irish ::A Seamus Finnigan Love Story::

Okay so im going to make my quizzes into a story...U know the deal...

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

U woke upand randownstairs to the greathall.(it was Saturday).Before u walked in Dean stopped u"Sorcha,I really need ur help,Seamus is really worried about tryouts today.Canu come with meto help?"u noded andwent upstairs with him.Usaw Seamus sitting on his bed,u walked over and sat nxt2him."ur gonna do great Seamus"he smiled and gavu ahug,u all walked down together.~greathall~"SORCHA!"u looked behindu and saw Bella she was outof breath."tryouts are starting in half an hour come on,u had already stood up the second sh said tryouts. U her seamus and dean practiced until tryouts.~after tryouts~ U and Seamus were waiting in the great hall with Ron, Ginny, hermione, neville, Bella and dean. Hermione was quizzing u for ur potions test on Monday.Harry and walked in with a paper in harrys hand. Harry walked over."I hav the team list:Beaters FredandGeorge, seeker me, keeper Dean and chasers Bella, Sorcha and Seamus." Seamus was really happy.ur first match of the year was tommorow.
~the quiditch match~ u were versing slytherin and they was in the lead.u were close to the goal when a slytherin hit u, u were hanging off of ur broom. U got back on and saw Seamus get a point. And like no timehad passed he got 3 more within 7 minutes.people were cheering for Seamus.gryfandor was leading then all of a sudden Harry cought the snitch. And gryfandor won.~after match~ everyone was celebrating and they were shouting Seamus's name.u were happy for him and went to congratulate him.all of a sudden he spun around and kissed you.TBC

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