Kiss Me Im Irish ::A Seamus Finnigan Love Story::

Okay so im going to make my quizzes into a story...U know the deal...

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

On ur way to the cariges Shamrock jumped onto the floor. U"shamrock come bac!" u ran after shamrock u found him at the feet of Draco Malfoy.D"well if it isnt Sorcha Molloy and her little green furball." Draco picked shamrock up and started throwing him up and down."GIVE HIM BACK U SNAKE!" "No i think ill just have some fun with the little bugger." he threw shamrock to crabbe,who threw it to goyle,who threw it bac to draco."i think i might just keep him."seamus came up behind u"Sorcha,were getting on the cariges-"he saw shamrock in dracos hands."give it to her draco,NOW!" "or wht r u going2 do u little irish twit?"draco took his wand out.U and seamus both took out ur wands and pointed them at draco.he backed off."Lucky ur bf was her to help u molloy."he threw shamrock and seamus caught him.u hugged him and shamrock hummed in delight. u guys got on the cariges.U were in the great hall with dean and seamus for the opening cerimony."And may i welcome our new defence against the dark arts teacher Remus Lupin" cheers
~FFW to Breakfast~
the owls came and ur black owl came in with a huge package,Midnight(owl)drops pacage "what is it?" "idk lets open it." u,seamus,and dean open it S"Holy cricket its the Firebolt!"u are all cheering when u remembered tht tryouts were tommorow.u all left for DADA.
~FFW to after classes~
Seamus was walking back and forth,"U need to calm down,i got u a gift for good luck." u handed him a package.he opened it "its a new broomstick!" he gave u a hug and u smiled."i knew u would love it." it had been about 2 mins."um Sorcha u can let go now." "oh right sorry." u both went up to bed.
ur thoughts
~why did i hug him like tht?~

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