Kiss Me Im Irish ::A Seamus Finnigan Love Story::

Okay so im going to make my quizzes into a story...U know the deal...

Chapter 1


Hair:Long Chocolate Brown and curly.
U are shy and are best friends with Dean Thomas, Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnigan, and Harry,Ron,and Hermione.U absolutly dispise Cho Chang and Lavender Brown.U are a chaser on the Gryfandor team.U come from and Irish family.U also have a pet pygmy puff. Ur parents died when you were young and you are now in the care of your godfather Remus Lupin.

U were on the train with Dean,Neville,Seamus,and Luna.U were talking to Luna who was admiring ur green pygmy puff, Shamrock it was jumping up and down on Lunas hand.Seamus was talking about how he improved at flying over summer and new he would get a spot on the team this year."Sorcha helped me practice." u smiled proudly. "and i know ull do better than last year" shamrock jumped onto ur scholder."u know my godfather is teaching Defence against the dark arts this year." D"Really wuts his name" u"Remus Lupin" the train stoped. N"why are we stopping" d"i have no clu" the windows started to freeze up.u could see ur breath,it was freezing.seamus started moving closer to u.U could see dark shadows in the stopped right in front of the cabin door.U"seamus im scared.""so am I".the door started opening and u grabed seamus's hand.there was a bright light and the door closed.U let go of seamus.ujust stayed quiet the rest of the ride.TBC

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