Had Me At Hello

Okay. Random DMalfoy Story.. (:
Name: Skylar Jessica Clark
Age: 19
Job: Job Application and Registration Offices, Ministry of Magic
Setting: Post-Hogwarts

Chapter 2

The Job

Dedicated to my wonderful reader: cici18roxursox (http://www.quibblo.com/user/cici18roxursox) for the idea :P


Mrs. Malfoy had just come to Ms. Clark's office in the Ministry for an unknown reason.

"Please, call me Skylar. How may I help you Narcissa?" I asked as I
a plush chair for her.

"Well. . ." She said.


"Well. . ." She said, seeming to not know how to express the words. "See, my son, Draco, he's having trouble with his school work and I was wondering, since you finished with top marks in your year, if you could perhaps help him?"

Ah, young Mr. Malfoy, I'd heard so much about him from my younger Hogwarts companions. The ferret, as they called him.

"I'd love to ma'am," I said.

"Fantastic!" She exclaimed, brightening loads.

"But how would we work that?" I interjected into her happy little bubble.

"We'll have to meet with McGonagall. How's tomorrow sound?" She said, not at all fazed by my pessimistic comment.

"Eh, my day off, so sure, why not." I said, tossing the sentence around lazily.

"So it's settled then? Meet me tomorrow at 9:30 A.M in McGonagall's Office," she said, satisfied that I had understood and was willing.

"It's a. . . meeting ," I said, for better lack of words.

She smiled and I stood and walked with her to the door. Hermione and Ginny are going to have a fit about this, not only when I tell them, but when I see them too.

[[Time Skip:: 7:30 A.M Before the 'Meeting']]

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I awoke to the incessant beeping of my alarmand stretched until I hear the succesful pop! from my back. I stood and walked into the bathroom to take my shower.

I washed quickly and changed into dark black flare jeans, a black button-up blouse, and a pair of white tennis shoes. I pulled my curly, dirty-blonde hair into a high pony tail and applied light eye liner and mascara and that was all. By the time I had finished, it was 9:02 A.M. I grabbed my purse, in which were my wand and a book for reading. I slid my cell-phone into my pocket and disapparated to the headmistresses' office.

I landed lightly in the ever growing room of items as I took in the scene before me. Narcissa Malfoy was laughing with a bemused Professor McGonagall over some inside joke.

"Ladies," I said, grinning at the fact that we were all on such well terms.

"Ms. Clark, pleasure as always," said McGonagall.

I nodded and Narcissa stood to greet me. "Skylar," she smiled.

"Narcissa," I returned the smile and nodded. "Now, let's get down to buisness, shall we?" I offered.

"Yes, yes, of course. Please, take a seat," McGonagall said as we sat in our respectful chairs. "Now, as I understand, Narcissa here has asked of you to tutor Mr. Malfoy. I do agree that it would be a great idea. I think that these lessons should take place after lunch every day and for certain hours on weekends. Starting today, preferably. And to limit transport, I'd hope you'd stay here." McGonagall said, laying it out so that we understood terms.

"That sounds great, especially the staying here part, as to which I will happily oblige. But I have one detail that I'd hope to be put into play," I said, taking the commanding form as the head of my Office. "I do agree that Mr. Malfoy must study hard, but doesn't he have a life and friends and surely he'd like some down time with them. What of Quidditch? We'd need to work free time, Quidditch, and Hogsmeade trips in as well," I said defiantly, Even if he was to be my student, I'd still treat him with the same kindness I'd treat any other.

"I seem to agree, Minerva, he does have the right to still be normal, not have Skylar here breathing down his neck 24/7." Narcissa laughed.

"Alright, I do agree, only because you're so persuasive Ms. Clark," she chuckled. "Now, I think you have friends who would be dying to see you. Go find your friends while Narcissa and I work on a schedule."

"Thank you ma'am," I said before walking out the door and down the stone steps that everyone knew the gargoyle concealed. I walked down multiple flights of stairs and outside into the crisp fall air. I saw a familiar bushy brown haired witch chatting animatedly with a flaming red haired witch.

I strolled up behind them and said in the most controlled and laziest voice I could muster, "Not droning on about books again, are we Ms. Granger?" I quirked an eyebrow with the question.

She whipped around, as did Ginny, both prepared to put up a fight when they suddenly took in the sight that I, the Ministry worker friend, was actually standing in front of them.

"Skylar!" They both cried as I was embraced with warm hugs from both.

"Mi, Gin, pleasure as always," I said, mimicking McGonagall.

"What are you doing here?!" Hermione askewd as we began to wander the grounds in search of Ron and Harry.

"Ah, the inevitable question," I sighed. fearing how to form the wprds. "Well, er, I. . ." How do you tell two of your closest friends that you were at their school to tutor their enemy? The answer: You don't. I sighed, took a deep breath and started over. "Well, I am her to tutor the one and only, ferret boy ," I said, not troubling to hide the undeniable.

"You're what ?!" They exclaimed, both stopping dead in their tracks which caused me to wander a few paces ahead of them.

"Yes," I said softly, hoping neither heard. But of course, I couldn't get that lucky now could I?

I could almost see Ginny's jaw dropped to the ground and Hermione's frantically wide eyes even without turning around.

"You're kidding!" Hermione was the first to come-to with the denying outburst.

I sighed, this is going to take a while to sink in. "Sadly, no," I said as I turned to face the two once more.

We stood there in a thick and somewhat awkward silence for what felt like an eternity until the bell rang, signaling the end of las and time for lunch. As we walked, we were silent. I followed them inside and towards the Great Hall; they were being unnaturally slow, thinking of what I told them, so naturally we were almost the last the room. I felt many inquisitive eyes on me, but I've never been one to blush. Hermione and Ginny, however, had turned beet red which caused me to chuckle as I sat with the Gryffindors.

"Calm the blush on your face ladies, people are staring," I said nonchalantly as I tucked a strand of loose hair behind my ear and my eyes trained onto McGonagall.

I tuned out her speech but focused on her, something I learned -and perfected- by second year. I lazily drifted my gaze to the plates as they filled with all the foods you could imagine.

As I was filling my plate with food, the door opened to reveal a disheveled Ron and an angry Harry. They sprinted towards our table but froze upon locking eyes with me.

Now my eyes weren't anything special; a dark jade green that put Harry's eyes to shame. They had flecks of grey and blue and when I was angry, red flecks were added into the mix.

This could get interesting. . .

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