Had Me At Hello

Okay. Random DMalfoy Story.. (:
Name: Skylar Jessica Clark
Age: 19
Job: Job Application and Registration Offices, Ministry of Magic
Setting: Post-Hogwarts

Chapter 1

Unexpected Visit

I sat in my office, reading glasses resting on the bridge of my nose, as I studied and sorted through papers as my secretary brought them into me.

There was yet another knock on my door; the fifth in the past hour.

"Yes?" I called wryly.

"Ms. Clark, a Mrs. Narcissa Malfoy wishes to speak with you," my assistant Megan said as she poked her head in.

Narcissa Malfoy? What would a Malfoy want with me? Despite my thoughts, my voice still spoke for me. "Send her in," I said as I desperately tried to deal with my clutter.

I leaned back in my chair, tired from the days' work. "Hello, Ms. Clark," Narcissa said.

"Please, call me Skylar. How may I help you Narcissa?" I asked ask I conjured a plush chair for her.

"Well. . ." She said.

[[And this is where I have to stop it because I don't know why Narcissa should come an see Skylar. . . Help?????]]

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