Harry potter love story 11!!

Chapter 1

Harry Potter- draco`s small turn

You go up to the castle and you sit in the hallway and you cry and cry. No one walks by and you were glad the you heard step and they stop in front of you. You look up and there Draco Malfoy was standing.
D: whats wrong love ?
U: nothin sniff
he sits down beside you and looks you in the eyes
D: something if it was nothin you wouldnt be sitting here crying ur eyes out
U: harry is just and uncaring jerk! and i hate him now! i told him personal stuff and all he did was judge and didnt even care how hurt i was about what happened!
D: do you want to tell me i wont judge
U: no... its ok
you both stand up and you look and Draco and u just run and hug he and he hugs you back and cry into his chest. You both just stand there hugging each other. Draco kiss your forehead.
D: if you need anything just come to me we can talk or hangout or anything else. I can be ur bestfriend or ur new lover. Either way i dont care.
U: could we just be special friends ? like you hold my hand and kiss me on the cheek and stuff but like not full blown make-out yet.
D: what ever you what love.
he kissed you lightly on the lips and took ur hand and you started to walk down the halls. As you just walked you talked about random things. It was about 5:30 and you had to go talk to Hermione about today so you looked at Draco.
U: i have to go i will se you later.
D: ok love ill see you later.
you look at him and kiss him passionately you kiss and his and pushed him slightly backward to the wall. His arms around ur waist and ur arms around his next. You started to kiss up his next and to his ear he moaned is satisfaction.
An then all of the sudden you heard harry`s voice.
Harry: how could you do this!!! How could you just go off and break up with me for him!!
U: you didnt want me anymore!!!! It shouldnt matter if im kissing him or anyone else to you! YOU said it YOU were the one who was uncaring and broke is promise! So i had to do i had to break up with you!! And then Draco just happened to find me and comfort me !! Cause i was crying me eyes out over you u jerk!
H: I know it was my fault and i came to say im sorry but it looks like you dont need me! You have him! You have another guy yo rap around ur pinky finger!
U: HA no no im not like that I dont go around kiss up all the guys! I was just wanting someone to love me because the one who promised me he would forever tooke it back!!
H: OH ha whatever! And i never stop loving you i just had a moment of doubt cause of ur crazy past!
U: What the heck i could help it i was raised by who i was and i did what i did and i have changed so you cant say anything!
H: i no that and im sorry love please forgive me. Please take me back please.
U: no i dont love you anymore.
H: ok then let me kiss you and hold you in my arms once more and if you can look me dead in the eyes and tell me that ill leave you alone.
U: ok
Harry walk up to you slowly and quietly. He grab u around ur waist and pulled u in close, he looked you in the eyes and kissed you hard and passionately and u knew you felt it. You felt the fire between the to of you. You felt the sparks. You felt the love inside of you. He ran his hand down ur waist and put his on the inside of ur shirt and held ur hip. Then after another minute pulled away.
H: no look me and the eyes and tell me that meant nothing to you at all.


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