I'm Its Slave

I'm Its Slave

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Chapter 1

New Smells

If you get scratched by a werewolf, you become a werewolf. That is of course if they are a wolf at the time. If the werewolf is in human form and scratches you nothing bad will occur, but if this person is in its wolf phase and it draws blood, you will then become a werewolf. Unless they kill you obviously.

Hi, my name is Darren, and I am a werewolf. I got scratched when I went camping many moons ago. I had to leave my family for fear of hurting them or turning them too. People in town tend to walk on the other side of the street from me, well, because I smell like a dog. I try to keep my appearance down, by dressing nice and keeping my hair from growing down my back by going to a barber every week. If I was a girl this hair thing would be ok, but everyone gets freaked out when a guy has hair past his shoulders, unless he’s from a rock band or something.


Walking down the streets of town, past the markets that were beginning to close and the shopkeepers going home to their family. There was hardly anyone on the streets.

Then that’s when I felt it. It engulfed me. I could feel it burning through my skin and down my spine. Wrapping its cold fingers around my heart, and wrapping the chains that bound me even tighter. I looked up at the sky seeing the one thing I feared the most in this world. The thing that controlled me. The thing that would never let me go. He was my master and I his slave. The full moon shone brightly tonight.

My fingernail began growing to points. My nose and mouth became snout-like as my teeth grew sharp enough to rip through bones. My vision became clearer as I began to see in the dark. I had to get to the woods, before it was too late. My backed popped and my shoulders came forward. The transformation was almost complete if only I could make it to the wood the town would be safe. Just then a howl escaped my mouth so I began running first on two legs then on four. I was a full wolf by the time I made it to the wood.

I lifted my snout to the air and sniffed. Deer, yum. I thought licking my lips. Food! I took off after my soon to be meal. I pounced on it and had my feast. I lifted my head and sniffed again. This was a sweeter smell, but what was it? I sniffed again. I glanced up at the moon and of course I had to howl. It was so fun.

I decided to go after the smell. It was killing me to not know what it was. Besides if it taste like it smells I want it...


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