Im Secretly Crushing On My Old Pal, Justin Bieber. ~A Justin Bieber Love Story~

Im Secretly Crushing On My Old Pal, Justin Bieber. ~A Justin Bieber Love Story~

Main Characters: (Pretend Megan is you)
Megan Marie Maham:
Dark brown long hair, green eyes with yellow specks, skinny/fit, 5' 2.
Justin Drew Bieber:
Light brown shaggy hair, brownish/hazel eyes, fit, 5' 5
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Chapter 1

Im A Freshman!!! Is that Justin???

Megan's POV:

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing.. RING! RING! RING! I woke up,

whiped my eyes cause I still wasnt fully awake."Hello?" I said into the phone,

sounding like crap."You sound awful!" It was Tami, my bestfriend."Oh, hey. I

just woke up." I said asI started taking off my cloths."So whats up? Why'd you

call me so early?" I asked."Oh, I was just bored.So I decided to call you. I

accidently woke up an hour early and didnt feel like going back to sleep." I

laughed."Wow. laughing Well I gotta go, I need to get ready." I said and hung

up (I figured I'd get yelled at later). I sighed."I hate getting ready in the morning."

I mumbled to myself. I hopped into the shower and washed, rinsed, and

repeated. I was thinking of how I was gonna appologize to Tami for hanging up

on her. I got out of the shower, dried myself with a towel and put on my robe. I

combed my hair so it wouldnt be haughty and tied it up in a pony tail, and

wrapped it like a bun so it wouldnt drip.I got dressed in a pair of skin tight, light

jean colored skinnies, a tight turquoise tanktop that show my stomach, a black

stud belt, a black and white punk skull hoodie, and black white n turquoise

supra shoes. I blow-dried my hair and straightened it. So altogether it took

about 45 minutes, and thats just my hair! And it also took 5-10 to pick out my

outfit and then another 5 minutes to get dressed. After I was all dressed and

my hair was done, I went downstairs to eat breakfast. To my suprized, Dad was

up. Mom is a surgent, she goes to work at 10 (at night) and gets off work at 8

(in the morning). And Dad is the type of guy who sleeps in til noon."Hey, Dad.

Why you up so early?" I asked him while grabbing the eggs out of the fridge."I

was getting a snack cause I was hungry." He said as he took a bite out of a

chip."Oh, I can see that." He had a bag of chips and a mountain dew in front of

him. I took out a bowl and a pan so I can make scrambled eggs. I cracked 2

eggs into the bowl and turned 'em. I put the bowl to the side and turn the dial on

the stove to medium and put the pan on the burner. I took out butter from the

fridge and a nife from the silverware drawer. I scooped some butter on the nife

and dropped it in the pan. I put the butter back in the fridge in time to move the

pan around so the butter isnt in one place. Once the butter was melted, I

poured the eggs into the pan. I waited a few minutes then flipped the eggs onto

a plate. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:53. I started scarffing down

scrambled eggs. I took a sip of my Dad's mountain dew (cause I was in too big

of a hury to pour a glass of milk), I grabbed my backpack and ran out the door.

I took a step out of the front door and then walked back in realizing,"I forgot my

phone." I said before my Dad could say anything. I ran to my bedroom and

slipped my phone into my back pocket and ran back to the front door. I yelled

as I walked out the door,"Bye Dad. Love you!" I closed the door behind me

before he could say "I love you" back.

It was my first day being a freshmen in highschool and I didnt want to be late.

Thats why I was in a hury. Plus, I miss my friends and want to see them, badly.

I was walking to my bus stop and I saw Tami running to me."Tami!" I

squealed. When she was close enough she jumped at me and gave me a

hug."Oh. My. God. I missed you so much!" She told me in a dramatic way.

Then she squealed and gave me another hug."I missed you too." I said trying to

hold back my laughter.

After, me and Tami's little get-to-together, we walked to the bus stop

together. We talked about our summers and what classes we have and other

stuff, while we waited for the bus."Hey, is Justin going our school or Seminole?"

Tami asked me.(We go to Largo)"I dont know, but I think he's going to our

school." Now, thanks to Tami, I was thinking about Justin and how cute he is. -

Flashback- In 5th grade I moved so I had to tranfer to a different school

(___________ school) and me, Justin, and Tami were in the same class. Me

and Tami had a big crush on Justin. And I became bestfriends with Tami that

year. That was my favorite school year... I got snapped out of my flashback by

Tami, the bus was here.

Me and Tami were the only ones at the bus stop, and we were the first ones

to be picked up. The next bus stop wasnt that far from ours, it took a minute to

get there. When we got to the second bus stop, there was probally more than

10 people that got on. I noticed that the 4th person that walked down the ile of

the bus was Sarah. She was one of my bestfriends in 6th grade."Hey, Sarah.

Sit here." I pointed to an empty seat across from me. She smiled and sat

down."Hi." she said. "Long time no see." I said and smiled. "Yeah. I know,

right." We giggled."Oh, Im sorry. This is my friend Tami. Sarah, Tami. Tami,

Sarah." I introduced. "Hey, its nice to meet you." Tami said smiling. Shes

always good at making friends."You too." Sarah says back smiling as well. For

the rest of the ride, we just talked and laughed together. When we arrived at the

school, I suddenly got excited and nervous at the same time. Me, Tami, and

Sarah walked through the doors of the school. I could tell that they were

nervous, too. Luckily, our lockers were in the same hall. We got all of the stuff

we need for the first 4 classes (cause lunch is after the fourth class and then

we get the stuff we need for the last 3). I was the first to get all the stuff I

needed out. I waited for them to finish getting their stuff. "So, what classes do

you guys have? I have, Period 1 Geography, Period 2 Reading, Period 3

Computers, Peiod 4 Chorus, Period 5 Gym, Period 6 Math ADV, Period 7

Science ADV" I asked. "Period 1 Math ADV, Period 2 Spanish , Period 3

Computers, Period 4 Gym, Period 5 Science, Period 6 Reading ADV, Period 7

Geography." Sarah told me. "Mines... Period 1 Spanish, Period 2 Science,

Period 3 Geography, Peiod 4 Computers, Period 5 Gym, Period 6 Math ADV,

Period 7 Reading ADV." Tami said. "Cool! I have a class with both of you." I

said and smiled. I wonder if I'll know anyone in my other classes?

I headed off to my first period class. I walked in and saw Justin. I was

excited. I hope he remembers me. "Hey, Justin. Im Megan. I was in you 5th

grade class." I said hoping he doesnt think Im a freak. "Oh yeah I remember

you. Its nice to see you again, its been a while." He said. I blushed and


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