An Opening To Happiness (Joe Jonas Love Story) Part 5

hey! thanks for all the great comments :) enjoy!

Chapter 1

Part 5

The night seemed to take hours and hours! You barely slept, first your mind wondered to what were you going to wear... then to if he would stand you up... and then to if you would get suddenly super sick and couldn't go! As you can tell the night was MISERABLE. But finally the sun started rising through the bay window. You pushed back your bed covers and went straight to your closet. This was crucial, the outfit explained your personality. So nothing to dark, but nothing to "out there". After an hour of trying to find something, you were out of luck. You slumped down onto your bed. Who were you kidding! You had nothing... you saw your mom watching from the door. She then shook a bag in front of her that was in her hands. On the bag said "Forever 21" your favorite store! You looked at her suspiciously, mom... what is in that bag. She came in and handed you the bag and left. You looked in it and in the bag there was a brand new pair of ripped side skinny jeans with the cutest top you had ever seen and to top it all off NEW CONVERSE! You totally freaked and put it on. It was perfect... you straightened your hair and now the butterflies were really kicking in. Your mom dropped you off at the mall and you went in trying to be as cool as you could. Joe was sitting on a bench drinking a smoothie... you smiled and waved. He got up and to your surprise started running. He looked like a total dork, but a cute one. He picked you up and spun you around. JOE! What are you doing?! He laughed and set you back down gently. Well maybe thats just the way I greet people. He winked, and the butterflies came at full force. So doesn't Emma just look as gorgeous as ever. You smiled, thanks. You guys started walking, so I thought maybe we could go play glow in the dark mini golf? "said Joe." I suck at golf though.. you said. He laughed, oh so what! I can teach you! So as usual, you forced to go play something you sucked at! So its the first hole and you don't even know how to hold it correctly. He laughed when he saw the way you were holding it. He then came up behind you and slid his arms around your waist so the both of you were holding it. Okay swing back like that, yeah! and you both swung and made it in! You squealed in delight and you put up your hand for a high five but he surprised you (again) by setting your hand at your side and giving you a sweet kiss on the cheek! You could feel yourself burning... he smiled and gently touched the spot he had just kissed. I am glad I bumped into you Emma...


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