Bellatrix: A black tale

Hello! I have searched a very long time for a Bellatrix fanfiction that would be updated often. I could not find one so decided it was time I write a story. I have written 2 Harry Potter related stories by hand and 8 on the computer so far. This is my ninth on the computer and I am very happy with the results.

This story is about Bellatrix as a young adult (she is 17 and will be attending Hogwarts) and how her life changed dramatically. I am currently checking all the dates, times and family.

Chapter 1

Bellatrix Black

It was too cold outside for this to be a normal day, Bellatrix thought, sitting on her bed looking through the window. It was just too cold and breezy for what was supposed to be a summer’s day. Bellatrix had been home for two weeks now since she finished her 6th year at Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was sitting on her bed mainly because she was bored to death. It was just 11 o’clock in the morning so her sisters were probably already awake. Something was annoying Bellatrix though. She knew that that day was important, almost the whole pure-blood society was visiting the Malfoy Manor and they would all be ready to gossip, and criticize one another.

She was not worried about all that, it was just that she knew something was not right. There was her mother Druella who kept on bragging about what good daughters she has. Bellatrix always had to be perfect, she was the oldest and it was a big burden. If her one year younger sister Andromeda did something wrong it was all fine, but when Bellatrix did something wrong she would be taught a lesson. There was also four year younger Narcissa who looked so sweet on the surface, but was better at gossiping than anybody else. She was always her father’s favorite. Cygnus Black was a man of words, not of action. He would do anything for his little princess; Narcissa.

One must not think Bellatrix had it bad, on the contrary, she was happy with her life. She was happy she was not a muggle or muggleborn or even a halfblood. She had learned how to live in this world of hers. A world full of leaders, followers and cowards. She wanted to make sure she would become a leader and would never scoop to the level of becoming a coward.

‘Bellatrix! Are you awake yet?’ A loud harsh female voice called up the stairs. Druella was a woman of action instead of words, contrary to her husband. Bellatrix decided to stand up and leave her room to face whatever was waiting for her downstairs. She left her room and walked through a dark hallway where many old painting hung on the wall with old Black legends. She was happy the house-elves heads got to stay at her aunt’s house. Druella had refused to hang the hideous heads on the stairway walls so gave them to Walburga, her sister-in-law. Druella was a short skinny blond woman who stood waiting impatiently for her oldest daughter.

‘What do I have to do? I told you I was meeting Evan and Rodolphus at Lysandra’s house. We are going to talk or do whatever we like to do before the party.’ Bellatrix said, looking straight into her mother’s eyes.

‘Don’t give me that attitude. I suppose you can go, if Lysandra’s parents are fine with it. Do say hello to them from us.’ Her mother said, thinking hard. She was holding a glass in her hand, that was clearly cleaned by a house-elf beforehand. ‘Oh…and can you take Narcissa along, she is starting to anger me, nagging about how Cygnus promised her she could go with you.’

‘I don’t want to take her along!’ Bellatrix snapped.

‘You are taking her or you are not going at all.’ Druella said. ‘Lavina! Bloody house-elf! I told you I wanted more wine!’ She stalked off to the kitchen where the innocent Lavina was not going to get any better a day. Bellatrix walked up the stairs again and knocked on her sister’s door.

‘Hey, Bella, have you seen my gloves?’ Andromeda asked. Andromeda was one of the only people Bellatrix could talk to, but she never knew if she could trust her younger sibling. Andromeda had brown short hair that fell just to her shoulders and she was shorter than Bellatrix.

‘No, I haven't seen them. Do you know what Cissy is doing?’

‘Probably getting reading for the party.’ Andromeda made a fake worried face when saying the word “party”. Bellatrix could not help, but laugh. When Narcissa still had not opened the door Bellatrix almost got her wand out to blow open the door. She did not want to get in a fight with her father again so stalked off to the bathroom. The bathroom was long and narrow causing the wall to be right behind her when she stood in front of the mirror. One of the things Bellatrix was happy with, was her appearance. She had thanked her father for that. Most Black’s had black hair and were considered to be tall. Her face was pale and long, but there was a spark. It might have been excitement or happiness, but Bellatrix knew she was ready for the day to come.

‘I found them!’ She heard Andromeda shriek from within another room. ‘Look, Cissy, they are still here! Perfect!’ Bellatrix found that Andromeda could turn a little thing into a huge dilemma or attraction.

‘Yes, they are very nice.’ Narcissa said, not amused. ‘Mother said Bella was going to take me to Malfoy Manor already, have you seen her?’

‘I’m here.’ Bellatrix said appearing from the hall and entering Andromeda’s red room. It was called the red room because the walls were painted bright red and the bed was bright red too. Thankfully the desk and closet were still wooden as else it would be like landing in a blood box. Narcissa was wearing a pink shirt and skirt and had put her long blond hair in a bun. ‘Cute, but please put on your robes.’ Bellatrix said sourly, she hated the outfit Narcissa had chosen. It would be like taking a still wrapped piece of candy if she took her sister like that. Narcissa sniffed.

‘I look perfect, thank you.’ She put her nose up in the air as both Andromeda and Bellatrix raised an eyebrow. Bellatrix knew she had to take the harder approach and grabbed her sister by the arm and took her to her room. Narcissa’s room was still a normal color, but pink was popping up at many places.

Bellatrix opened her sister’s closet and took out a pair of neat black robes. She threw them on Narcissa’s bed. ‘You are going to dress like a normal pure-blood if you are to go along with me.’

‘The color black is boring, Bella. And you know it though you don’t seem to notice it when you put on your clothes.’

‘We are leaving in 10 minutes. You can meet me in my room.’ Bellatrix said coldly, ignoring her sister’s comment and closing the door behind her.

‘I’m not a child!’ Narcissa screamed, having opened the door again.

‘Then stop acting like one!’ Bellatrix yelled, getting very angry.

‘Why don’t you stop acting like an old prude –‘ Narcissa started though never finished as a red light had hit her and she fell back against the bed slamming her head against the bed board. She let out a cry of despair and within a few seconds Cygnus was standing next to his oldest daughter.

‘I know you can do magic now legally, Bella, but attacking your sister…’ Cygnus said, walking over to Narcissa and making sure she was alright. She had made a good landing, but was trying to get attention by getting fake tears to roll down her cheeks. ‘Look. You made my little princess cry. Go to you room, Bella. You will only leave the house tonight with us -. He said, whipping off his daughters fake tears. When Cygnus turned around he could only hear a door slam closed. Narcissa wasn’t happy at all now, she had lost her one chance of going to the Malfoy Manor early.

‘Daddy, why does Bella always hit me?’ She asked deviously.

‘She hasn’t hit you before, has she?’ He asked, standing up and putting back the black robes.

‘Yes, she has. She has threatened me often too.’ Narcissa said, looking at her father who was staring back at her.

‘Now, I know you dislike your sister, but lying like this…’ Narcissa gulped, her father was using Legilemency on her. ‘Just don’t lie, dear. Lying is a bad thing to do, especially if you want to marry a good young gentleman.’ Cygnus was now standing by the door. ‘You know, I’ll talk to Abraxas Malfoy tonight about Lucius and maybe we can arrange something –‘ What else Cygnus mumbled wasn’t heard by Narcissa because he had already closed the door and was walking down the stairs. Lucius Malfoy seemed perfect for Narcissa as he was after all, only two years older than she was.

Bellatrix had furiously gone to her room. It was simply ridiculous that her father had chosen Narcissa’s side. At least she wasn’t going to have to go to Malfoy Manor with Narcissa tagging along. Like this she wasn’t going to go at all. But I can do magic now, Bellatrix thought, I am legally able to apparate to my friends and then I can be with them. Bellatrix knew she had nothing to lose so she apparated with a pop! to Malfoy Manor.


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