A single breath of love (A Draco Malfoy love story)

Hey here is my new story i hope you like it!.......and dont worry my other story (draco stole my heart) will be back up soon

Chapter 2

"how can you be friends with......them?"

by: OhRobyn
I bit my bottom lip as i stared at those three people. Seamus led me to them still holding my hand as we walked up to his friends Potter,Granger,and Weasly.
Potter beamed at Seamus as we stood face to face with them. I smirked at Granger who looked away from me. Weasly gave her a "dont talk look" and smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile back i was always a flirt with the boys.

"hey Seamus hows it going?" Potter said breaking the awkward silence. "oh im fine thanks just glad to get away from my mum to do some shopping with sam" he replied. Potter looked at me as if daring me to say something with a smile.
"So how have you been ummm Sam" Weasly asked me. I flinched at him saying my first name but i shook it off with a "fine thanks how have you been?" Seamus beamed at me for not doing a snappy remark. "oh fine thanks" Weasly said quietly. Granger snorted at him but got quiet as i looked at her.
Seamus nudged me to say something to her. I took a deep breath "hey Granger fall in any mud lately?" Seamus pinched my hand. I was giggling to myself only remembering Malfoy pushing her in mud last year and also calling her a mudblood. Granger looked furious at me "At lest my grades are clean" she snapped. "that doesn't even make any sense! Hermionie" Weasly said to her. I pulled out my wand "Great then i can knock some sense into her!" i snapped. Granger didn't pull out her wand but her fist "i dont need a wand for this" she said. "why did you have to put up a fight just to get a silly old book that was made for first class only?" i asked. That did it at the same time Granger and i launched at each other. Seamus grabbed me around the waist and pulled me out of the store while i was about to give her another black eye. Granger came out with Potter holding on to her supporting a black eye.

"see ya later Harry!" Seamus yelled as he started to drag me down the streets.
When we got to a book store he let me go and gave me a look. "Why cant you be nice?" he yelled me. I looked away and crossed my arms. Seamus sat down across from me.When he saw i wasnt going to talk and pulled me on to his lap and stroked my hair. i buried my head into his neck inhaling his sent "why do you have to be friends with.......them?" i asked. Seamus looked at me and kissed me on the head. "why do you have to care?" he looked at me in the eyes......."im s....sorry" i finally said. Seamus knew that we needed to go shop so we stood up and continued on hand in hand.

We got to a potion shop later on Seamus was overloaded with bags i told him to wait inside while i got what i needed. I was looking at frog livers when all of a sudden the whole shelve crashed and almost feel on top of me. Then i saw two boys fighting one with black hair and another one with beautiful Sleek silver hair

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