A single breath of love (A Draco Malfoy love story)

Hey here is my new story i hope you like it!.......and dont worry my other story (draco stole my heart) will be back up soon

Chapter 13

"Wait so I could of died if I ate that?" Draco's POV

by: OhRobyn
"Stupid half blood" I muttered to myself as Sam and I headed to Herbology. I knew better then to say it outloud fearing Sam would get upset again. While listening to our lesson my eyes stayed on Sam. She was lost deep in thought, her hand still gripped mine but twitched now and then, so I stroked her thumb reassuring her in her deep thinking. "What is she thinking about?" I was tempted to ask but then I started thinking myself.

"Draco darling please go downstairs to get some fresh wine, while me and Ms. Crabb chat." My mother cooed at me. I shrugged and went downstairs and when I came back up Ms. Crabb was accompanied by her son Vincent Crabb.
They were laughing about something, and when I entered the laughing stopped. "Whats so funny?" I asked holding the bottle. "Nothing Honey, your too young to understand." Ms. Crabb answered. I felt my face go pink. "Then why can he listen?" I jerked my head to Vincent. Mother noticed my change in tone and spoke sharply "Ms. Crabb can figure out for herself what her son and hear and what he can not hear Draco, Now go pour two glasses please" She then returned to her conversation blocking me out. I stood up and got to glasses and came back to the room. "Here! Maybe Since He's SO grown up he can be the lovely gentleman and pour your own bloody glasses!" I threw them at Crabb and stormed off to my room. Later on father came into my room and lectured me for showing disrespect and low class in the Malfoy family. Mother came to my defense saying she had treated me like a child and it wasn't fair to humiliate me. Father made me clean the kitchen without using magic for breaking the glasses and staining the rug with wine.
The next day my friend Jessica came over, she was part Veela and very pretty, she rarely came to England and I was so happy to see her before I would return to school. She was going to help me get my supplies for school. When we went to Diagon Alley we had a blast. Hanging out with her was so much fun, she treated me like an adult and listened to me. We were laughing about house elves when Crabb showed up, he remembered me throwing the glasses at him and thought he had to come over to rub it in. "Hey Malfoy.. your friend is very pretty." He said kissing her hand. Jessica giggled "Aww why thank you"
she answered softly. I hissed under my breath but Crabb continued to talk. "So Malfoy since you threw glass at my, it hit my eye and I'm having trouble seeing." Crabb said dramatically. Jessica gasped "Oh you poor thing! Draco how could you do something so mean!?" she scolded at me. I couldn't believe it. "Wait I can explain..!" I started but Jessica waved me off. "Your old enough to shop for yourself Draco, I'm going to help this young man out." She then walked away with Crabb. I stood there shocked I couldn't believe it. I was so angry. Crabb was going to pay.. he was going to know what it felt like to be abandoned.. betrayed.. lost.
A few hours later Jessica came and picked me up to take me home, she could barley look me in the eyes. "So are you still coming down to visit for the holidays?" I asked. "No, I'm going to be busy for a while." Jessica growled.
"But.. you promised..." I complained. "Well some things change Draco.." Was her only reply. I looked over and saw Crabb in the potions shop. Not caring what Jessica thought, I took off, I grabbed my wand and shot a jinx in his direction. It hit him on the side causing him to stumble and knock over a complete shelf. Crabb drew out his wand and charged forward at me. "You took her away from me!" I kept shouting as we dueled. Crabb laughed madly "Its not my fault you lost her malfoy!" I felt my temper boil over and shot burning jinxs in every direction I could see. I was so angry I didnt care if I hit anyone.. just someone! Then I heard a scream.... her scream.. Snare's Scream. I looked over and saw Sam Snare laying on the ground and Finnigin running at her like mad. Crabb took off out of the store and around the block. The witch who owned the store pushed me out of her way and hurried to Snare
"Out of my way Mr. Malfoy!" She barked as she tended to Snare. "Sam Sam Sam calm down everything is going to be alright." Finnigin told Snare as she started to scream. The witch started muttering as she tried to heal her. When the screaming finally stopped Finnigin lifted her and carried her out of the store.
The witch looked around her half destroyed shop and glared at me. Suddenly father stormed into the store, He looked around the shop disgusted and whacked me with his walking stick breaking my nose. He grabbed me by the arm and dragged me home.
Mother was furious at me for making a disturbance in Diagon Alley, She fixed my nose as I told her about Jessica. "Draco.. I understand that your upset but that was no reason to go make a fool of yourself and destroy someones shop." Mother scolded me. I saw her go upstairs to the top floor of our mansion and sent a howler to Jessica's parents. I tried to block out the noise as I heard her yell: "How dare Jessica abandon my son! You and your whole family will have no further contact with us anymore!!"
I covered my head with my pillow. "Great.. Father will never respect me.. Mother won't let me out of her sight, Jessica isn't in my life anymore, and now I get to go to school with Crabb tomorrow." I rolled my eyes and tried to fall asleep. ~~~~~~~~ I tried to keep myself from laughing as I saw Snare trip Crabb in line for the snack cart. "Nice one" I told her. Snare rolled her eyes and turned her back to me. I forgot I hurt her yesterday. How mad could she be?
I saw Granger picking up her snacks and couldn't help but laugh out loud. "Wow, who gave you the black eye Granger?" I asked chuckling. "She did it!" Granger jerked her thumb to Snare who stepped towards her. "And you think he cares?" Snare asked fighting a laugh. "Yeah what do I care? I'm glad. Nice one Glare." I shot a small smile at her. Only having it be shot back at me with a glare. "Don't even try to understand! If you would of understood anything, you wouldn't of burned my skin!" She snarled then she walked off. Yeah she's still mad..

"HELLO! Earth to Malfoy!" Goyal was waving his hands infront of me and Sam. Class flew by quick. We headed down to our table for dinner. Sam didn't seem that distracted anymore and was more in the moment with me. I was going to tell her about Jessica but Sam's friend showed up. She didn't even finish her first sentence when she pointed to my plate. "What is that?!" She pointed at my plate and picked it up. "Is that a Kherian Pepper?" she pressed on looking at it. "What no! Let me see." Sam said taking the plate. I sat back and tried to remember what I knew about Kherian peppers. Finally I remembered that only dragons ate them and let out a long sigh. "Wait so I could of died if I ate that?" I found myself saying. "Yeah but its not on any of our plates" Sam said ignoring me. "Com'on we need to complain to the kitchen" We stood up and started walking. When we opened the kitchen door, I felt the plate almost slip out of our hands and Sam looked shocked. "Girly?" She gasped.
"Girly what?" I was so confused.

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