A single breath of love (A Draco Malfoy love story)

Hey here is my new story i hope you like it!.......and dont worry my other story (draco stole my heart) will be back up soon

Chapter 1

"i missed you sam"

by: OhRobyn
(Dream) His lips crashed into mine as he pulled me into his arms. I could feel his toungue slowly entering my mouth when suddenly i didn't know who i was kissing. I went to open my eyes but something was telling me to keep them shut i tried to fight myself to open my eyes but for some reson i felt safe in his arms like i was going to be ok from everything in the world. His hands started to slowly move down from my face onto my neck. I slowly got my head straght i was gonna say somthing-

"SAM WAKE UP!" i popped my eyes open only to find myself in my bed but staring at Girly my house elf staring at me with her huge Green eyes. "Girly get off of me" i gasp. Girly hopped off of me and sat on the edge of my bed rocking her feet. "Girly is sorry miss but you were moaning in your sleep again plus it is Girly's job to make sure Master get all of her things for school" she said quietly. "ugh thats right i need to go to diagon alley to get my school stuff Thanks Girly" Girly smiled at me and walked out out of the room. It was going to be my third year at Hogwarts i was put in Slytherin my whole family had been there. "family" i thought in my mind the word that i didn't like. My family didn't care about me my father off at work all the time and my mother died giving birth to my little brother who died a year ago at age 5 from an illness. My brother's name was Tim snare. "snare" i thought of my last name as i climbed out of bed to get changed. I looked on my nightstand at a pic of my mother when i was little. I swallowed as i put the pic facing down. I never cried i havn't since my mother died. To me Crying wasn't importent it didn't stop anything or helped anything at all.Being in a purblood family was powerfull thing my father says.

I walked downstairs fully dressed Girly was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. "Is master hungry?" she sqeaked at me. i smiled at her "no not today Girly just do your chores and you can have the evaing off" i replyed to a smiling elf. "Girly thanks you" she said before walking off. I turned to the fireplace i grabbed some powder and spoke "Diagon Alley!" then i was facing shops and crowds of a lot of people.I had my list but i was waiting for someone when i felt a tap on my back i turned around and there was my boyfriend Seamus Finnigin. He pulled me into a hug i wrapped my arms around him while he hugged me. I know people think its weird for a Slytherin dating a Gryffindor a pure blood dating a half blood he was the only one that i wouldn't call a mudblood but i didn't care i was in love with him and he loved me the whole school already knew that we were together. Most of the Slytherins thought i was a wast to be put into Slytherin. The only person who didn't talk was Malfoy we weren't friends but he kept his mouth shut about me and Seamus dating.

"i missed you Sam" Seamus said while taking my hand as we started to go shop. "i missed you too" i replyed giving his hand a kiss. We were in the pet store When we ran into three people who i didn't care for

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