Harry potter love story 9!!

Chapter 1

Harry potter - picture perfect

You had grab ur camera and you and harry were out the door. You were walking to Hagrid`s house just to stop by and you were taking picture going down the trail.
You were busy taking a picture of the creek when harry grab you from behide holding your waist.
H: have i ever told you that ur beautiful ?
U: yes u have would you be careful u almost made me drop my camera babe
H: oh im sorry
he started let go of ur waist but u like the feel of his arms around me so stop him.
U: no, i like ur arms around me :)
u took some more picture and then you keep walk hand and hand take really good picture here and there. And b4 you knew it u were at Hagrids.
H: ( knock knock) hey r u home
HAG: yeah come in
H: ( u walk in harry holding your hand) hey
HAG: oh you brought _ i didnt no
U: i hope im not intruding
HAG: no not at all ur a pleasure to have
U: thank
HAG: sit down u to
u and harry have a sit and keep talking.
U: well i asked harry if we could come here and see if you would take some pictures of us.
HAG: i would love to!! young love is always so sweet!
H: and we r surely in love :)
U: yes we r haha and thank you
HAG: no problem anytime
U: i just havent got any new pictures of me and harry lately and i really would like some
HAG: well yall get in potion tell what to do and ill take the picture.
so you and harry went outside with the beautiful sunset in the back round and he grab you from behind and you look at each other and u knew this wasnt just a pose harry was doing he actually wanted u in his arms and flash Hagrid took this picture suddenly
HAG: awww soo cute! next
u laid on the grass on ur sides and u and harry looked at each other dead in the eyes and snap another picture harry hug u by ur waist and kissed ur forehead snap another picture. harry put u on he back and u were laughing and so was harry and snap another picture. u and harry were holding hands and snap another picture. u were leaning on harry kissing him gentely and snap another picture. You sat in harry`s lap and leaned back on his chest and snap another picture. and the sun was almost down so this was the last one. you sat in harry`s lap he had on arm holding your back and one crossing over ur stomach he was looking you dead in the eyes and ur lips were not even an inch apart. snap and you knew this was picture perfect.
You two had walk up to the castle as were walking back to the common room and were stop by proff. snape.
S: Dumbldore wants you in his office now.
Both: yes sir.
you and harry are walking to Dumbldore`s office and harry is holding ur hand.
H: i wonder what this is about ?
U: i have no clue
you walk into his office.


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