The Love that happned in Slytherin

The Love that happned in Slytherin

This is my first story,hope you enjoy!

Chapter 3

The Sorting Ceremony

When were so into our conversation, that we didn't notice that someone was outside our compartment door.I looked over and saw a girl with dark brown hair.
"Hey, Luna. Hi, Neville," the girl suddenly said.
"Hi, Melissa,"Luna answered.I looked at Neville and noticed he was blushing.
"Hi Melissa," Neville answered nervously Melissa smiled and took a seat in the compartment.
"Hi, I'm Annalyse Carter"
"Melissa," she stuck her hand out.I shook her it.
"So what house are you in?" Melissa asked.
"Actually, it's kind of my first day," I answered.
"Really! Well I hope you get put into my house! I'm in Gryffindor," she said with a smile.Then her, Neville, and Luna started a conversation. I looked out the window.
I didn't even realize I fell asleep until Luna shook me awake.
"Yeah, I'm awake."
"Good because we are here!" Luna said with a smile.
We all gathered all our stuff and got off the train.We started to walk off to Hogwarts.I looked up at the school once we were at the gate.It was beautiful.The way how every building was infront of another.My thoughts were inturupted by a voice.
"Annalyse Carter" I said to the man.He looked down at his list.
"Ah,here we are. Miss Carter, please follow Professer McGonagall." he answered.I turned around and saw a lady right behind me.
"Hello, Miss Carter. We have been waiting for you.Please, follow me,"said (who I guess is)Professor McGonagall.I did what she said and followed her into the school.
__________________________________________________________________I was standing outside the doors to the Great Hall.I could feel my heart beating two times its normal rate.Professor McGonagall was still standing next to me.
"Are you nervous?" she asked.
"Yeah, but all I have to do is go in let the hat put me in a house,then sit at the houses table, right?" I asked her to be sure.
"Yes. Oh! Your tie," Professer McGonagall said then she turned around to get four ties in four different colors.
"I'm guess one per house?" I asked even though I knew I was right.
"Yes," she told me then pushed open the doors. I saw over a million faces.I took a deep breath.Once she started walking I followed her to the front.She gestured me to sit in a chair which I did.Then I felt something being put on my head.
"Well!Let us see what house we can put you in," a voice boomed. I was very scared.Although I tried to clear my head of anything that can put me into the worse house ever.I was so into my thoughts that i didn't pay attention.Then the hat said the worst name that I could think of.
My heart stopped.Was I that mean? I looked at the Gryffindor Table were Melissa and Neville were mouthing "I'm sorry".Professer McGonagall lead me to the Slytherin table were they all had serious faces.She gave me the green tie.
"All your other stuff is in you room.Good luck," she told me then left.I took a seat infront of two girls.
"Hi! I'm Bitsy and this is Cattell" Bitsy introduced.
"It's Spongebob, okay? No one is to know my real name.Plus you could tell me anything and I won't forget it because I'll soak it up like a sponge" "Spongebob" said with a smile.
"Cool.My name is Annalyse." I told them.They seemed cool.My type of people to hang out with.
I looked from side to side of the table to see if might atleast know anyone here.Nope not a soul.Great.
"So, Annalyse, are you from the muggle world?" Bitsy asked.
"Yeah.Wasn't that exciting."I aswered.Then a man who I guess was Dumbledore(Luna and Neville told me) started a speech.I looked down the table again and saw a guy with blonde hair and icy blue eyes that kept you intrested for a long time.He was staring at Dumbledore with a expression that read "I could care less about what this guy has to say".
"That's Draco. Hot, right? Too bad he's dating Pansy Parkinson. Lucky girl."Cattell told me.
"Yup,lucky," I looked at Cattell and smiled.Then put all my attention to Dumbledore.
Tell me what you think!Might update again tonight!! Ok so my sister said I go green Like Tom Felton (you can't say his first name without his last) and asked her if he goes green, and she said "Ofcourse he does he was in the slytherin house after all (get it Slytherin's colors are green)!" So I started laughing and said "Yeah all the slytherins threatin everyone saying REDUCE, REUSE,RECYCLE OR ELSE!!! P.S. My sis is on the desktop so sorryif there are spelling errors because my laptop doesn't have spellcheck. =)

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