Hogwarts Heaven

Chapter 1


Well my name is Suki Toushi, im 15, I have long Dark Brown waist length hair, big dark brown eyes. Im 5’7’ and I have a natural sunkissed skin. I go to Skygate School of Witch Craft and Wizardy you don’t start wizardy school until your 14 and leave until your 21. I have 6 brothers, Ramen 22, Shane 19, Ben 18, Rory 17, Flame who is my twin and Tike who is 4.

Flame and I are the trouble makes/pranksters of the family. There’s not a day that goes by when were not in trouble for doing something that were not supposed to be doing. Tyke finds it very amusing when we pull a prank on someone, but Ramen thinks were a bad influence on him.

Anyway on to my story. Flame, Tyke and I had just finished a game of Hide and Seek in the fields next to our house, when Shane, Ben and Rory came outside not looking all to happy.
Tyke: Wats wong Tyke asked, he may be young but he can tell something isn’t right r when your upset about something and he can understand a lot more then someone 3 times Ramen’s age. Pretty cool huh?
Ben: nothing little man.
Tyke: yes there is now tell me. Tyke said getting angry
Rory: well, dad just got a job offer in England and he took it up and now
Shane: were moving to there and going to hogwarts since its closer to home.
Flame: when are we moving?
Me: yea I would really like to know
Shane: now, we packed all of your stuff up while you guys were out here playing.
Tyke: oh ok, did you leave out mister fluffy?
Shane: yes and Twinkle, Midnight are in there cages Porsha and Jasper are roaming around the bags. Now come one we don’t have all day Suki hold onto Tyke, coz we are going to go bye floo powder to on of mum’s friends house the Malfoy’s ok?
Me: ok

We all walked inside. Dad and Ramen were appernting our bags to the Malfoy’s. I picked up Tyke and Jasper, and walked to the fire place since it was my turn to go. Twinkle is Flame’s owl and Porsha is his cat, while Midnight is my owl and Jasper is my fox, I know what your thinking that your only allowed to take an owl, toad/frog or a cat, but in actual fact were allowed to take and owl, toad/frog, a cat, a rat/mouse, a snake and a fox.

I Told tyke to hold on to Jasper and don’t let go, while I got the floo powder and said Malfoy Manor.

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