The Not-So-Simple Life of Sorcha O'Neil

So i have been writing a story about a girl Named Sorcha O'Neil the story will be explaind as it goes on. Hope u like it.oh and the words are the words they use in Ireland.torch means flashlight.So if u like it pls comment or message me.

Chapter 1

A New Reality

Sorcha was liying down on her dull gray sheeted cot.Moonlight barely shining in through the window.Her long orange hair falling in her face.She looked around the room white walled room with her large green eyes.The room was so deppressing, it was packed with cots lined up the walls.The wooden floor was dirty and faded.Three windows lined the walls above sorcha.Most of the time they were covered with dark gray curtins.Hardly any light was let into the orphanage.They were never even allowed outside.All she thought about was what it would be like on the hills.She never saw the outside world,only in books.She was the only one who ever read books,she had found them under the matress,they were the only books that were no0t for studying.Ireland was a beautiful place with the hills and mountains and castles.But St.Mel Orphanage was a dull gray place.Nobody was really friends with Sorcha,that was because Melody,who was the daughter of the headMistress,did not like her.There was a mouse on the floor,not that Sorcha was scared,she talked to the mouse,she thought of it as being pathetic really.But it could not be helped,she was lonely.The mouse,who she had named Amani,had a sort of golden fur and blue eyes.And from what she had read,that was not the most common looking mouse."Some day Amani,I am going to leave this place"Amani gave a small sqeak."and ill take you with me."Sorcha quietly stood up on her cotand looked out throught the dusty window.She used the ragid sleeve of her old pajamas to clean the glass,she saw the moon,shining brightly.She smiled.She sat back down on the cot.She turned on the dusty old torch.She looked at the HarrryPotter book she had found a couple of days ago while cleaning."The Sorcerers Stone"She began reading quietly withAmani on her shoulder.By the time she was almost done with the book it was 4am.Before She finished she fell asleep......She was rudely awoken by a firm bang on the head and the words"WAKE UP YOU BLOODY LITTLE W@NKER"She opened her eyes and sawHeadMistress Welder."You know you could have just woken me gently..."Sorcha said rubbing her eyes."What did you say girl?""Nothing.""Thts what i thought, go get dressed and then make breakfest."Sorcha got her uniform from under her bed.After she got showered with cold water,brushed her hair and got dressed,she started walking to the kitchen.Sorcha served food to everyone.She was walking past Melody who then proceded to stick her leg out in front of Sorcha.She then fell on her face,her food falling on her head.Then all she herd was laughing,not wanting to look up,she just closed her eyes as tight as possible. She tought of embarassing her for a change.She tried to shut out the laughter,and then it stoped.She opened her eyes and put her hands over her mouth,Melody was standing there,soaking wet."aaaahhhhhhh"she glared at Sorcha,"You're going to pay for that.""But I didnt even do anything,i was here on the floor!""Talk all you want O'Neil,but someone did this to me,and im going to say it was you."she laughed then walked away with a smirk and her friends folowing.oh great now im deadSorcha stood up and ran as fast as she could into the hall, she bumped into someone.She was falling, but before she hit the ground someone grabbed her arm.She opened her eyes and saw literally the cutest guy she had ever seen."Im so sorry,I was in arush,my names Carlin."and he even had an american accent!"I-I-I-im Sorcha...""Nice to meet you.are you okay you look like a mess,no offense""ya im totaly fine,i just,um,slipped,ya slipped" *thts right Sorcha DONT tell the extreamly cute guy tht you just busted your *** in front of the entire orphanage* "oh okay um i have to go,bye"he waved at her while running off.She waved back.She ran up the stairs as fast as possible.She went to the bathroom and cleaned up.She walked back into the dorm room and stayed there the rest of the day.She was also looking for her Harry Potter book she saw Amani on the floor."Amani did you see where it went?"she squeaked"okay then show me"Amani ran out the door and Sorcha folowed.She ran up the spiral staircase at the end of the hall.At the top of the spiral staircase there was a door.She opened the door and saw an empty room."Amani theres nothing here,lets leave..."Amani rand through the doorway and disappeared."Amani!"Sorcha ran through the doorway and the room went from empty to furnished.It was like an entire house in one room."Welcome"Sorcha turned around and saw a Tall women with long braided blond hair,blue eyes,pale skin,and big,shiny,glasslike wings with silver edges."W-w-w-who are you?""im your gaurdian,so i hav been watching you since you were a baby""Um okay so u why do i need a gaurdian and if you were my gaurdian why did you not save me from falling?""well i tried but u beat me to getting that girl back.""No i did not, i f u think i didtht thing with with the water ur nuts.""ah but thts were u are wrong child you did do tht,""but how could i hav-""let me explain-You were born special Sorcha, with abilities,well more like mutations-""WAIT im not going to grow a tail or something or ears cuz i do hav a life.""no that wont happen as longas you listen to me carefuly.""So you will be going to a school with other kids just like you,and we are leaving tonight.""okay so am i ever coming back.""No not if you dont want to,you can always come back here on holidays and and vacati-""NO!i mean im all good with staying at this place.""Okay then go gather your things-"Sorcha just gave her the are you kidding me look "Right forgot you live in an orphanage.""WAait i hav one question, whats your name?""Amani""I should have guessed that."TBC

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