Unicorn Hair & Dragon Heartstring - A Draco Malfoy Love Story

Unicorn Hair & Dragon Heartstring - A Draco Malfoy Love Story

This is my Draco Malfoy love story.
Please comment with feedback or advice. This is my first Quibblo story so advice is greatly appreciated!
I hope you guys enjoy it.

Chapter 37

A Beautiful World

by: Buffy__
Warning: This Chapter contains spoilers about the seventh book

The weird thing was, as I hurried down the empty halls to the class I was late for, I felt better. I had finally been able to yell about the things that were clouding up my head without worrying about hurting Draco. So talking about it really does make it better then, even if it is delivered in the form of screamed rants to a teacher who, oh yeah, also happens to be a Death Eater.
I had an hour before dinner and instead of spending it moping it in the common room like I had been doing the past few weeks, I decided to drop my books off, change and take a wander through the school grounds.
As I walked, I found my mood slowly lifting, even though the ominous looking grey clouds had begun to sprinkle rain on me. I inhaled the fresh, watery air, simply grateful that I was alive to breath it. It’s a funny thing, depression. Once you emerge from it, you find that everything you took for granted before is beautiful and amazing. Take mud, for example. I hadn’t appreciated mud since I was little and loved to jump in puddles of it after heavy rain, but I watched as the cuffs of my jeans became covered in it and though that goodness, mud was good. And pumpkins, I thought as I looked out over the gamekeeper, Hagrid’s garden of pumpkins. They were useful for many things. Jack-o-lanterns, roast dinners, vegetable soup, the seeds were good for muesli…
I snapped out of my internal ‘life is beautiful’ babble and looked up. Draco. Life- Maybe not so beautiful right now.
“Crap.” I said without thinking.
“Crap.” He said “Nice. I usually go by Draco or Malfoy but I guess crap works too.”
“Sorry, I meant hi. Hi.” I said, extremely flustered. The rain was heavier now, soaking through my twenty or so jumpers. I had a sudden fantasy of a scene much like a classic movie, of me and Draco kissing passionately in the rain, me running my hands through his wet hair as he slipped his fingers beneath my damp top- No, Nora, bad. Anyway, I had too many layers on for him to be getting his hands beneath my shirt. It was just as well, I suppose.
“Hi.” Draco said with a shadow of a smile. He looked paler and he had bags beneath his eyes. Oh, Draco, you poor, tired sweetie. No. No, no, no. Bad. Draco was looking at me expectantly. Say something, idiot!
“I spoke to Snape.” I blurted out before clamping my hand over my mouth. Don’t say THAT!
“What? Snape?” Draco said, his eyes darkening.
“About nothing. Nothing really. Nothing. Forget I said it. Did-”
“No, tell me. Please.” Draco insisted. “I need to know. It’s important to me. Please.”
I nodded. “Okay. Um, he… he knew that you told me about you being… You know.”
“What?” Draco looked panicked “What else did he say? Did he ask you for information?” He did a once over of my body “He didn’t hurt you did he?”
“No, no, nothing like that. He just… He said he thought I was stupid enough to tell people, and he made me swear not too. Not that I have, or would.” I added.
“That’s it? That’s all he said?” Draco seemed surprised, but mostly just confused. That makes two of us.
“Pretty much.” I said. Draco said nothing in reply for a moment, seemingly deep in thought as he looked out over my head at the grounds.
“It’s a beautiful place.” He murmured eventually. For some reason, tears sprang to my eyes as I looked at his wistful expression.
“I was just thinking that.” I said, turning around to face the same direction he was. The green hills rolled out before us and mountains rose up in the background, the peaks of them obscured by the grey clouds which were still pouring rain down on Draco and I.
“Nora…” Draco turned to face me and I looked up at him.
“Mm?” I said, slightly lightheaded. His head was bowed down to my face and we were inches apart. Too far, in my opinion. No, bad!
“I came over here to tell you something.” Draco said. He sounded a bit breathless.
“Mm?” I couldn’t seem to form words. My brain was all mushy due to the closeness of Draco. I really, really wanted to kiss him. Then do it! Mt mind screamed No, bad! It scolded itself.
“I… It was the right decision. Breaking up. I don’t regret it and it shouldn’t be otherwise.” He said. I stepped backwards, slightly shocked and very disappointed. That wasn’t what I had expected him to say at all. But it’s better this way, I reminded myself.
“O-oh.” I stammered “Um, okay then. I better go.” I said, about to turn around.
“Wait!” Draco stopped me “That’s… I have more to say. It was the right decision, but I can tell that you’re… You’re dealing, but you don’t seem happy, you know? And I dumped a huge bombshell on you, and I wanted you to know that if you want to talk, if you’re scared or whatever, I’m here. I mean, I’m not sure what I’m doing, but you can talk to me.”
He was really, really trying to make it up to me. I wasn’t certain what he had to make up for, and I’m not sure he was either, but he clearly felt there was something that had to be done.
“Thank you, Draco. That really… That’s very nice of you.” I said lamely. And then, before I really knew what I was doing, I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him there in the rain. Despite my many layers of clothing, I could feel his body heat coming through his damp clothes. I pressed my lips to his wet cheek and quickly released him before I did anything more extreme.
“Draco, will you promise me something?” I asked him
“O-Okay.” He said, clearly taken aback by my sudden show of affection.
“Don’t forget this moment. When you think of me, think of this moment and how we parted as friends, please. And don’t… don’t regret anything about our relationship. We may have been perfect, it’s true, but don’t regret that it didn’t work out. Just think about right now, and how it’s perfect without us being together, okay?” I wasn’t expressing what I meant very well, but my main message to him was not to forget today.
“I won’t forget, Nora.” He said. My lip quivered and I blinked back tears.
“It’s raining.” I said, giving a watery chuckle “I should go now.”
“Goodbye, Nora.”
“Goodbye, Draco.”
And with that I turned and left Draco behind, but this time, it felt like the right thing to do. No longer was I leaving behind a part of myself, instead I was simply letting go and moving on.

I didn’t look back as I walked through the rain back into the castle.



“So I just… Walk through it?” Asked Alec doubtfully
“As in… through the wall?” Declan was just as doubtful
“Yes, sweetie.” I replied, trying to be patient
“And I won’t run into it?” Alec said
“Or get stuck inside it?” Declan added
Alec looked at his father, horrified.
“Could I really get stuck inside it?” He asked me, looking panicked.
“No sweetie, Daddy’s just joking.” I assured him, glaring at Declan. Before the two of them could ask me anymore ridiculous questions, I grabbed both their hands and took them through the wall and onto platform nine and three quarters.
“Woah…” Alec said as he wriggled his hand out of mine, clearly very conscious of the masses of people around him “All these people are like me?”
I nodded, smiling at the incredulous look on his face. Beside me, Declan looked just as amazed.
“You really weren’t kidding when you said there were millions of others, were you?” He said, squeezing my hand. I shook my head and lead the two of them away from the wall. I located Julianna who was with her husband, Sean and their twin daughters, Natya and Nadianna.
“Hi.” I hugged her as Declan and Sean shook hands and Alec ran his hand through his hair and waited for Natya and Nadianna to approach him.
“Can you believe they’re starting school already?” Julianna said
“No. Not at all. I can’t imagine them being at Hogwarts. It’s all too weird.”
“I know right? Ugh, there’s Zabini. He’s still hot, of course. Look at his wife, little slut. I can’t believe he had children. It was probably her idea, or an accident. I feel sorry for their children, quite frankly…” But I didn’t hear her. I had spotted George and his family, and my heart still twisted at the absence of Fred. George saw me watching him and gave me a sad smile that told me he knew who I was looking for. I returned it before continuing to scan the crowd. I saw the inseparable group that was Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger and all their little children. But it wasn’t them I sought. Finally I saw him, standing with his wife, Astoria Greengrass. Huh. When I’d heard he’d married a Greengrass, I’d assumed it was Daphne. Their son was there too, but it wasn’t him I was inspecting. Draco’s hair had grown, and his hairline had receded. His chin was slightly bristly and he had frown lines, but underneath all that, he looked exactly the same. I hadn’t seen him since the end of our sixth year, and at that stage he was distant, not just from me but from everybody. Then he’d disappeared from Hogwarts. To join the Death Eaters, rumour had it. I sighed. Draco Malfoy, I thought I wonder who you are these days.
As if he had heard my thoughts, Draco looked up and met my eyes. For a few seconds we just looked at each other from across the platform. Then Draco gave a small smile, and a nod. I returned his smile. Hi. I mouthed at him Hi he mouthed in reply. Then his son grabbed his arm and tore his attention away from me. I didn’t mind. We had our truce. We weren’t lovers, and maybe we weren’t friends anymore, but we were parting in peace. Both of us had moved on, both of us were happy. I looked down at Alec and up at Declan, and I knew it was true. I was happy.

Oh my goodness! It's finally finished! And perfect timing too- I think it's been almost exactly a year since I started this story (Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I remember starting it during my last end of year holidays, and I'm on holidays again in a day). You guys have all been so fantastic. Your comments have all been really supportive and encourgaging and kind, and I'm starting to sound really cheesy so I'll shut up in a minute. Some of you guys have expressed wishes for another Draco story or a sequel, and though a sequel probably won't work and I'm a little bored of Draco, I will probably get started on a new love story with someone from the Harry Potter books in the next few weeks. Anyway, thank you all so much! Xx

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