Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) FINALE part 31 READ INTRO

tear , tear ... its tho moment most of us feared, it the FINALE (continued in the first paragraph

Chapter 1

You Never Realize What You Had Until Its Gone... Or Do You?

by: kinewnew
so it's the Finale.... but please have no fear... its just the finale of THIS story
remember what i said in my previous chapter. i am making a sequel to this story called Love Lost In A Forbidden Valley. oh and you probably noticed that this story has nothing to do with the prologue.. thats because i've been changing the ending of this story over a thousand times. like in the original i was planning on having Adriana not be pregnant and to die. but i clearly didnt PLEASE COMMENT, im begging you... lol jk but comments are really helpful

I walked into the common room and noticed that almost everybody was still awake. I looked at the clock, and it was only 9:30, no wonder. I spotted Hermione and went to take a seat by her. “Hi Hermione, where’s Ron?” I asked her. “I don’t know, but tell me what happened with Dumbledore?” She pestered. “He said that he knew I was pregnant and that I should not let anything happen to me or the baby. Oh and he also said that there are upcoming things in my life that are not fairly good,” I told her. “Not fairly good? What could that possibly mean?” she asked. I just shook my head and sighed. “Hermione, Adriana!” a voice behind us exclaimed, I turned around and saw Harry strutting towards me and Hermione. “Where’s Ron and Ginny?” he asked frantically. I shrugged. “Hermione you go see if Ginny is in the common room, and I’ll go get Ron.” He said and quickly left. Wonder what Dumbledore told him? They came back down, joined by another, and crowded around me. “Harry what’s going on?” I asked him. “Dumbledore is taking me with him to go get the horcrux. He told me to come back and fetch my cloak. Adriana don’t be mad, but I have still been spying on Draco because I do not trust him. And I know that Draco has finished his task of whatever he is doing.” I interrupted him, “Harry, how can--” “Adriana I have good reasons, but I need you four to take some of this, Adriana you get the most, understand?” Harry asked. “Harry, I don’t--” I started. “Adriana, do you understand, there is no time for doubts or questions,” Harry told me. I nodded my head and took the vial from his hand, and he hurried off. I held the bottle up, “Felix Felicis,” Hermione calmly said. “Well Adriana, you take it first,” Ron said. I stared at the bottle, not knowing what to do. “How about you guys go first,” I suggested. Ron shrugged and Hermione took the flask from my hand. She opened it slowly and took a small sip, then she passed the bottle on to Ron, who passed it to Ginny, who passed it right back to me. I brought the vial up to my lips and slowly drunk what was left. I felt a surge of warmth flood through my body, and suddenly knew where I needed to go. I got up and headed towards the portrait. “Adriana, where are you going?” Someone asked from behind me, though I kept walking. I exited the Gryffindor common room and started to head towards the Room of Requirement. I don’t know why I was heading there, it’s like after I drunk that potion, my body and mind started acting on its own accord. I approached the wall, and stood there for several minutes. I closed my eyes ‘I need to get in the room where everything is hidden’ my mind thought for me over and over again. I opened one eye and noticed that a door was slowly forming. I took a deep breath in, not knowing what I was about to get myself into, and slowly walked into the room. There was a figure in the back of the room, muttering to some sort of cabinet. As approached him slowly, my wand drawn, I noticed that he had short blond hair, and spoke in the same tone of…. “Draco?” I questioned. He turned around frightened, “Adriana what are you doing in here?” he asked me. “I could ask you the same question,” I told him. “What’s going on Draco, what were saying to this cabinet? This looks like the same cabinet that is in Borgin and Burkes.” I said examining it. “Adriana listen I…” he stopped, for there was a weird noise erupting from the vanishing cabinet. The door to it slowly starts to open, as I looked at it with horror. “Draco, where are you,” a horrifyingly familiar voice asked. I drew in a sharp intake of breath, as Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback, and two unfamiliar death eaters walked out. “What is she doing in here,” a girl, whom I did not know, asked. “That is a very good question Alecto,” The boy said. “Right Amycus and Alecto. What IS she doing in here?” Bellatrix asked. Draco stood there, not saying anything. “Draco what is going on?” I asked him. “Oh silly girl, you didn’t know what your own boyfriend was up too. How about I tell you instead? Draco is on a very important mission right now, that involves that magnificent glory of death, which by the way… Greyback.” She said turning to the werewolf. “Morsemordre!” he exclaimed pointing his wand up. The room of requirement slowly started to develop a small opening to the outside, as green smoke erupted from his wand. I looked up and saw the Dark Mark painted brightly in the sky. “Who’s dead?” I asked my voice quivering. “No one is dead… yet. But once Draco is done with his job, someone will be. Now out of our way foolish girl, there is headmaster that needs to be killed.” She said menacingly. There is a headmaster that needs to be killed. I gasped, and I realized everything Harry has been trying to warn me was true. “Draco..” I whispered as I turned to look at him. “This is what Ginger was telling me about?” I asked him my voice suddenly getting louder. “That ignorant murdering fool, Lord Voldemort, wants you to kill--” “How dare you insult my master in front of me,” She said pulling out her wand. “Crucio!” I heard her shriek, and I felt my body being pulled up from the ground. I writhed in pain, not because of the pain I felt from the curse. But because of the pain I felt in my abdomen. My baby was feeling the curse as well, as he started to violently move inside me. I screamed, I tried to plead with her to stop, but words wouldn’t come out. I looked down and noticed the other death eaters laughing. I looked towards Draco who was looking back up at me with agony and resentment, yet did nothing to stop his aunt. I wondered if he was feeling sorry for me, or his child. The kicking hadn’t stopped in my stomach, and I was still writhing in agonizing pain. I screamed out for her to stop again and I felt the tears fall from my face. The kicking in my stomach was starting to slow down, “Please stop, please,” I screamed, fearing for Scorpius’s life. “Had enough?” Bellatrix asked. I nodded. She lowered her wand and my hands fell to my stomach, as I gave silent pleas to my baby. I slowly raised my head, too weak to do anything else, and looked at Draco with a confused expression. “I have to do it, Adriana,” he said looking me in the eye. My confused look quickly changed into one of hatred. He turned his head, and began to walk out with the other Death Eaters. I looked towards the door and heard a quick gasp, and then there was a quick puff of smoke. “Help,” I hoarsely called out, hoping someone would hear me. “Is anyone in here?” a voice called, followed by some coughing. “Help,” I tried to call a little louder. “Adriana?” someone called and I saw figure walk towards me. “Ron, Ginny, she’s back here!” Neville yelled. Two other figures walked towards me. “Help me lift her up so we can take her to the hospital wing.” Neville directed. Hospital wing? No we have to go save Dumbledore. “Dumble…” I tried to say. “What?” Ron asked. “Need… save …. Dumbledore.” I managed to get out. “We’ll see Dumbledore after you see madam Pomfrey.” Ginny said. “NO!” I told them. But they wouldn’t listen and continued to take me to the hospital wing, though I continued to plead with them, it wasn’t working. “What happened?” Madam Pomfrey asked as she led them to a bed to lay me down on. “Dumbledore,” I cried again. “We don’t know, we heard her asking for help, so we went in, and brought her back here,” Neville said. “I’m going to go find Hermione and Luna,” Ginny said leaving. Madam Pomfrey left and came back with bottle and spoon. “Here, take some of this it will make you feel a bit stronger.” She told me, holding the spoon to my mouth. I swallowed it, it was surprisingly refreshing. “I want you to lift your arm,” she said. I lifted up my right arm without any difficulty. I saw Ron and Neville exchange a glance of relief. There were suddenly screams, bangs, and laughter. “Dumbledore we have to save Dumbledore NOW!” I told them, and tried to get off the bed. “Adriana, you have to rest!” Madam Pomfrey said sternly. Ron and Neville went to the door, but it burst open in front of them. Bill was being hauled in by Tonks and Lupin. “What happened?” Ron asked as he looked at his brother’s mingled body. “He was attacked by Greyback” Lupin told us. “Where is Professor Dumbledore?” I asked them. “We don’t know,” they said in unison. “You don’t understand, someone has to go find Dumbledore,” I told them, thrashing on the bed again. “Miss Smith please stop moving.” Madam Pomfrey told me. Hermione and Luna came in after awhile and took a seat around my bed with Neville. I guess they thought it was better for Ron to be right there alone. No one talked again for awhile, there was an awkward silence. “Harry,” Lupin cried as the doors opened again. Harry stood there with Ginny; his eyes were puffy and red, as though he’d been crying. I knew what happened before he said it. “Dumbledore is dead.” He told us as he collapsed on a nearby chair. Professor McGonagall quickly entered the room, before anyone had the chance to say anything. “Mr. Potter, what is going on here?” McGonagall asked. “Snape killed Dumbledore,” Harry said, his voice worn out. I looked at him. Snape killed Dumbledore, what happened? “That is preposterous,” she said. “I was there Professor,” he said. “Mr. Potter, it is very important that you tell you me everything.” She asked. “Well Professor, Dumbledore took me out for important business. When we returned he was very weak, and Madam Rosmerta told us about the dark mark over the tower. So I took him up there, and then Malfoy came up and said that he was going to kill Dumbledore. He was followed by 3 other death eaters soon after. They kept pressuring him to kill Dumbledore, and then Snape walked in a few minutes afterwards. Professor Dumbledore tried to plead with Snape but Snape did the killing curse,” Harry told them, and then he turned towards me. “Adriana, I know--” “Harry just stop, it was my fault I ever trusted him. I’m just sorry that Scorpius is not going to have a father to look up to.” I whispered to him. “What happened to you,” Harry asked suddenly. “I went to the room of requirement, and that foul Lestrange used an unforgiv…” I trailed off, not wanting to talk about it. Harry nodded and didn’t pester me about it any further. “It’s lucky, she didn’t use a different curse,” Hermione said, obviously eavesdropping. “Yeah, pure luck,” I mumbled. “Why would Mr. Malfoy do such a thing?” Professor McGonagall wondered aloud. Though it was I who answered, “He has been planning this for months. He has secretly been mending the vanishing cabinet in the room of requirement, which coincidently has a twin in Borgin and Burkes. Though in his process of fixing it, he’s been using other tactics to try to kill Professor Dumbledore. He used the imperious curse on Madam Rosmerta, who gave Katie bell the cursed necklace. Then he made Madam Rosmerta spike a bottle of mead, and she gave it to Professor Slughorn. As for Snape, he played his part very well. I’m sure his master would be so proud. “I told them sarcastically. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley rushed in the hospital wing, accompanied by Fleur. “Oh, m’boy!” She exclaimed as she rushed to Bill’s bed. “Miss Smith, you may be free to leave whenever you fill up to it.” Madam Rosmerta told me. “Mr. Potter what happened when you and the headmaster left Hogwarts?” McGonagall asked him. "Professor Dumbledore never told me to stop following his orders if he died." He told her. McGonagall sighed, but did not question him again. I started to get up from the hospital bed. “Leaving Miss Smith?” McGonagall, asked. I nodded, and Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ron, and Harry followed me out. Ginny stayed with Bill. “Harry, I’m really sorry I didn’t listen to you earlier,” I told him as we walked into the Gryffindor common room. “Adriana, it’s okay. I’m just sorry that that good for nothing, two-faced, bastard is the father of your child.” Harry said. “I can’t believe it either,” I said, and the tears began to fall down my face as I felt a small little nudge in my abdomen. I fell into Harry’s arms as I cried myself to sleep that night. Love really is a silly game to play. TBC……………………………………..


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