School for Vampires - A Deathly Tale

A story about two female vampires attending an all vampire school but not everything runs smoothly in the tale about love, life, death, friendship, magical creatures and mystery.

Written by Violet_Moonlight (As the other person who was meant to do it with me never wrote anything lol)

Chapter 1

The Perfect Prize

Back at school; Kilderdale High. The only school for vampires, of course vampires don't age, but it's for those who still wish to learn or hone their skills and talents, whether they gained them when they turned or if they already had them when they were human.
Thea Dawes has been dead two years, but she doesn't let that stop her trying to get the most out of what life has on offer. She attends Kilderdale High and has done for a few months. Thea had been changed against her will when she was seventeen, she wasn't ill and she wasn't dying. She had been walking home from her boyfriend's house late in the evening when she felt a presence behind her. The next thing she knew, a sharp pain was at her neck as a young man stood behind her. A drop of blood trickled from two small pin pricks, the man still feeding. For some reason he stopped before she was drained of blood.
She fell to the floor convulsing; a deep heat spreading through her body as the venom passed through her. "You are dying. Your body is slowly shutting down," whispered the man in a husky voice that was leaning over her as her vision faded. "You will wake immortal. So long for now, my dear" and with that he was gone. Sure enough, Thea woke an hour or two later and found her throat dry, her once tanned skin pale, her wavy, medium length brown hair transformed into shiny, dark chocolate coloured cascading curls, hanging just below her shoulders. Before her body had been attractive but athletically built but now, although it was still trim, it was also curvy and graceful. She instantly liked the new her, but then again who wouldn't? The whole point of a vampire is to be appealing, to both sexes as well, that way they can charm their 'prey' into using them for whatever purpose.

Thea never went back to her parent's house; she couldn't trust herself. Instead she fed on small rodents before finally working up to a young teenage girl. It felt wrong to kill her, but Thea needed the blood, or at least she felt like she did, and it gave her power and ecstasy beyond belief. She had managed to get into the vampire school, after having found out it existed, and she was comforted by the thought that others were in the same predicament.
She had learned to play the piano beautifully and she had a haunting, serene singing voice that she used to earn money in late night clubs. Like all vampires, she could not venture out in the day but would instead practice her creative skills or sleep in a glorified coffin, which looked more like an enclosed single bed. It had a cushy mattress and a deep burgundy silk quilt but the base of the bed was a quality mahogany wood and had a clip where the mahogany lid could be attached, to ensure total darkness.

Thea was at school, attending her human studies class, in which it taught you how to interact with humans that you may encounter in the night, resist the blood lust which was ever so persistent, and even how to read body language and reactions so that you can evaluate a person by a mere glance. She was thinking back to the night she was... turned? killed? Either way, it's all the same for her. She never had found out who had turned her and had not yet seen him again. Or so she thought. Every so often she would hear the faintest of sounds, or feel the lightest of touches, but when she looked around, there was no one to be seen.
"Miss Dawes. Miss Dawes? Thea?! THEA DAWES!" Yelled Professor Parson, causing Thea to snap out of her day-dream. Professor Parson was extremely intelligent and had medium length, gold wavy hair and peculiar silver eyes. He was tall and held an heir of importance but a slight shroud of mystery always hung over him. In physical appearance he was in his early twenties, but as far as being a vampire goes, he had been 'alive' for 403 years, making him one of the eldest and the brightest teachers in Kilderdale High.
"I know some nights can be boring, and I know you have a lot on your mind lately... but PLEASE try to make it look as if you are least trying to listen." He tells her in a placid, silky voice.
She smiles at him absent-mindedly, "Ok, I'll do my best."
"Thank you Miss Dawes."
She sighs, "How many times do you want me to tell you? Just call me Thea."
"Sorry... Thea."

Across the classroom a certain young man was watching her. His name was Colin Lee, and he was the boyfriend of Thea Dawes. His dark, almost black eyes were on Thea like a hawk. He had a jealous streak which was sometimes even dangerous, but Thea loved him all the same. He had never liked Professor Parson and he had gotten the idea into his head that the Professor was trying to get in cosy with Thea... As the class got on with their work Colin observed in silence as the Professor made his way to Thea's desk and started a discussion.
Full with rage, Colin jumped up and shoved his desk, causing it to fly across the room and shatter against one of the red-painted walls. The whole class's attention was on Colin as he stood rigid staring at the Professor and his girlfriend, whom was now gathering up her books and running from the room in frustration. "Colin... I know tha-"
Just then the bell went off and the class quickly and quietly dispersed. Colin slipped out before Gaspard Parson could mutter another word.

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