An Unusual Fate

Based on a favourite fairy tale of mine! Here you go....

Edit 23.September.2011: This story is now finished! I hope you like it! Please comment, rate, but most of all enjoy. :)

Chapter 1

Negatively Evil?

"Boarding school?" I said in a soft voice. I could hardly believe my ears. I was a top student, in the hardest classes, getting the best grades, and now, suddenly, that wasn't enough.
"We just think you'd be better challenged at a private school, with fewer students, and a more serious approach to the subject matter. I know you've been doing well at the local school, but, really, they don't have the best standing. At this boarding school, you'll do great, and the school has a better rep that will get you farther." Mom said. I nodded slowly. It made sense....but I was a Sophomore. This should have been considered the year before, not now. This could end up getting me in a bad situation concerning my grades. All the other girls there had had a year to get used to the school, while I'd be jumping in halfway through high school.
"Okay..." I said, glancing out the window. I saw one of my friends walking by. She saw me looking, and waved. I smiled a little. I would miss Fred. She was a great person, bubbly, and always smiling. I waved back, and looked at my parents, a question forming on the tip of my tongue. Mom sighed, and waved toward the door.
"Off you go. You might as well tell her. I know she'll be really upset, but, truly, this is for the best, hon."
I jumped up, and hurried out the front door.
"Fred!" I called, and she paused on the drive.
I lived in cloneville--just enough yard space between one identical house and another to have a driveway and a few flower pots. I had wanted a dog when I was younger, but there wasn't any room in the backyard, and both my parents worked. Nobody had wanted to take it on walks, and the park was a half hour drive away. Instead, we got a cat. The poor thing was ancient, but it stayed indoors, and took up a cushion on the couch as its bed.
Our house was pale blue, and had two stories. I was taller than either of my parents, and usually had to duck through doors--the ceiling was too low for me. I hoped briefly that the boarding school had high ceilings....
"What's up, Gwen?" Fred asked. I smiled a little sadly. I would miss her so....
"Hey, Fredricka," I muttered, pulling her into a hug. She hugged back uncertainly. I wasn't much of a huggy person, so she was definitely worried.
"I just, um, got some news."
"Oh, gosh! Nobody's died, have they?!" Fredricka looked terrified. I grinned and shook my head. She sighed and relaxed.
"Phew! You had me seriously worried....then what is it?"
"Fred, you aren't going to like this....I'm going to a boarding school for my Junior and Senior year. Mom's hinted that I might not be coming back next summer, either, but staying on until I've graduated."
"WHAT?!?!" Fred shouted. I heard something break in a house across the yard, and a man peered out the window, looking disgruntled.
"Shh, Fred!" I hissed. Fred humphed, and brushed past me to the house.
"Wait, where are you going--" I hurried after her. Fred slammed into the house.
"What do you mean by this?!" Fred snapped at my Mom and Dad. "You can't send her to a boarding school! You just can't!!!"
"Fred, stop it." I said. "That's enough, just stop it!" Fred ignored me completely. I noticed Mom and Dad looked puzzled, glancing back and forth between me and Fred hesitantly.
"We have decided it would be better for her. It's just something we need to do to ensure she has the best schooling," Dad said in a calming voice.
"SO?!" Fred burst out. "It isn't fair to her, or anyone! What about all her friends?? And shouldn't you have thought about this before her freshman year?"
"It's just, we got some information that would require....." Mom started, but Dad elbowed her, and she flushed, lapsing into silence quickly. Fred glared at Mom, but I was curious. What sort of information would make it suddenly necessary for me to go to a boarding school?
"Fredricka, Gwendolyn, you go back outside, and take a walk, or something. Just calm down, and think over it. It isn't so bad as you both seem to think," Dad urged, standing and taking Mom by the elbow. He walked out of the dining room, tugging Mom along after him. I turned to Fred, more than a little puzzled and worried by my parents' performance, but was surprised to see that Fred looked positively satisfied with their actions.
"Um, Fred, what's up....?" I trailed off, as Fred met my eyes, and I saw something dark glimmering there.
"Oh, nothing. Just typical parent behaviour."
"No, it isn't. Stop acting like all parents are jerks, and get over yourself."
"Whatever, Gwen. Let's go for that walk, shall we?" she said, starting for the door.
I didn't really want to go, but I followed anyway. Maybe Fred would let me in on whatever it was she was mulling over that concerned my parents. I got the weirdest feeling that Fred just wasn't to be trusted anymore. But she had been my best friend since the third grade. I couldn't just let her go like that, now could I? I walked along the sidewalk beside her, wondering when she had changed so much that she would look positively evil. Or would it be negatively evil, since evil wasn't positive? Ugh, I was so confused....

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