Living the Fairy Tale

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Chapter 20

Hey All!

Well, thank you for reading this story! Nice to see you made it this far.
Anyway! This story is part of a series of four. I started these stories back before the story/chapter feature was available on Quibblo, and they were the first things that I created.

An Unusual Fate
This is the second in the series. Living the Fairy Tale and An Unusual Fate are companion pieces to each other.
THESE STORIES ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. You can read them however you like, they are not interconnected beyond the world they share.

So far it's just these two stories, but as I post the next two, I will add the links. Please comment and rate both! Thanks all, and I can't wait to see you in the next installment of my series. :)

Update 2. Jan. 2012

Sparkling Black

Here it is everyone! I believe this shall be the last story in the series, making this a trilogy, but whether or not this will be the last story on the Four Kingdoms is for debate! Here's the link to the story! Let me know what you think, comment, rate, and most of all, tell me if you want more stories on these kingdoms! (:


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