Refusing you (a Damon salvator love story)

Refusing you (a Damon salvator love story)

this is my first story, i hope you like it :)
comment, rate... whatever you like, tell me what you like or dont like, dont be shy ;)
Sorry if the first chapter is a tad long, i didnt realise how much i was writing haha :P

Chapter 1

365 days

It has been a whole year, and each day was as hard as the one before. 365 days since my mum died. I tried not to think about it too often, i just lived every day as normal as was possible, but sometimes i would lose focus and she would always be the first thought in my head without any hesitation.
And now im on a plane flying from my home in england all the way to Virginia. A change, is what my dad had said. We needed a new start, erase everthing that we were and what we had, and just start again. We had decided what we would do a month after my mum died, but dad didnt want to leave until a year had passed. "Its like new years day, we all wait for that day to change things, make the new year different." Is what my dad had said, so we waited a whole year and just like he promised, we left our home for the last time.
I slept most of the flight and woke when i heard the seatbelt sign 'ding'. I looked next to me and saw that my dad was also aleep. I nudged him awake.
"Dad, were landing." I said as my dad look disorientated around him.
"Oh good." He yawned.
Two hours later and we passed the town sign 'Welcome to Mystic Falls.'
I smiled to myself as i watched out the car window as dad drove us to our new home.
"Thats the high school over there, Sadie." He said as we drove past a big, two story building.
after fifteen minutes driving we pulled up infront of a gorgeous house, it was very modern looking but has an old style. It was the last one on the street and it stood next to a small forrest, not very thick but it still looked deep. We walked into the house and saw that the most of our things had been unpacked such as all of the kitchen things, living room furniture and Bedroom firniture. I went up to my new room as dad went through the house moving things and rearanging things to how he liked them. I smiled when i saw my room, it was fairly big, had an onsuit bathroom and a wooden balcony that overlooked the forrest. I didnt bother moving any of my firniture, i liked it just the way it was. I spent the rest of the night unpacking everthing i owned then helped dad.
The next day was a sunday, so i had a shower and got dressed. It was sunny out so i decided on dark denim shorts, black verst top with dark blue cardigan and black converse shoes. I left my long dark red hair fall loosly down my back, running a brush through it.
I went downstairs and saw a note on the kitchen counter. 'Sadie. I have gone to my new work place to have a look around. Maybe you should have a look around town and get the feel of it. Heres a key, look in the garage." i put the note down and picked up the key that was next to it and went outside to the garage. What was inside took my breath away, a shiny red Audi convertable.
I allowed my inner girl to come out as i squeeled and jumped a bit. Then after composing my self i got in and drove off. The town wasnt that big, i had pretty much covered the whole place in fourty five minutes, on my second go around i noticed a small cafe called the grill. I decided to check it out and pulled into the car park. I walked in the doors and practically fell over something. I managed to catch myself before i hit the floor, and looked around to see it was someones foot i fell over, I stood up straight about to carry on walking when the person spoke. "Im really sorry, that was my fault." I turned around, and saw that he was very good looking... VERY good looking. He had short floppy sandy brown hair and lovely green eyes. "Oh, ermm its okay, i should look where im going, sorry." He smiled at me. "Your new here i take it?" he asked me, pushing a chair towards me, i looked at the chair and then at the table, there was a girl sitting opposite him smiling up at me, she was very pretty. I sat in the chair he offered me. "Yeah, i moved here yesterday." i answered.
"My names Stephan, and this is my girlfriend, Elana." He gestered to the pretty girl. I smiled at her. "Nice to meet you both." We carried on talking for what seemed like ages. I looked over to the window and saw that the sun was going down. "Oh, i better go, my dad will be wondering where i am. Thank you so much for this!" I said, smiling at Stephan and Elana.
"No problem, hey do you start school tomorrow?" Elana asked me. "Yes i do." I answered. "Do you want to ride with us?" Stephan asked. I said i would love to and gave him my address, said goodbye and left. When i got in, dad was asleep on the couch. I woke him and we told each other about our days. I then had a shower and got in bed, and thats when the nervousness hit me... Going back to school. In england i had already left school so this just seemed like a repeat of that horror. Slowly i drifted of into sleep where the same familliar nightmare greeted me.

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