Sometimes the Bad Guy is Your Soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 17)

Best Days by Matt White


Chapter 1

I was at the right place at the right time.

I smiled as Daphne gasped and ran out.Then Hermione came in and smiled.I hugged Hermione and she whispered in my ear,"Ron owes me 5 sickles." I jokingly gasped."You guys bet on my relationship?" I asked.Before she answered,Draco took out the necklace and put it on me.It glowed a bright gold color.I turned around and their was a faint gold glow under his shirt.I kissed him as he picked me up and put me on the bed.We started snogging until a second year walked in and said,"Dumbledore wants to see you Chloe,and you too." Draco and I looked at each other curiously and got up."Let's go." I said.As we walked to Dumbledore's office,Draco had his arm around me.The Slytherin boys were saying,"Get some!" or "Tap that." Some wolf-whistled while some sneered.I see why they would sneer.We got to the gargoyle statue .We started naming different candies.I said,"Jelly beans." The statue jumped aside."Well,we figured it out." I said as I pulled Draco up the stairs.I knocked on the door."Come in." said Dumbledore.I let go of Draco's hand as I walked in his office."Ah,Mr.Malfoy and Ms.Woods.I've been expecting you.Please take a seat." he said,smiling.I sat down next to Draco."I understand that you have a relationship that's going on and off." he said.Well,this was unexpected,I thought.Draco fidgeted in his seat while color rushed to my face."You do know that there has never been a Slytherin and a Gryffindor in love? Or in this case,a relationship?" he said.I nodded slowly.He went on with how it was unusual,yadda yadda yadda.Then he finally let us go.

When we were walking down the corridor,people stared at us."Let's go eat breakfast." I said,hoping that there was some food left."Alright." he said.We walked into the Great Hall,gave each other a peck on the lips and went our separate ways.I sat next to Harry."Hey," I said as I piled bacon and eggs on my plate."Hey," he mumbled.I mouthed,"What's up with him?" to Hermione.She mouthed back,"Third task." I nodded,understandingly.Then,Professor McGonagall told Harry to come with her."Good luck Harry." I said.I finished my eggs and bacon and went to the Gryffindor Tower to changed into a more comfortable attire.

When I walked out of the portrait hole,someone grabbed me and.....

Sorry for it being so short! Writer's block is a true crime.Well,I hope you enjoyed it.Oh yeah,the best answer for "How would you die?" was Asha1,who said,"Death by chocolate!!!" Even though chocolate helps you live longer.But I love imagination! The next question is:

If you had one day off from school,how would you spend it?

The best answer will be posted here.Oh,did I mention that I hope you enjoyed the chapter? Ciao!

-TheDeathEaterIsOnTheKill a.k.a 10azngurl10


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