Hate or Love I can't decide~Marauders love story

Hate or Love I can't decide~Marauders love story

"Your an idiot." I growled."Your such a downer,Allie." He said."Am not." I protested."Are too." He said calmly.He always wanted to get on my nerves,didn't he?I sighed,"You know your a real-" I was cut off by his warm lips crashing against mine.He pulled away and smirked at me,"Alyson Storm I love you." I looked up at him speechless,"And I love you..............................

Chapter 5


by: Alzie101
I sat with Gabi,Kate,and Lily at the Gryffindor table.The stupid "Marauders" walking over.James grinned and sat across from us.Sirius sitting across from me we both looked at eachother with hatred.Remus sat across from Kate and smiled at her.Kate blushed and returned a small smile.Peter across from Gabi and smiled nervously at her.Gabi rolled her eyes in disgust.I looked at the line of first years.Kayla,Tyler,and Collin sat there.I gave them a thumbs up and Kayla waved at me with a huge smile on her face.The sorting began.Professer Mcgonagal started saying names to come up and be sorted.Paula Drelary got into Gryffindor.Me and my table cheered loudly for her as she shyly walked over and sat down next to a couple of other first years that got into Gryffindor.Paul Helery got into Ravenclaw.I saw Ryan poke his tonge out at me.Then it was it.My siblings turn to be called.

"Kayla Storm!!!" Proffesser Mcgonagal beamed.I squeezed Lily's arm nervously as she chuckled.

"She wont be in Slytherin don't worry." Smirked James.

"GRYFFINDOR!!!" The sorting hat yelled.Me and Lily shot up and clapped loud as we could as Kayla skipped her way towards the table.She sat down next to Paula Drelary and her friends and smiled big.I gave her a small wave and she returned it.

"Collin Storm!!!!" Professer Mcgonagal called.

Collin eyes laid on me and I smiled at him and nodded."HUFFLEPUFF!!!!!!" the sorting hat yelled.I sighed and hit my head against the table.

"Dang." I muttered.

"Tyler Storm!!!!" Professer Mcgonagal yelled.Tyler walked up nervously and tripped over his feet.He caught himself before falling and flushed deep red and smack himself on the head.He sat on the stool as me and Lily giggled of how nervou he was."RAVENCLAW!!!!!!!" The sorting hat voice echoed threw the Greathall.Tyler smiled as he walked over toh his house table.the rest of the sorting went on.Soon the feast began.Food appeared infront of our faces.I saw Kayla stair at it in awe.

"Well I'm happy.For Kayla that is." Gabi said smiling.

"I thought Collin was going to be in Gryffindor.I owe Adam 10 galleons now!!" I exclaimed.

James and Remus chuckled as Sirius smiled.James said,"Collin is always the funny,brave,not afraid to do anything one.Everyone thought he was going to be in Gryffindor."

"Though there was no doubt Tyler was going to be in Ravenclaw." Lily pointed out.

"I thought Kayla was going to be in Ravenclaw." Said Kate quietly.

"Whatever." I said giggling,"I can't wait till tomorrow."

"Why's that?" Remus asked

"I...............I'm really not sure." I shrugged.

Lily and Gabi snickered,"Probably going to waste your time yelling at guys who flirt with you and snog Max."

"AM NOT!!!" I protested.

Peter looked at Gabi in amaze.I giggled at him and said,"In love arent yeh,Pete?Gabi and Peter sittin in a tree.K-I-S-" Gabi cut me off by hitting me in the arm.

"Ok,ok no K-I-S-S-I-N-G." I said.

Sirius smirked at me,"Thats a first."

"Shut-it." I snapped.

"I don't think I want too." Sirius said.

"Well I don't want to see your face,but I guess I have to." I sneered.

"Very funny." Sirius said glaring at me.

"Your right,Black.It is funny.If you do not mind I AM going to walk away from YOUR annoyingness." I said getting up.I walked out of the Greathall and into the Gryffindor common room.I walked up to my dorm and looked out the window.I stared at the stars and whispered,"Hope i'm making you proud,mum.".....

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