Hate or Love I can't decide~Marauders love story

Hate or Love I can't decide~Marauders love story

"Your an idiot." I growled."Your such a downer,Allie." He said."Am not." I protested."Are too." He said calmly.He always wanted to get on my nerves,didn't he?I sighed,"You know your a real-" I was cut off by his warm lips crashing against mine.He pulled away and smirked at me,"Alyson Storm I love you." I looked up at him speechless,"And I love you..............................

Chapter 3

Sirius Black.Why did you have to be born?

by: Alzie101
I woke up to Chase,my dog licking my face.I giggled and pushed her off me lightly.My brother snoring in his bed across the room.I looked out the window and smiled.Today was the day I go back to Hogwarts.I looked at the pictures on the walls that surrounded my room.Pictures of me and my boyfriend,Max smiling and laughing.I sighed at the picture.I mean the first year of dating,Max was great,but he's have cheated on me 5 times already and probably more.We argue a lot.He gets furious when he see's me talking to a guy.Sometimes I burst into tears when i'm alone about him.He flirts with girls even when i'm right there.I'm not sure.....but I love him,and i don't know why.I sighed and got out of bed.I heard the exciment squeels from my little sister,Kayla coming into the room making Adam groan and wake up.

"Me,Tyler,and Collin can't wait till Hogwarts.I want to be in gryffindor like you Allie!!!" Kayla said in her squeeky voice.My little sister was the cutest little girl you'll ever see.She had sparkly eyes like mine.Long brown hair like mine,but hers was straight I swear she looked like me when I was 11.I couldn't wait till she finds a boy she likes and comes to me for advice.

"Well go wake daddy." I said.Kayla nodded and ran out of the room yelling,"DADDY!!DADDY!!!" Adam groaned in frustration and got out of bed.I rolled my eyes at him and walked into the bathroom and got changed.I took a good looked at myself.I didn't like when people called my beautiful because I don't know I guess I just didn't want to hear it.But I had to admitt I was goodlooking.I sighed and walked out of the bathroom.Kayla,Collin,Tyler,Ryan,and Adam waiting for me.I carried my trunk down the stairs as my dad walked in the room.

"Took you long enough." Collin muttered.

"HEY!!It takes a while to look this good." I said jokingly and pointing at my hair.

"Trying to impress,Sirius Black?" Adam smirked at me.

"EW!!!EW!!EW!!!Sirius Black is an annoying,worthless,little,selfcentered,prat." I snarled.Adam chuckled and nodded.He knew I hated Sirius Black with all my might.I rember when we first met on the train.My dad was a friend of James dad so James introduced me to Sirius.Sirius tried to prank me and I tried to prank him our pranks back fired and sent us flying against the wall.Since then I hated him,though there are way way more reasons why I hate him.

*********Sirius Black's P.O.V********************************************************
I was at the Kings Cross Station with James and his dad and mum.Mr.Potter looked around the Station looking for someone.James looked at his dad curiously.

"Who are you looking for,Dad?" James asked.

"Alyson Storm.You know her,Allie.I just want to see how she's doing." Mr.Potter said shrugging.Alyson Storm was a girl in me and James grade.Bestfriend's with Gabi Rick,Kate Waters,and of course Lily Evans.I remeber when I first saw Allie.She was beautiful.I thought it was love at first sight,but somehow we started hating eachother.Now we have an insult,comeback wars whenever we see eachother.I snapped back from my thought by James.

"Allie!" I heard James yell.I saw Allie Storm along with her twin brother,Adam and older brother,Ryan.Three little kids next to Mr.Storm who must have been some other siblings of Allie.James gave Allie a hug and she hugged back and smiled.

"James,how are you?" Allie asked James.

"Good,i guesss.You?" James asked.

Allie shrugged,"Peachy."

"I'm good.Thank for asking,Storm." I said to her.Allie glared at me.

"Didn't ask you,Black.Don't want to." She snarled at me.I rolled my eyes as James sat there akwardly.

"Well Adam,Allie make sure you take good care of Collin,Tyler,and Kayla.You to Ryan.Oh and Allie don't get into to much trouble.And once and a while don't prank Ryan." Mr.Storm said.Allie hugged her father and nodded.

Mr.Potter smiled at Allie,"You look just like your mother.Right,honey?"

Mrs.Potter nodded,"Looks like her mother,but acts like her father."

Mr.Potter chuckled,"Remeber,George.You used to be obsessed with Mary.She hated you,but somehow in the end you guys were both in love."

"Sounds like Lily and James." I heard Allie mutter under her breath.James grinned and I chuckled.

"Well we go to go." Adam Allie's brother said.We all said goodbye and walked on the train.Allie stopped as Adam whispered something in her ear.Allie glared at him and hit his arm and yelled,"I DO NOT LIKE HIM!!!" When she said that I felt something in my stomach I never felt before.Jealousy?Who did she not like?No I hate Allie.Don't I? I shook my head and walked into my comapartment where Remus and Peter sat waiting for us.

James chuckled,"Allie yelling at her twin again?"

"Yup.Apparently she 'Does not like him'." I teased.Though I wondered who she was talking about.

"Yeah.Oh sh!*.Padfoot could you do me a favor?" James asked me.

I sighed,"What?"

"I dropped my quidditch broom walking on the way to the compartment.Could you get it?" James asked trying not to smile.

"Why not." I muttered.I got up and walked out of the compartment shutting the door behind me.As I walked I crashed into someone making us both fall to the ground....................................................

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