Hate or Love I can't decide~Marauders love story

Hate or Love I can't decide~Marauders love story

"Your an idiot." I growled."Your such a downer,Allie." He said."Am not." I protested."Are too." He said calmly.He always wanted to get on my nerves,didn't he?I sighed,"You know your a real-" I was cut off by his warm lips crashing against mine.He pulled away and smirked at me,"Alyson Storm I love you." I looked up at him speechless,"And I love you..............................

Chapter 2


by: Alzie101
"You are a dirty little piece of poo!!!!" I yelled at my twin brother.We were in our room and it was A mess.Clothes were all over the floor.My bed was all mest up there was a half eaten burger on my dresser.I was only gone for 3 days because I was sleeping over my bestfriend,Lily Evans house.

"Allie,Allie calm down,calm down." Adam said backing up slowly.I glared at him.

"You are so lucky I can't use magic till i'm 17." I snapped,"I'm thinking about killing you with my own fists fight now."

"Allie.Allie it just a little mess!!" Adam exclaimed.

"A Little mess?!You call this a little mess!!!" I yelled pointing at the banana peals on the ground and the clothes all over the place.

"Yeah.I mean i'm just a guy." Adam shrugged.I sighed and pulled out my phone.I took a picture of the mess and sent it to Lily.Waiting for Lily's response I glared at Adam.

"Your a pig." I muttered.My phone vibrated and I answered it.It was Lily.

******************************************Phone Convo*********************************

Lily:EW!!!What he do have a party with a hobo?

Me:Laugh I know!!!I have to live with that THING.

Lily:Aww.I'm sorry.Got to go Severous is here.

Me:Rolls eyes ok bye

Lily:I'll see you at the Kings Cross Station tomorrow!!

Me:Can't wait!!!
*******************************End of phone convo***********************************
I hung up and looked at Adam.I knew exactly wat he was thinking and it was the same thing I was.We both ran out of the room and to the kitchen.My dad sitiing at the table with the phone to his ear.Me and Adam looked at eachother and back at dad,the yelled,"DAD!!!!!!!".

My dad jumped and sighed when he saw us,"I go to go jim." He said and hung up the phone.He looked at me and said,"What did Adam do now?"

"What-" I cut Adam off.

"he mest up our room!!!I'm gone for only three days and I come back to see half eaten burgers on my dresser,banana peals on the ground,clothes all over,my bed is all mest up!!!" I complained.

Dad sighed,"Adam clean your room."

"WHAT!!!" Adam exclaimed.

"Ha.ha" I said smirking at Adam.

"Allie you help him." Dad said and walked away.

"Yeah-Wait,huh?" I said my smirk faded and Adam grinned at me.

"Help him!!" I heard my dad yell before the back door closed.Adam chuckled under his breath as Michael came in fighting with Megan.

"Hi Megs,what you doing here?" I asked Megan.She stopped yelling at Michael and looked at me.

"Chris is on a buisness trip." Megan replied shrugging,"And I got nothing better to do."

"Yeah and you should not marry him!!!" Michael yelled.

"I can do whatever I want,Mike." Snapped Megan.

"He's 10 years older then you!Your 22 and he's 33!!!" Michael protested.

Adam looked at me,"I think we see our future." He whispered under his breath.I gigled and nodded.

"I am a grown woman now!!!He loves me and I love him!!You are NOT my father!!" Megan yelled.

"Yeah I am you TWIN,and I do not want that MAN as my brother inlaw!!he's a muggle!!Does he know your a witch?" Michael asked.Megan looked at her feet and didn't reply.I gasped and ran over and hugged my older sister.

"Megs.You have to tell him!!" I said.

I saw a tear drop from Megan's eye,"I-I can't.He-he wont love me anymore."

"MEGAN!!!" I yelled,"You HAVE to tell him.What are you going to do if you have a child and that Hogwarts letter comes through the window.What are you going to tell,Chris?"

"I'll hide the letter.I'll homeschool the child when Chris isn't home." Megan whispered.

"No,no you can't." I heard Lisa's voice come in the room.She was putting on mascara with a tank-top and skinny jeans on.Probably going on date.

"And why is that,Lisa?" Megan put her hands on her hips.

"Might as well tell him.I mean if he doesn't love you anymore it means he wasn;t the one.If he still loves you that means he is the on." Shrugged Lisa.Lisa used to never be able to give advice about relationships.She used to go on dates with guys she just met.But she changed about her relationships ever since,John Gerafly the boy she thought she loved cheated on her.

"I-uh.Got to go." Megan araparated out of the room.We all sighed and sat down.

"Well,lets go,Allie.We have to clean our room." Adam said grinning.I glared at him got up.

"What happened?" Michael asked

"Adam's a pig." Was all I said before walking to my room.When we reached our room I found my husky,Chase rolling around in the clothes as my cat,Button sniffed and hissed at a pair of boxers on the ground.I ran over to Chase and picked him up and put him on my bed.

"No.You could get a desease from that." I whispered to Chase.

"Heard that!" Adam muttered.

"You were supposed to!" I said in a sing-song voice,"Well get to work."

"HUH?" Adam asked cluelessly.

"I'll be right back." I said and walked out of the room.I sneakily walked to Ryan's room.He sat at his desk writting a letter.Probably to his girlfriend,Abby Jertlen.I tapped him on the shoulder and he quickly turned around.

"What Allie?" He snapped.

"I just need your help god no need to me snippy." I said trying not to smile.

"What?" He said getting up from his chair and walking over to me.

"Do you have anything to like clean a room?" I asked him.

"No.............................why?" He asked sounding curious.

"Well Adam ruined our room and we have ot clean it now." I shrugged

"Um no?" Ryan said obviously confused.

"Hard to believe your a Ravenclaw." I muttered as I walked out the room.I walked back into mine and Adam's room.I saw Adam having a tug-a-war with Chase.I laughed and walked over to my side of the room and started to clean.This was going to take a while.I feel bad for muggles...................................................

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