Seventh Grade Story

Enjoy! Not really anything else i cn say.

Chapter 1

Basic Info

Heeeey! My name is Amy. People usually say I'm nice, but very crazy. I can be desribed as the artsy type of girl who loves to sing, act, and dance, but is not listened to or taken seriously in leadership possitions because of my bubbly and ditzy personality. I'm sort of strange because I have different personalities. Like there is the normal one where I am nice and occasionally crack jokes. Another one is the bossy chick who comes out when I'm in charge, but it is for the best. And there is the one that comes out when I am super hyper or when I get around HIM I act like some kind of lovesick crackhead. I'm smart, well actually that is an understatement. Because when you are in the smart class and have an IQ of 130-144 people don't think you are just smart. I have 7 classes everyday. Well really six except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I take music instead of p.e. All the other days I have Math first, then p.e., then Medieval History, then my elective, which is Pre Engineering, then lunch, then LIfe Science or Health, then English. Then I have to go to ICES. ICES is basically the afterschool program at my crappy K-8 where the smarties and the coolies and the wierdos go. Im with the smarties the guys in my grade and the girls in 1 grade below me. I don't really fit in anywhere unless someone is absent though because the boys have a perfect four and so do the girls. So I'm usually just a drifter. Then I finally go home and go on youtube. That is basically a quick run through of my day minus all the drama in between.

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