There's No Such Thing As Vampires. It's Logic I Tell You!

There's No Such Thing As Vampires. It's Logic I Tell You!

The red head in both picks are you. Hope ya like this!

Chapter 1

The Move

I grabbed my purple and black stripped tank top and folded it neatly before setting it inside my suitcase. Today, I would be leaving Miami, Florida.

My mother, Jenna, just got a new job in someplace called Forks as a police officer.

Weird, right? I never thought there would be a town named after silverware.

I chuckled slightly at the thought. "Wonder if we'll be moving to Spoons next." I thought to myself outloud.

Jenna told me that this Forks pace was in Washington and was a small town. So, pretty much a everybody-knew-everybody town. I didn't like the sound of that, but, on the brightside, my cousin lives there with Charlie.

I can't wait to se her! I'm not really her cousin. We look nothing alike. I'm just married into the family. Yet, Bella is still like a sister to me.

I pullled my bright orange hair back into a ponytail, put on my glasses, and grabbed my bags.

Jenna greeted me as I walked down the stairs. Just as I was about to speak she hed a finger up.

"Yeah . . . Uhuh . . . Good. We'll be there at nine."

Jenna closed her cell and turned back to me smilling.

"You happy to go?" She asked enthusiastically.

I shruged while giving her half a smile. "I just wanna see my cousin and uncle. It doesn't really matter where we move to as long as I get to see the family."

My mother's bright green eyes shined with happiness. "Wonderful! Plus, I just got off the phone with your uncle. He'll be waiting for us in his cruisor."

"Awsome! I always loved that thing."

My mother rolled her eyes at me playfully. "You can be so nerdy. Put your stuff in the trunk so we can go, Rain."

I nodded my head and headed out. Jenna already had the trunk popped open. I placed my black suit case next to her two leather ones before closing the trunk.

Jenna walked out of our old home looking sharp in her custom made suit. I, instead, wore something more casual.

Jenna's high heels clancked along the concrete ground as she made her way to our silver grey Toyota Corolla.

I sat beside her on the passengers side. She started the engine.

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