I Didn't Want This


Chapter 1

Famouse or Not

by: Haystacks
It was a freezing cold night. Truthfully I have no idea where I was. I was bundled up in a winter jacket but it was old, full of holes, and small. The only way for it to be on me is for it to be un-zippered. I was also wearing a ragged pair of jeans and a white undershirt that was kept up by spaghetti straps, one was broken so I had to staple the two strands together so one strap was tighter than the other. My nails were sharp and unclipped. I had a horrible habit of biting them. They were caked with dirt and fresh blood. My short, blonde hair only went down to the bottom of my earlobes. There were tears streaking down my bright red cheeks. They were overwhelming my white eyes. No, I wasn’t blind. I actually had pretty good eyesight. My feet were bare and the snow under them burned. Jack Frost wasn’t being very kind to me that night. Strands of my birds nest were falling in my face as I ran away from them. I don’t know who or what they are but they weren’t friendly.
I guess I’ll start my story from the beginning, or rather the end of 7th grade. It was graduation day. I was singing in the school choir. The select band was playing the music for us. I was super excited. Tomorrow was going to be the first day of summer vacation! I was standing next to the meanest girl in our school, but I didn’t care. Summer, finally. We were all dressed in our best. Dresses, heals, dress pants, ties, dress shirts, suits, tuxedos, the works. I was dressed in a yellow sun dress and white dress sandals. My hair was long then. Down to the middle of my back. I was wearing it in a braid wrapped in a yellow ribbon. Yellows my favorite color.
My two best friends, Gabriella and Rachel were sitting in the front bleachers. Rachel couldn’t read but she was probably my best friend out of the whole school but Gabriella was decent too. Gabriella was sort of different. She was aggressive, mean, and sort of our body guard. But she was confused easily. I always had to repeat myself and explain and she’d end up saying “I knew that”. Rachel had greasy brown hair and big framed glasses. Gabriella also had brown hair but it was longer than Rachel’s and thicker, shinier.
Gabriella was wearing a black T and a pair of worn out jeans. She believes dressing up was stupid and had no point. Rachel was wearing a white, button down blouse and a lacey, black skirt that went down to her ankles. She looked like one of the band members.
The song we were singing was the last one of the year. My lips stretched up my face so much that I almost couldn’t sing. Mrs. Dienn played the last of it on the piano her hair waving around as if it was a flock of geese.
It was over! School had ended for the year! We all ran off the upper gym platform. Everyone was filing out the door. I was herded up against the wall with Gabriella and Rachel.
Rachel said something but I couldn’t hear through all of the excitement.
“What?” I cried. Rachel just jabbed her thumb in the air towards the door. Gabriella nodded in understanding.
Rachel’s face looked sad and she was playing with her fingers like she does when she’s nervous. My smile faded and I no longer was excited. I was scared, sad, or a better word poignant. (I learned it in school)
We followed the flow of people out the door. Rachel pulled us into the bushes.
“What is it?” I asked. But I suddenly knew. Rachel was moving. It was obvious; her mom was pregnant and her little apartment was too small with her cupboard of a room, and her father just got fired. Rachel had told us that no one knew why except him.
Rachel huffed and kicked the dirt on the ground. “I’m” She took a long pause. “Moving”
“Were?” Gabriella screeched. Fire was blazing in her eyes. I backed up. This was not going to end well.
“I… Don’t… Know” Rachel answered.
“Of course you don’t. You never know anything! That’s how you get out of trouble. That’s why you can’t read. That’s why you’re moving! Because you just had enough of us, your friends! Are we nothing to you?!” Gabriella threw her hands up in the air as she yelled.
“Gabs, Please don’t make this harder than this needs to be” I tried to calm Gabriella down.
“Fine! I guess you should just leave, save a fight!” Rachel said bawling up her fists. She looked really hurt.
“Fine!” Gabs said and stomped off muttering to herself.
I looked at Rachel. She looked back at me and pushed her glasses up her nose. She smiled at me but it was one of her forced smiles that she uses on picture day. I tried smiling back but I bet it looked just as weak as hers.
Rachel looked down at her feet and walked off into the parking lot. That’s when I realized a group of people have been listening. I blushed and ran off.
I didn’t bother waiting for my father out in the parking lot. He probably had forgotten about me already.
I walked down the side of the busy road home avoiding speeding cars and drunken hobos. The city that I live in is not the safest place when you’re young. My hair blew in the cool wind. It felt good on my burning cheeks.
It was getting dark out and my apartment building was right around the corner. It was called “Happy Stay, Happy Go”. It was owned by a grumpy old man named Mr. Kin. He never really talked but when he did it was in rhyme. He was tall and had a full head of gray hair. When he talked to me he had to lean on his cane to be able to look down at me. He was wrinkly. He never left his apartment unless he had to.
I turned the corner to see the sign of the apartments and the lights burned out around the border or flickering. Oliver was standing outside the spinning doors leading inside the four story building. He was Mr. Kin’s grandson, Oliver Gorgon. Mr. Kin was on his mother’s side, Nora Gorgon. They shared an apartment.
“Hey Oliver” I said messing up his hair.
“Hi Claire!” He said in his usual high voice. He was only seven. “I got you these flowers” He brought out a bundle of bright yellow sunflowers from behind his back. “I know yellows your favorite color” I had to bend down to retrieve them.
“Thanks buddy” I said. “I’ll make sure to remember about this next time I babysit” I clued winking and flashing him a bright, white, toothy smile.
Oliver had bright blue eyes and long, messy, black hair. He was probably the most curious little boy I’ve ever meet. Last year when I was babysitting him he got into my father’s secret suit case when I was getting him a glass of juice. I found it wide open. It was filled with bullets and a loaded gun and a bunch of pictures of strangers that all had one thing in common; they had red glowing eyes.
That’s the day dad decided that Oliver was no longer aloud at our house and I have to go to their apartment when I sit. There apartment is huge and extremely neat compared to mine and my dad’s. I also was locked in my room the rest of the night.
Oliver never told me how he got into it though. It was always doubled locked with a combo and a voice command.
I walked through the door waving to Oliver. I looked up at the crystal chandelier in the middle of the lobby and scanned the room full of residents and travelers. Charlie was sitting at the front desk handing people keys and writing things in the little book that he always seems to have. I looked in it once but it was written in code. I asked him about but he just shushed me.
I walked through the crowd up to his desk. “Anyone new?” I asked.
“Ah, good evening Claire” He said in his regular rough sounding voice.
Charlie has Curly red hair that he keeps tied back in a ponytail. He just got out of college. He was studying computers. He had a long face, most of it was chin. He was very muscular but you couldn’t tell when he was dressed in his work uniform. He always wears a brown tie that matches his eyes. He told me that it was a custom in his family to wear a tie to work. Brown was his favorite color.
“How was your day?” Charlie asked.
“First, spill”
“Okay, well there’s an ancient couple from France” I laughed at that. “There’s a kid from Nebraska visiting his parents and… Oh! I think you’ll like this one” He paused.
“Who?!” I cried. People turned to the outburst. “Sorry” I felt the burn in my cheeks.
Charlie leaned closer to me so I could smell his minty breath. “Ned Jolly” He whispered. I squealed and covered my mouth quickly.
“Really?” I whispered.
Charlie nodded. “Don’t tell anyone. I’ll get in trouble with you know who” I knew he meant Mr. Kin. I nodded.
“Two A. You know the big one with the double doors?”
“Got it. Thanks” Then I hurried to the long line in front of the elevator.
I waited to what felt like forever so I decided to just use the stairs. I went through the doors and took off my heels revealing my white stockings. I jogged up the stairs holding my shoes in one hand and the railing in the other gliding up in the stairs in the dim light. I had completely forgotten about the fight at school. I ran up to the second floor.
I burst through the doors and followed the rooms down the hall. Two G, two E, two C… Two A!
I stopped in front of the door and sighed nervously.
“Oh!” I put on my shoes and fixed my dress and took the ribbon out of my hair and tied it around my waist with the bow in the back. I ran my fingers through my hair taking out my braid. My hair was wavy and silky at the moment. I knew if I stopped home it wouldn’t be.
“Crap!” I forgot about the cut on my cheek. I tapped my foot in irritation. I can’t meet a rock star with a huge gash on my face? Why did I have to burn breakfast this morning? Now what? But my arm had a mind of its own. My fist knocked three times on the door.
Wait, I forgot to tell you who Ned Jolly was. Ned Jolly is the lead singer in the Jolly Ned Band. No one knows the name of anyone else in the band though, sorry to say.
I heard angry voices and crashes inside.
“Fine” I heard Ned say inside!
I balled man opened the door with a scowl on his face. “Name?” His voice was deep and rough.
“Um, Claire Nicholas” I decided to be honest with the guy. That was a good thing because his face softened and let me in. “Claire, so nice to finally meet you”
“Um, thanks” I said as I walked in. I was very confused.
The room looked like the one I lived in except bigger. There was a couch in front of a miniature TV and three doors on the left wall.
“Why’d you let her in?” Ned was sitting on the couch playing some shooting game on the TV. I almost jumped out of my skin with excitement.
“It’s Claire, sir. Claire Nicholas” The big man that answered the door said.
Ned paused his game and got up. He smiled at me and I felt my face turn red. I was actually seeing his blonde curls in person! I frozen in the spot I was standing as Ned walked over with an outstretched hand.
“Hi” He said taking my limp arm. I was staring at him not knowing what to say. But his face turned serious. “We need to talk”
I fell out of my trance. “Um, okay”
“Come sit” I followed Ned to the couch but the big guy just stood by the door. The couch was just as uncomfortable as mine was. “It’s about Rachel” He said.
“What happened?” I was now really worried.
“You mean what’s going to happen” I was even more confused now. Today felt like the life of Gabriella.
“Wait, how do you know Rachel?”
“Well, she’s my sister”
“Wait, does she know that?” Ned shook his head. “You don’t look like her?”
He pointed to his curls. “Wig”
“So what’s the problem?”I asked.
“Our parents” Ned replied.
“They’re having a baby”
“No. Our real parents”
“What do you mean?”
“Those aren’t Rachel and me’s real parents. Those are Rachel’s robot parents. I know it doesn’t make sense but it will soon”
“So, who are your real parents?”
“Powerful people who create powerful creatures, robots”
“Yes. But they have turned evil”
“How?” I decided to go along with this sick joke.
“Well when Rachel was a baby our parents created a powerful book that could see the future. At least that was what it was supposed to do. Instead it changed the future to something terrible. When Rachel was a baby she opened it, it turned all the robots evil. The ones they could ketch they turned back to normal and they also built new ones like Rachel’s parents. Bob over there is one” Ned pointed the balled man standing by the door. Bob just waved. “You can tell the evil ones from the good ones by their eyes. The evil ones have glowing red eyes and the good ones… don’t”
“Do you do this to all of your fans?” I asked.
“What?” Ned looked hurt and confused. Creepy, he looked liked Rachel after the fight.
“Never mind” We sat in silents.
“You don’t believe me, do you?” He asked.
I shook my head. Ned looked disappointed. That made him look even more like Rachel.
“You look like Rachel… A lot” I pointed out.
“I thought you didn’t think so” Ned stated.
“You do now that I look at you, and that I know you two are related” I confirmed.
“She doesn’t believe me” Ned said under his breath. “This is going to be harder than I thought”
“I’m sorry” I said. “It’s just hard to believe something that farfetched without any real proof”
“Hey!” Bob scowled.
Ned swatted the air towards him. “He’s a robot”
“I’m sorry” I said again.
We sat in silents again.
I looked up at the clock next to the door. It was already 6:00!
“Crap! I gotta go” I walked up to Bob and he opened the door for me. The last thing I saw was the sad, disappointed look on Ned’s face.

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