My poem about water and the sun and rocks and pretty much nature. Enjoy :3

Chapter 1


by: SqUiGgLeS
A river does not flow for the enjoyment
And it does not go to show-off
But it simply does what it always
Just being itself

The wind does not blow things away to make children sad
Nor does it do it to get people angry
It just goes where it wants
Doing whatever it wishes

Rain cannot choose when to fall
It cannot choose when to not
Never has it been able, and never it will
But still it regrets giving us a chill

The sun thinks it has no fault
It says “Why I am the greatest element of them all”
But really there is one whole
Sunburn is so horrible they can’t wait till fall!

Though the elements are different
And very unique
They have one thing in common
They can happen very unexpectedly


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